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    • How is Vimeo Plus different than a basic account?

      Features Basic account Vimeo Plus
      Storage space 500MB a week 5GB a week (5GB per file)
      With 5GB of storage space a week (5GB per file), you can upload almost any video you make, including that HD short film you've been working so hard on. That's so much space you won't know what to do with it all! We are currently testing files up to 4GB in size via the desktop uploader.
      Video quality Standard High
      With Plus, all your videos are converted using 2-pass encoding. That means your videos looks cleaner while taking up the same amount of bandwidth.
      Banner ads Yes No way!
      Hate ads? We understand. Vimeo plus members will never see another banner ad anywhere on the main site. Period.
      Priority uploading No Yes
      Now you will never have to wait for your video to convert. That means no lines, no waiting, just instant conversion like you want. Even if your video is waiting in line to convert, upgrading to Plus will push your video to the front of the line, automagically.
      High Definition 1 new HD video a week Unlimited HD uploading
      Upload as many HD videos as you want within your weekly limit. With 5GB of upload space per week, thats a boat load of HD video.
      HD embedding No Yes
      Every new Vimeo Plus user gets unlimited HD embedded plays.
      Player customization Basic Full control
      Now you can customize almost every single aspect of the player. Don't want the playbar? Take it out. Want to choose what happens at the end of the video? Of course you do. There are so many options, it might just blow your mind.
      Groups/Channels/Albums 1/1/3 Unlimited
      Create as many groups, channels, and albums as you want. That means you can create your own channels, start groups with like-minded people, and organize all your videos into different albums.
      Domain level privacy No Yes
      Choose exactly where your videos can be embedded on the web. There are no limits to the number of websites you can choose and you'll always have complete control of your video outside of Vimeo. You even have the option to completely hide your video on so it will only show up on the sites you want it to, and nowhere else.
      Price Free $59.95 a year
      That's $5 a month, $1.15 a week, 16 cents a day… well, you get the point.
      Source File Downloads 1 week Always*
      Uploads are converted to Vimeo format. Basic account users have their original files removed after 1 week, leaving only the Vimeo version. Plus users can opt in to having their original uploaded file stored. Preserve your source files with Plus!

    • Do I need a credit card for Vimeo Plus?

      Yes, we gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We do not offer paypal options or accept personal checks.

    • What happens to my old account when I upgrade?

      Everything will stay exactly the same except you will have the added benefits and features of Vimeo Plus. You will receive 5GB of uploading space per week which will reset each week on the day you become a Plus member. You will also see a fancy new badge next to your portrait!

    • How do I customize the embed player with all the fancy new options?

      Go to the video settings of any of your video pages, select the 'Embedding' tab and customize the player as you like. There is a helpful sidebar that explains the different customization options:

      Vimeo Plus gives you complete control over every aspect of the embedded video player. When you make changes, you can save your settings as presets so you can use those setting again for other videos. Remember, the settings you choose will dictate how this video will appear when other users embed it.

      Change the settings to allow or disallow other users the ability to remove the portrait, title, or byline when this video first loads.

      Set a variety of different outro settings that will display when the video ends. Choose 'videos' to display the latest three videos from your videos, channels, groups, our albums. Choose 'These three videos' to pick specific videos, choose 'text' to write your own outro text (basic html allowed), choose 'a link' to display a link to another site, or simply choose 'nothing' if you would like a black screen to display.

      Everything else:
      Use the settings to completely customize the embedded video player. Leaving everything checked will enable the standard player available to everyone, but as a Vimeo Plus member you can customize all the different parts to your liking. Remember, you can always preview your changes to make sure the player looks exactly the way you want.

    • What happens if I change the custom embed options of a video? Does that affect videos that are currently embedded?

      Yes, anytime you change the custom embed options for a particular video, that will retroactively change the embed settings where ever that specific video is currently embedded. This is a great way to point people to your latest videos or your website.

    • Can I embed my HD video outside of Vimeo?

      Yes! As a Plus member, you can embed your own videos in HD. If you would like, you can also disable the ability to have your videos embedded in HD. This option is located on the Embed tab within your video settings page.

    • I purchased Vimeo Plus, are all my HD videos now embeddable in HD?

      Yes. Go forth and conquer.

    • What happens to all my HD videos that are already embedded on other websites?

      Those videos will now be playable in HD. You may manage your HD embed plays at anytime in your video settings.

    • Can I keep my videos from appearing on Vimeo?

      Yes, as a Plus member, you can hide your videos from by going to the video page and clicking the Settings button located under the search box. From there, click the Privacy tab and select, "hide this video from" and save your changes.

      This allows you to embed your video on outside websites, but have it hidden from view on

    • I only want people to see my videos on my site, is this possible?

      Yes. If you want to be the only person with the ability to embed your videos, you can use domain-level privacy. To set it up, go to any video settings page and click the 'Privacy' tab, then choose the 'Only on approved sites' option under 'Who can embed this video?' Add the domain names for sites on which you want to allow your video to be embedded.

      Note: We currently do not support domain privacy on HTTPS domains.

    • If I replace my current videos, will the video be converted to the higher-quality conversion available to Plus members?

      Yes, if you replace one of your current videos with a newer version, it will be converted to the higher quality conversion available to Plus members. Please remember that using the 'replace' function will still use your weekly quota unless you replace the video within the same quota week you uploaded it.

    • Will you go back and convert all my older videos to the higher quality conversion?

      We're sorry, but we do not have the resources to re-process the back catalog of every Plus user's videos. Doing so would create an unacceptably long conversion queue for all users of Vimeo. However, you may always reconvert videos to the higher quality conversion (if applicable) under 'video file' in any of your video's settings.

    • Where can I see a receipt or purchase history for Plus?

      You can view a copy of your receipt in your profile Account Settings. Go to your profile page and click "Settings." From there select the "Account History" tab.

    • How do I change my auto-renew for Plus

      If you would like to opt out of the Plus account auto renew, you may do so by following the instructions here:​store/​optout

    • How can I change my credit card or billing information?

      If you opted into auto-renew, we store your information so that you may change it later. You can change your billing or credit card information at​settings/​account

      If you did not opt into auto-renew, you will be prompted for your purchase information again at time of renewal.

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