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3,504 videos / 6,555 subscribers
A channel for Slowmotion & Timelapse videos. . . ALWAYS LOOKING FOR MODERATORS FOR ADDING VIDEOS. . . Check out the time lapse message…
categories:  HD   Slow Motion   Timelapse   Vimeo Projects 
Lucasberg (Joey) + 22 moderators
103 videos / 569 subscribers
For this project: One of the things we learned in college for videography was to take one subject…
categories:  Make It Interesting   Vimeo Projects 
Mark Jensen + 1 moderator
42 videos / 313 subscribers
The idea : At the same time, some constraints are given, you have to make a movie with it.
categories:  Films   Vimeo Projects 
Remyyy + 2 moderators
29 videos / 243 subscribers
Vimeo Tributes is a series where we create a tribute to a really really awesome movie or video we find on Vimeo.
categories:  Comedy   Comedy   Films   Shorts   Vimeo Projects 
Casey Donahue + 1 moderator
51 videos / 188 subscribers
Help me to see the world through a shoebox. (Thanks a lot to Eric Anderson for the logo)
categories:  Everyday Life   Vimeo Projects 
53 videos / 117 subscribers
Over FIFTY entries in last week’s theme! This week’s theme is “Circle Vs. Square”. Need an excuse to make something cool this week? Well now…
4 videos / 64 subscribers
Any creative inspiration, idea or technique.
158 videos / 63 subscribers
A collection of Video Haikus by users on Vimeo *For the Video Haiku project: *Structure: 5 seconds, 7 seconds,…
categories:  Vimeo Projects 
Blake Whitman + 1 moderator
89 videos / 60 subscribers
To this channel go the victors. In other words, the winner and runner-ups of the Weekend Projects!
categories:  Vimeo Projects   Weekend Projects 
Taylor Doyle Gillespie + 5 moderators
27 videos / 57 subscribers
Our rooms say a lot about us. Welcome to our rooms.
categories:  Everyday Life   People   Vimeo Projects 
50 videos / 39 subscribers
A collection of videos that are made, then uploaded right away. No editing, no effects, just cool straight from the lens video.
categories:  HD   Vimeo Projects 
Matt Schwarz + 18 moderators
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