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    • What is Vimeo PRO? Why is it awesome?

      Vimeo PRO is the perfect solution for businesses and companies who want a simple, high-quality platform to host their commercial content. It’s also the cheapest, high-quality business hosting solution on the interweb. Seriously… we checked.

    • What features are available with PRO?

      Included in Vimeo PRO:
      -Commercial hosting option (new!)
      -High Definition video (up to 1080p!)
      -Advanced Analytics
      -Unlimited customizable video Portfolio sites
      -Unlimited HD embedding
      -Fast, Priority uploading
      -Super-customizable and brandable video player (new!)
      -HTML5 support with the Vimeo Universal Player
      -Full mobile, tablet and connected TV compatibility
      -Unlisted video review pages (new!)
      -Third Party video player support (new!)
      -Optional original file storage
      -much, much more

    • What is the difference between Vimeo PRO and Vimeo Plus?

      Is PRO better than Plus?

      PRO is different from Plus, but not necessarily better. PRO is specifically made for companies, businesses and some professionals who are interested in using Vimeo for business and commercial use. PRO is not an upgrade path from Plus. While PRO offers several features that are not available with Plus, it limits bandwidth and Community involvement. It’s up to you to compare and decide which service is best for you. If you are a business, or want to upload commercial content, then Vimeo PRO is what you need.

      Vimeo Plus is intended for individuals who want more features than a Basic (free) account, however Vimeo Plus users may not upload videos that are commercial and that are intended to sell or promote a product or service.

    • What is the Vimeo PRO Community Pass?

      What happens when I turn on the Community Pass?

      As a Vimeo PRO member, your account and your videos are automatically hidden from because PRO allows for commercial use. If you are interested in enabling the Community Pass, you will have the option to show your videos on Your actions (videos, comments, messages) must strictly abide by the Guidelines of Any Plays on your videos that appear on will not be counted against your 250,000 PRO Plays. Only embedded Plays count against your PRO Play quota.

      A few rules to follow when a PRO account enables the Community Pass:
      - You may not use the Community Pass to promote your company, products, or services. Your videos must be non-commercial and created by you — just because you have permission to upload a video, doesn’t mean you created it.
      - You may not use the private messaging or video/Group/Channel commenting systems to sell or promote your products or services to the Community.
      - You may not add commercial content to

      The Community Pass is located in your Account Settings under the Status tab.

    • What are the uploading guidelines for Vimeo PRO?

      What are the uploading guidelines for Vimeo PRO?
      Please read our PRO Guidelines.

      If you have enabled the Community Pass, then you must abide by the Community Guidelines whenever you make a video public within the Community on

    • What are the upload limits with Vimeo PRO?

      Vimeo PRO gives you 50 GB of upload space per year up to 5GB per upload. Members can buy 50GB add-on storage packages in the Vimeo Store.

    • What are the play limits for Vimeo PRO?

      Vimeo PRO gives you unlimited on-site plays and up to 250,000 embed Plays. Add-on packages of 100,000 plays are available for purchase in our Vimeo Store.

      Your Play limit resets to 250,000 when your Vimeo PRO account renews. Unused Plays from add-on packages will roll over for two years.

    • Will my unused Vimeo PRO Plays roll over?

      When your Vimeo PRO renews, your account resets with a fresh 250,000 Plays. Unused Plays from add-on packages will roll over for two years.

    • What are the bandwidth restrictions with Vimeo PRO?

      As of now, we only enforce a limit on Plays. You can buy add-on Play packages in the Vimeo Store if you run low.

    • What is considered a Vimeo PRO Play?

      A Play is counted when someone pushes the Play button on one of your videos.

    • What is a Portfolio? How do I create one?

      Portfolios are fully customizable websites that allow you to showcase any number of your videos to prospective clients, collaborators, or the world! You can create as many Portfolios as you like, and customize them to your specific tastes – without any Vimeo branding.
      To create your Portfolio, click the “Create a Portfolio” button on your homepage, or click ‘My Portfolios’ from the top navigation bar.

      If you are a PRO member, you can create one now!

    • How do I customize my Vimeo PRO Portfolio?

      Once you’ve created a Portfolio, you can choose from our available default Themes that give your Portfolio a unique look and feel. You can choose which details will be displayed along with your videos, and also customize the color scheme, upload a background image and a header logo. For the CSS masters out there, we allow you to change any CSS on your portfolio pages.

    • How do I setup my custom domain with my Vimeo PRO Portfolio?

      As a Vimeo PRO member, you can use a custom domain name for your Portfolios (example: You can easily use a domain you already own, or purchase a domain name elsewhere, then follow these instructions. If you already own the domain name you want to use, you can skip step number 1.

      Unfortunately the Vimeo staff will not be able to offer support for all the issues or problems that may occur when setting up a domain. We strongly suggest asking a friend who has done this before for help, or see if one of your fellow Vimeo members can give any advice here in our [PRO Domain Forum].

