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33. AANAATT (by Max Hattler)
7 days ago

Thank you Vimeo for making this a Staff Pick when it came online in August 2011, and everyone who's been blogging about the film since!

Complete credits, awards and screening history:​aanaatt
Onedotzero interview with Max Hattler:​13454564
1-minute teaser:​1640427

"Hattler proposes an unusual stop-motion animation, where objects of abstract shape and unknown function move in a space that bears no relationship to any kind of real experience. The various elements move within this three dimensional space, like parts of a dynamic painting that condenses a whole series of references to contemporary art: from the constructivism of Moholy-Nagy, to the historic abstracts of Mondrian and Klee, and on to the more recent experience of conceptual and kinetic art. Changing shapes, plays of colour and transforming surfaces compose a dynamic universe that is both alienating and fascinating at the same time." Invideo 2010, Italy

"An exciting experiment in the tradition of Oskar Fischinger (Komposition in Blau, 1935), Dwinell Grant (Composition No. 1, 1940) and Slavko Vorkapich (Abstract Experiment in Kodachrome, 1950s). Max Hattler presents a well-done interaction between music and moving images. Space is turned upside down and the animated objects become faceless dancers in a constructivist ballet." Vienna Independent Shorts 2010, jury statement by Anton Fuxjäger

"Max, AANAATT is one of your most beautiful animations. I often show it as an outstanding example to my students. Above all, the work is NOT just another demonstration of technique or technology, but rather a classic in the field of Visual Music, and a unique example of creative ingenuity and elegant design." Robert Darroll, media artist, 2011
  • ROBERT DARROLL plus 7 days ago
    Max, es ist einer der schoensten Werke dass Du gemacht hast.
    Ich zeige es oft meine Studenten als Musterbeispiel! Vorallem, es ist NICHT eine oberflaechliche Demonstration der Technik, sondern einer Klassiker im Bereich Visuelle Musik, ein Beispiel kreativer Einfallsreichtum und eleganter Design.
  • Max Hattler plus 7 days ago
    Thank you Robert, i appreciate it! Can i quote you on that?
  • ROBERT DARROLL plus 6 days ago
  • Max Hattler plus 6 days ago
    Done :)
  • Short of the Week 7 days ago
    Stellar. You are a master at your work, this is like nothing I've ever seen.
  • Max Hattler plus 7 days ago
    You're too kind! And thank you very much for the amazing writeup!
  • Jens Blank 7 days ago
    schoen frisch!
  • Max Hattler plus 6 days ago
  • Finally it's here! We've waited so long to see this and it was so worth the wait! Great idea and outcome! We've shared it on​?p=3634
  • Max Hattler plus 7 days ago
    Thanks for hanging in there with me!
    And thanks for sharing :)
  • Teemu Auersalo plus 7 days ago
    This tickles my soul
  • Max Hattler plus 6 days ago
    I hope that's a good thing...
  • fedelpeye 7 days ago
    that was incredible... thanks...
    inspiring, hypnotic, just beautifull
  • Max Hattler plus 6 days ago
    aww thank you! glad you like it!
  • Emily 6 days ago
    Love how you flipped the composition upside-down to make it so foreign! And of course the abstractness of it is amazing.
  • Max Hattler plus 6 days ago
    Yes, please don't watch this making handstands! You'll be deeply disappointed by how mundane it suddenly looks...
  • Eoghan Kidney 6 days ago
  • Rob McDougall 6 days ago
    Feel really blissed out now... amazing :)
  • kaenesko 6 days ago
  • Tony Zagoraios plus 6 days ago
  • hellorenats 6 days ago
    Uau! amazing!
  • Grzegorz Pawlak 5 days ago
    Wish i could show this to my students during my last stop-motion workshop... Very inspirational, congrats !
  • Max Hattler plus 5 days ago
    maybe that can be arranged
  • First Dark 5 days ago
    I've got the DVD :)
  • Max Hattler plus 5 days ago
    lucky you! (i don't)
  • Sub Magazin 5 days ago
    Nice color selection, clean shapes and optimum lighting for maximum, eye candy abstraction. Congrats, god job!
  • Max Hattler plus 5 days ago
    Thanks, much obliged
  • Koren Ensemble plus 4 days ago
    what a journey
  • Daniel Kim 4 days ago
    Thanks for posting this. It reminds me of when I used to take art lessons.
  • Max Hattler plus 2 days ago
    i hope that's a good thing?
  • Daniel Kim 2 days ago
    yeah i mean it as a good thing! i'm really glad that vimeo put it on the home page.
  • Calvin Frederick plus 4 days ago
    I was fortunate enough to see this in a theater and the experience was truly humbling and immensely inspiring. The brilliance of Fischinger certainly lives on within you. Thank you for all that you create!
  • Max Hattler plus 3 days ago
    You're too kind!!! Fischinger is a god...
    I'm happy to see your film Bermuda traveling the interwebs by the way, it's been popping up here and there - wherever i surf, really. Excellent stuff!
  • Bandit Films plus 3 days ago you do freelance work?
  • stuart hilton 3 days ago
    Nice one Max. The pleasingly odd framing works a treat.
  • Max Hattler plus 3 days ago
    Thanks, Stuart, glad you like it! And good to see you here on vimeo. [I URGE EVERYONE TO CHECK IT OUT!]
  • Aatur 3 days ago
    when i was watching this video i was thinking that what these all stuff are? then i think may be it is possible that it was pictured on a deskboard and video is tilted.
    i was right when i saw pictures of making.
  • Aatur 3 days ago
    ny way hats off to ur stuff that was great
  • frrrr tththtthttt.... tuhphtttt 4:10
  • goldenthesarge 3 days ago
    Normally my dislike of stop-motion is only surpassed by my dislike of time-lapse but this is visually interesting, why did it take 3 years?
  • Max Hattler plus 2 days ago
    It was completed in 3 weeks... It just took 3 years to get it online :)
  • goldenthesarge 2 days ago
    LOL I've done projects like that! Worth the wait I think.
  • Herman Widbom 2 days ago
    Wierd... But really god Stopmotion video! Is this stopmotion?
  • Max Hattler plus 2 days ago
    it is indeed :)
  • traildesaster 2 days ago
    You should think about a broadband connection...


  • Max Hattler plus 2 days ago
    no, YOU should think about a broadband connection ;)

    but you're right, i need to reupload this in a lighter format!
  • traildesaster 2 days ago
    Oh, it was ment ironic.

    3 Weeks of making and 3 years of uploading.

    But I looked right after your answer on the size of the vid. Phew!

  • Max Hattler plus 2 days ago
    oh i see :) hehe. sometimes other things than bandwidth get in the way of putting something online... i'm glad it's finally up and there for the world to see. (but i'm being too serious...)
  • traildesaster 2 days ago
    Me too, it was fun to see.

    Wondered, what you could find next in your kitchen: flying saucers etc.

    Now I need to learn again. I loved the reflection, ähm sorry distraction.

  • Pouff 1 day ago
    That was beautiful!
  • Catell Ronca 21 hours ago
    love it! I'm mesmerized...
  • Max Hattler plus 21 hours ago
    Thanks Catell! :)
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