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844 videos / 1,766 subscribers
This is a channel for filmmakers to put their finished documentaries, trailers, and teasers so that more people can see them and learn about…
categories:  Activism & Non Profits   Films 
Allison F + 4 moderators
195 videos / 1,081 subscribers
The Channel is the place to find videos about social change, nonprofits, community involvement and good ideas. Share your favorite…
categories:  Activism & Non Profits 
70 videos / 915 subscribers
Hi there! This channel is devoted to the very best of Motion Graphic of Christian subjects. WELCOME and let God blessed you! Let's move.
88 videos / 729 subscribers
One Day on Earth will be using this channel over the coming months to spotlight and connect the hundreds of Vimeo users that will be participating…
421 videos / 432 subscribers
Water has been, and still is, an essential element of our existence - this channel explores how humans and the rest of the fauna & flora interact…
67 videos / 423 subscribers
We are a global design consultancy. We create impact through design.
73 videos / 396 subscribers
**Click below for the BEST CHRISTIAN MEDIA ON VIMEO: This channel is dedicated to video resources…
118 videos / 394 subscribers
categories:  Activism & Non Profits   Church   Everyday Life 
655 videos / 330 subscribers
268 videos / 277 subscribers
architecture from all points of view.
webjustnow&archmag + 1 moderator
128 videos / 219 subscribers
Sermons by Rev. Hyung Jin Moon and his associates , given in Seoul, Korea, mostly. This video channel was set up by for the…
categories:  Activism & Non Profits 
26 videos / 211 subscribers is passionate about sharing the love of Christ by caring for others and positively impacting our communities. Through satellite…
categories:  Activism & Non Profits   Church 
62 videos / 209 subscribers
John Winslow Poole + 3 moderators
256 videos / 207 subscribers
Trees, woods, forest, jungle..... today: Criticism and the heaviest reality. Hope and the rescue. Imagination, fantasy, cult, legend and truth.…
categories:  Activism & Non Profits   Forests   Nature   Non-Profit 
21 videos / 179 subscribers
categories:  Activism & Non Profits   Non-Profit 
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