      1. Purchase the domain name from a registrar such as GoDaddy, Me-Net, or This can be done for about $10 per year.
      2. If you want your Portfolio to live on your top-level domain such as “” then you will want to follow the registrar’s instructions to set the domain’s A-Record to
      Learn more about A-Records
      3. If you want your portfolio to live on a subdomain such as “” then you will need to add a CNAME Record pointing to
      Learn more about CNAME records
      4. You may have to wait up to 72 hours for these changes to take effect on the whole Internets.
      5. You can test your domain by using the “check domain” link on the Portfolio settings page.

      If you have more questions, you can try posting to our custom domain forum thread to see if your fellow Vimeo Community members can help you. We also suggest asking a friend who has set up custom domains before for help.

    • What is a Video Review Page?

      Video Review Pages are semi-private, unlisted video pages intended for sharing with clients, collaborators, internal use, or anyone else you want to share your video with. These pages are unbranded and accept anonymous comments, so even people who don’t have Vimeo accounts can leave feedback.

      Video Review Pages are automatically created whenever you upload a video, and can be accessed via a link on top of normal video pages and in the ‘About This Video’ box underneath your video. You can also password-protect Video Review Pages in your videos ‘Settings’, represented by the gear icon on the top right of any video page.

    • How do I use a third-party player with Vimeo PRO?

      To access your third-party link, go to your video settings page and select the Video File tab. The available video files are listed under “Use your own player.”

    • What happens if I decide not to renew my Vimeo PRO service?

      - Your account will be removed.
      - Your videos, including source files, will be removed.
      - All your Portfolios will be removed.
      - Any videos that were embedded offsite will no longer exist.
      - Any custom domains you are using will no longer direct to your Portfolios.

      *If opted in to the Community Pass, all of the above, plus the following will also apply on
      - All likes, comments, and messages will be removed from
      - All Channels, Groups, and Albums you created will be removed from

    • Will my Vimeo PRO videos work on mobile devices, tablets, and TVs?

      Yes! To lean more, check out the Vimeo Everywhere page.

    • Can I use my own logo in the Vimeo PRO player?

      Yes, you can upload a custom logo to use in your PRO player. Your logo will only show up on videos embedded outside of Portfolios and Video Review Pages. We recommend using transparent 100×100 png files, but you can upload whatever you want.
      To upload a logo, visit your Account Settings and click the Player Logo tab.

    • Can I store and access my original source file with Vimeo PRO?

      File storage is expensive!
      You can really help us out by not to storing your original source files on Vimeo. Remember, we convert all your uploaded files to industry standard, compatible formats that are often just as good as your source files, and those will always be available to download. If you do wish to store your source files, go to your account settings page under the Me drop-down menu, then to the Preferences tab. Check the box that says “Keep my source video files.”

    • My Vimeo PRO account is about to expire. What should I do?

      When your PRO account is close to its expiration date, you will receive a friendly email reminder.
      Vimeo PRO accounts are set to automatically renew, so unless you have disabled auto-renewal in your Account Settings menu, you won’t need to do anything at all to enjoy another year of exclusive, customizable Portfolios, in-depth analytics, in-player logos, private/client video pages, custom domains to showcase your work, and more!

    • What if I require a refund for Vimeo PRO?

      We have a 30 day refund policy. Unfortunately any accounts requesting a refund beyond the 30 day mark will not be refunded. You will need to contact to inquire about your Vimeo PRO refund.

    • What happens when I convert my Plus account to PRO?

      If you choose to convert your Plus account to PRO, the following changes will occur:

      - Your bandwidth will be limited to 250,000 plays per year. Add-on packages are available if you need more Plays in the Vimeo Store.
      - Your storage limit will be set at 50 GB per year. Add-on packages are available if you need more storage space in the Vimeo Store.
      - Every new video you upload will automatically be set to private. You can manually toggle the privacy to public in your video settings.
      - Your Vimeo PRO account will renew at a new price. You can get all your Vimeo PRO account details in your Account History.

    • Am I allowed to charge for access to my Vimeo PRO videos?

      Yes, with Vimeo PRO you are allowed to charge access to your videos that are embedded on your personal website. Setting up the system to charge them is up to you. Unfortunately we can not provide support of ways to charge for access to videos.

    • Why do add-on packages cost as much as PRO?

      You may have noticed that our add-on packages are priced equally to our baseline Vimeo PRO offering. When you buy PRO, you are initially allotted 50GB's of upload space per year and 250K of offsite or embed plays. Extra storage capacity or plays are priced similarly to our base offering because, to be very transparent, our base package is pretty much the lowest possible price we can offer without substantial revenue loss. Additional packages allow us to make back incremental revenue that is lost when PRO members use up all their space and storage. The vast majority of PRO members will not reach their limits, which means it is easier for us to charge a lower price for everyone. When a PRO member does reach their account limits, the add-on packages help us keep Vimeo humming along as one of the most affordable video sharing platforms out there. In summary, we try very hard to give everyone the best deal possible, even if that means we don't make a lot off of our heavy-use PRO members.

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