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This is a tutorial video explaining the Albums feature here on Vimeo. If you have any questions about Albums feel free to email me at Enjoy!
  • dalas verdugo staff 4 years ago
  • Alex Simoes 4 years ago
    Wow, such a useful feature, you guys continue to amaze me... keep up the good work!
  • DJ Paine plus 4 years ago
    i am so excited. i want to cry.
  • Olivia 4 years ago
    This is wonderful! Thanks a ton for this great feature....

    Now, password - protected albums would just be the icing on the cake, wouldn't it? (Next feature, pretty please?!?!)

    Keep up the fabulous work, guys!!! I am really impressed.

  • Vimeo Staff staff 3 years ago
    Just posted the new version of this tutorial, which includes password protected albums.
  • California Dan 4 years ago
    Can you create albums within albums? So say I create an album that is called "2007" and then have sub albums called "Jan", "Feb", "Mar", etc.?
  • Zain Radio 4 years ago
    Me likey. It was Edutational!
  • darkzero63 4 years ago
    Why does it say you have 691 megs free? Is it because you are on staff? Does your meg upload limit increase with usage of the site?
  • dalas verdugo staff 4 years ago
    Yes, it's a staff thing.
  • muug balange-yus 3 years ago
    Not fair. :]
  • JMa 4 years ago
    Thanks for the tutorial! Is it possible to add the same "arrange" the order feature on the ALBUMS page as you can with the individual videos within albums?
  • propagandery 4 years ago
    what's the difference between albums and channels?
  • Vimeo Staff staff 4 years ago
    Channels have a lot more features and are more like mini-websites. Albums are more for your personal use and sharing.
  • 3 years ago
    Awesome feature!

    Just quickly:

    In upload page, if you select "Albums" on the left menu, a note box appears on the right hand side saying:

    "Albums make it easy to organize a collection of videos. You can arrange the order of videos in each album and then share it with whoever you like. You can even password protect an Album and share it privately."

    Does that mean that we can password protect each album? I didn't find any setting allowing me to do that.
    Seems like we can only protect each video in the album individually.
  • MooJooBee 3 years ago
    Dalas, I always thought you'd have a deep aggressive dominating voice. None the less, you're a good teacher for us peons. =)
  • paul happel 3 years ago
    how can I delete one of my video's

    kind regards

    paul happel
    multidisciplinary artist
  • Vimeo Staff staff 3 years ago
    Hi Paul,

    To delete a video just go the page of the video you wish to erase and on the upper right hand corner you'll see a large X, click it!

    Thanks for using Vimeo
  • tiantian 3 years ago
    very good!
  • RDJim plus 3 years ago
    Nice... I see a lot of people want to know the difference between albums and channels. Looks like albums only show a series of thumbnails -vs- the channel's full vid player. Also, channels for free users are limited to one channel per account (post + that is). Are albums unlimited for free users?
  • Daniel Hayek staff 3 years ago
    You get three albums in a free account.

    Also albums does have a player feature, You can choose from four different formats of displaying your albums contents these include- thumbnail, detail, video and hubnut.
  • Sharon Safav 3 years ago
    nice ,thanks.
  • Zach Marcus 3 years ago
    yea ummm i still dont know how to make an album this is pointless
  • Vimeo Staff staff 3 years ago
    I just updated the tutorial a few minutes ago for the new system, check it out.
  • Ben Thietje 3 years ago
    Why does this video no longer exist? I'd love to see a tutorial on albums. I thought I created one, but it's not showing up.
  • sara davick 3 years ago
    The tutorial says that if you add a private video to a public album that video will be viewable to people who view that album. I can't seem to make that work
    I'm was trying to create a "video player" or widget to embed on my blog. I want it to show all of the videos I have in a particular album, but I have some of the videos marked as private. The private videos are not shown in my widget. Do I need to change some settings?
  • sara davick 3 years ago
    I removed them from my album and then added them again and they are showing up this time. Don't really know what I was doing wrong.
  • Parapente Brasil
  • Leposa Dezső 3 years ago
    It's a very good possibility to build bridges between two or more people, two or more nations or nationalities .
  • Vimeo Staff staff 2 years ago
    Hi Everyone!

    If you have any more questions or concerns about albums see here,​help/​faq/​albums
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