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1,858 videos / 11,645 subscribers
A channel for the admirers of any kind of animation
Aziz Kocanaogullari + 1 moderator
470 videos / 6,477 subscribers
A Channel where you can find the Best works Done in After Effects! If you are into After Effects join this channel and contribute for it !
Tiago Pierotti + 1 moderator
679 videos / 6,475 subscribers
Beautiful motion typography and kinetic type animations on Vimeo. Please send submissions via a Vimeo message, I'll review and add my favourites. Nice…
categories:  Animation & Motion Graphics   Art 
1,177 videos / 4,510 subscribers
Is about interaction, installation, generative code & motion design.
categories:  Animation & Motion Graphics   Art   Experimental 
317 videos / 4,366 subscribers
Intended as a vault of inspiration to one and all :)
Juztn + 1 moderator
109 videos / 4,284 subscribers
photos in motion
annatruus + 3 moderators
1,298 videos / 4,040 subscribers
categories:  Animation & Motion Graphics   Art   Experimental 
191 videos / 3,548 subscribers
Aurally and visually stimulating videos that will pleasure your mind's mind. I'd like to turn these into a DVD one day to play in the background…
1,056 videos / 3,019 subscribers
Daily dose of inspiration - Creative artists and motionreel. More on
categories:  Animation & Motion Graphics   Art 
Mathieu Foucher + 2 moderators
1,740 videos / 2,954 subscribers
Music Videos :: Short Movies :: Animated :: Films :: motion design :: Stop Motion :: Compositing :: Computer Graphics :: Art :: CGI :: VFX ::…
categories:  Animation & Motion Graphics   Films   Music 
François Mathey + 1 moderator
338 videos / 2,832 subscribers
A Channel that represents the vimeo VJ Community....All are welcome...Somewhere to discuss one anothers mixes and plan collaborations and swap…
use + 13 moderators
188 videos / 2,700 subscribers
Welcome to the best of animation, stop motion and puppets channel! Anything related to animation, stop motion and puppetry techniques... Work…
70 videos / 2,627 subscribers
A place to watch experimental animation clips, share and discuss techniques.
775 videos / 2,392 subscribers
visual and sound
categories:  Animation & Motion Graphics   Art   Experimental   Films   Music 
1,888 videos / 2,296 subscribers
The Stereo 3D Channel is home for all things stereoscopic on Vimeo. Short films, music videos, documentaries, commercials, tutorials, camera…
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