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Video para el nuevo single del disco homónimo de Oh Land, editado por Epic Records.

Dirigido y Producido por CANADA para PARTIZAN L.A.

Producción Ejecutiva CANADA: Oscar Romagosa
Producción Ejecutiva PARTIZAN: Jeff Pantaleo
Producción Ejecutiva DOOMSDAY: Danielle Hinde
Jefa de Producción: Alba Barneda
Coordinador de Producción: Jorge Llama
Fotografía: Marc Gómez del Moral
Diseño de Producción: James Hatt
Director de Arte: Tomás Navarro
Coreografía: Les Filles Föllen
Vestuario Oh Land: Jessica Bobince
Vestuario Bailarines: Roberto Piqueras
Maquillaje: Víctor Álvarez
Post Producción: Álvaro Posadas
Video Mapping: Área Técnica
  • Claudio Salas plus 6 days ago
  • jacques khouri 3 days ago
    i agree :)
  • Blake Whitman staff 6 days ago
    A perfect execution on a very elaborate idea. Amazing.
  • Well put!! Very impressive execution indeed!!
  • Meat Bingo plus 6 days ago
    A visual treat - inventive set design and manipulation.
  • Stephan Gray plus 6 days ago
    You guys are killing it. Well done.
  • Joe Moya plus 6 days ago
    complex mix of different production setups... well done.
  • Ruben Ventura 6 days ago
    Genial, cada vez mas grandes
  • Unreal, CANADA kills it again!
  • katie macgregor 6 days ago
    think theres a bit too much of everything going on. would have liked to have seen two or three themes rather then all of them in one video.. but they are all cool on their own. nice work
  • Alex Trimpe plus 6 days ago
    Wonderful song and video, thank you
  • !!!!!!!
  • Noli Zaldívar _V. 6 days ago
    Cada día soy más fan de CANADA!
  • Karen Abad plus 6 days ago
    CANADA you amaze me..always.
  • James Zanoni plus 6 days ago
    Quite inspiring.
  • Aaron Morrell plus 6 days ago
  • BLDGWLF 6 days ago
    Featured on BLDGWLF​oh-land-white-nights

    Great work guys!
  • Paul Kroeker plus 6 days ago
    Canada rules!
  • Magic!
  • :/ I can't say this is what I expected from CANADA. They have so much better work! Sorry for the downer guys! Get up get up get up!!!
  • Hugh John Murray plus 5 days ago
    Alejandro was one of the dancers! Bravo! Great video. But I am curious, as a Canadian - why the name "CANADA?"
  • Fizah Rahim plus 5 days ago
    Love it!
  • Nima Nabili Rad 5 days ago
    my mind just dribbled out of my head, now i have to go find it. speechless really!!
  • Doris Trejo 3 days ago
    I totally agree with you!
  • Kevin Sweeney staff 5 days ago
    Man…it looks like you guys had a lot of fun making this one. Loved it!
  • Matthew Roberts plus 5 days ago
    wow. Postmodern exuberance!
  • weare17 plus 5 days ago
    god she's annoying! nice work thou.
  • Sara Alonso 5 days ago
    No paráis!!! :D Enhorabuena
  • Robin Günther 5 days ago
  • Ish Bautista 5 days ago
    No words can explain how beautiful this is.
  • Grifter Films plus 5 days ago
    I get this message when i click play

    "There was an error encountered while loading this video."

    I'll pop back later and try again.
  • Oendel Veiga plus 5 days ago
    M. Gondry style?! Well executed!!
  • Cloud Summers 5 days ago
    This is beautiful
  • Bruno Fujii 5 days ago
    Yes, CANADA, you are taking it to the next level. Glad to see it.
  • DJ Wonderbread 5 days ago
    My God, this is beautiful on so many levels! Love your colors, your photography, even your credits. And the song is a lot of fun, too! Total win. Congratulations on an extraordinary video. :-)
  • allard zoetman 5 days ago
    nice video!
    well done!
  • Dean Vargas plus 5 days ago
    Love it! Such great sets, art direction and transitions!
  • H Yang 5 days ago
    Nice video! great job!
  • Blake P Landry plus 5 days ago
    this gives me chills on how great it is!!!! GREAT WORK!
  • Something 4 days ago
    niiiice! :D
  • RamoiCamo 4 days ago
  • Pablo Arreba 4 days ago
    Absolutamente INCREIBLE y MÁGICO en todos los sentidos, yo he tenido la suerte de hacer el Making Off the uno de sus spots. Algún día espero poder trabajar con ellos. SOIS BUENISISISIMOS.
  • Erik Jackson 3 days ago
    Well done as usual!
  • pairsis 3 days ago
    well done, in the beginning I was thinking oh no not another video with random peoples faces posted with animals, but you ended up turning it into something worth watching, I dont know what the significance of the techno/people are maybe shes expressing her love for technology/fantasy, I like the dance choreography and the good use of abstract art.
  • Mario Langevin 3 days ago
    Nice ..... ;-)
  • 0porciento 3 days ago
    So Nice!

    See your incredible work at ROMBO CUADRADO:​?p=793
  • 2 days ago
    oh!canada! ♥
  • Beautiful
  • The Panda Rabbit 2 days ago
    this is my fav vid of 2011
  • Les Butler 2 days ago
    Love this! Wonderful Love the sets and colour.
  • diego villaseñor 2 days ago
    perfecto. per-fec-to.
  • Khaled Alwawi 2 days ago
  • Maceo Frost plus 1 day ago
    thanks for this!!
  • Ryan Alexander plus 1 day ago
    Best video I've seen in a while. Instant "Like".
  • dado 1 day ago
  • mpared 1 day ago
    mind blowing its up at​ well done :-)
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