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2,376 videos / 49,009 subscribers
We are the Staff. These are the videos we like the bestest. Check em out!
categories:  Art   Films 
Blake Whitman + 6 moderators
679 videos / 6,475 subscribers
Beautiful motion typography and kinetic type animations on Vimeo. Please send submissions via a Vimeo message, I'll review and add my favourites. Nice…
categories:  Animation & Motion Graphics   Art 
244 videos / 5,045 subscribers
DSLR Photography School Everything you ever wanted to know about photography and lighting. May, 18, 2010 Subscribe, you can do it! Brought…
categories:  Art   Education & DIY 
1,177 videos / 4,510 subscribers
Is about interaction, installation, generative code & motion design.
categories:  Animation & Motion Graphics   Art   Experimental 
348 videos / 4,358 subscribers
The Creative HD Music Video Channel.
categories:  Art   HD   Music   Music Videos 
CIKURA + 1 moderator
109 videos / 4,284 subscribers
photos in motion
annatruus + 3 moderators
1,298 videos / 4,040 subscribers
categories:  Animation & Motion Graphics   Art   Experimental 
1,056 videos / 3,018 subscribers
Daily dose of inspiration - Creative artists and motionreel. More on
categories:  Animation & Motion Graphics   Art 
Mathieu Foucher + 2 moderators
188 videos / 2,700 subscribers
Welcome to the best of animation, stop motion and puppets channel! Anything related to animation, stop motion and puppetry techniques... Work…
775 videos / 2,392 subscribers
visual and sound
categories:  Animation & Motion Graphics   Art   Experimental   Films   Music 
216 videos / 2,092 subscribers
Audio Visual Art ~*
categories:  Animation & Motion Graphics   Art 
298 videos / 1,852 subscribers
This channel is a collection of projects about newer ways of human and physical interaction, hosted by Jens Franke (…
categories:  Art   Education & DIY   Experimental   Installation   Science & Tech 
2,142 videos / 1,799 subscribers
Creative Motion Pictures hand picked by Designcollector and Contributors. More on
categories:  Animation & Motion Graphics   Art 
RSNY Designcollector + 67 moderators
1,250 videos / 1,719 subscribers
This channel is for footage shot on the Nikon D90 DSLR.
categories:  Art   DSLR   Films   HD 
Christian + 2 moderators
525 videos / 1,672 subscribers
Scene 360 was founded in 2000, as an online film and arts magazine. OUR WEBSITES VIDEO…
categories:  Animation & Motion Graphics   Art   Experimental 
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