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A last kiss, a last date, a last look into each others eyes.

"Back to Solitude" (2011)
Short film, 5 min.
directed by Joschka Laukeninks

written and directed by Joschka Laukeninks
starring Xenia Assenza & Constantin Lücke
narrated by Alan Orpin
edited by Vera Berg
music composed by Jan-Peter Pflug
sound design by Matthias Brattig
director of photography Joschka Laukeninks
flame artist Stefan Moog
colourist Eike Rieche
1st assistant camera Christian Grundey
2nd assistant camera Simon Kaiser
gaffer Jan Boltze
best boy Manuel Bieker
production manager Julian Schöneich
1st ad Sebastian Rabe
2nd ad Lena Steisslinger
make up & hair Nicole Koslowski
supporting actor Mario Kaspras

supported by
Magic Farm
Loft Studios
Cinegate Hamburg

Thanks to my mother for doing the most delicious film catering on earth. ( :


  • Francois Ferracci plus 8 days ago
    Excellent concept, great acting, voice over, amazing photography.
    Congrats !
  • Uwe Lansing plus 8 days ago
    Schöne Geschichte, klasse fotografiert + überzeugende Darsteller...
  • Robomatix Rebirth plus 8 days ago
    Welldone !
  • This is amazing! Love the concept. Is this a relationship backwards? xxx
  • Joschka Laukeninks plus 8 days ago
    You're right, it's a relationship backwards. Thank you! ( :
  • Brilliant! Loved the pacing, loved the deliverance and loved the cinematography! How long did it take to make?
  • Joschka Laukeninks plus 8 days ago
    Five shooting days and about half a year of postproduction (editing, sound design, music, voice over, grading etc.).
  • Were the shooting days one after the other or done within a week? Sorry for the all the questions just interested. Were there any problems (you don't have to answer that part).
  • Sorry I meant done on different days.
  • Joschka Laukeninks plus 8 days ago
    We had 2 shooting days in summer and 3 in autumn, which made sense considering that the story has a time frame of several years and the appearance of the actors is changing. Of course there were the usual challenges of no-budget filmproduction, but nothing we couldn't handle. ( ;
    If you need to know more, feel free to send me a private message. ( :
  • Matthew Pearce plus 8 days ago
    Amazing job. Well done and very clever.
  • Daniel Hayek staff 8 days ago
    The old relationship-in-reverse story, well done! Solid voice over.
  • Alfonso Huy plus 8 days ago
    Great stuff! So that first shot was not green screen?
  • Joschka Laukeninks plus 8 days ago
    No, it's real - bit of luck with the weather + a good colourist. ( ;
  • Lirim Lilou 8 days ago
    So great!
    It's marvelously filmed and acted!
    The concept is already known but the text gives something extra (rewinding with paradoxical words -"LATER", "THEN", etc.)...
  • Sci-Pie 8 days ago
    beautiful photography and great story!! congrats :)
  • Micah Simms 8 days ago
    Love it!
  • Aaron Beau 8 days ago
    did you use the 5d for this?
  • Joschka Laukeninks plus 7 days ago
    oh yes. ( :
  • Carolina Aros K. 8 days ago
    Congrats! i just love your work​back-to-solitude/​
  • Everyone has missed the MUSIC!!! I think it made this what it is!!
  • DOMEZTIK STUDIOS 7 days ago
    amazing job!!!! congratulations!!
  • Felipe Obando 7 days ago
    C'est magnifique
    Seriusly, I'm in the shor film, and I feel the time past and past. The story was wonderful, it's my life and at the same time, it isn't; the voice envolves me, the lights transports me.

    Cette histoire ne peut pas être dit de la même manière que vous. Vous pouvez prendre l'histoire humaine pour être un des contes de fées, sans elle perd sa réalité
  • Victor Maes 7 days ago
    Overdose of Brilliance.

    Which lenses were used?
  • Dave Woods II 7 days ago
    brilliant, mate!
  • Steven Bailey 7 days ago
    It took me a little while to get the concept. But dude, when it hit me, it hit me like a ton of bricks. So well executed. :)
  • Weldon Byrns plus 7 days ago
    That's unreal...
    Film is great, acting is great, edit is great and music is great...freaking great job!
  • Arturo Abella 7 days ago
    Awesome. Which camera did you use?
  • Marco Aslan 7 days ago
    Congrats, great film
  • Marco Aslan 7 days ago
    who shot it?
  • Joschka Laukeninks plus 7 days ago
    me. ( :
  • Feel Good Lost plus 7 days ago
    So clever and original! So well shot and put together. Well done lads!
  • Colby Larson 7 days ago
    Best short I have seen in quite some time!

    Well done!
  • effixx plus 7 days ago
    Brilliant! Had me captivated until the moment I realized what was happening... and then right then and there the simplicity of the idea blew me away.
  • Benjamin Dowie 7 days ago
    Flipping love it guys. Very creative and fresh. Guru central.
  • Shane 7 days ago
  • Joey Nguyen 7 days ago
    sweet sweet film. i can't help but think that down the line that girl was going to end up with another guy
  • Sylvain DAVID 7 days ago
    good job perfectly done. Are actors together in life ?
  • Robert DeMaio plus 7 days ago
    That was so good!!! A relationship in reverse! Great concept, but more importantly, great execution.
  • ccb 7 days ago
    Really liked it
  • Cooooool
  • Matthew Grech 7 days ago
    Superb! It really touched me because I'm currently going through exactly the same story, though I wish the very last bit would never ever have to happen .. i just can't imagine to leave the person you always loved and not see him ever again. Trying to figure out exactly the 'relationship in reverse' thing (sorry for my blondness :P)

    And over all, I'll watch this film again and again, because it is absolutely brilliant! A huge thumbs up!
  • Peter Bryan Men 7 days ago
    Have you seen the short film "Larutanatural" (2004) by Alex Pastor? Anyway, that one was a plagiarism of Damon Knight's short story "Backward, O Time" (1956) where a couple's dysfunctional relationship is "healed" when time flows backwards.

    At least this one has the fresh spin of youth going for it. AND you did the cinematography yourself. Well done.
  • Douglas Dalby 7 days ago
    It's true what they say: You can find your car keys if you trace your steps backwards.

    Actress instantly reminded me of Alyssa Milano when I was like 14 (plus huge freaking eyes).

    Watched it 4 times just to try to solve why I liked so much.
  • Rachel Liang 7 days ago
    this is cool!
  • MonophoniQ 7 days ago
    Guys dont only see the fotography or the camera angle and etc see the meaning of the video which is for more important because even lady gagas videos are nice but without teaste
  • Rp Fotografía 7 days ago
    really good!
  • Walter Fischer 7 days ago
    Endlich mal ein sehenswertes Werk nebst all dem Experimental- Gedöns auf dieser Plattform- Danke !
  • Brilliant in every way! Your actors were great. Congrats to all involved.
  • Sara 7 days ago
    absolutely breath taking!
  • beautiful story!
  • Jeff Ash plus 7 days ago
    Everything that everybody above me said!
  • Ruslan Raevsky 7 days ago
    amazing video!!! I'll give a link to all my friends!
  • David Ealdama 7 days ago
    nice concept! if the movie was to be played from the end to the start, it would just be a usual chick flick... but no, this video stands out! :) good stuff!
  • Matej Kovac 7 days ago
    it goes from present to past, interesting.
  • Roman Osokin 7 days ago
  • Adam Wigham 7 days ago
    So well made. Cinematography and grading are amazing.
    Very well done sir! (-:
  • James Harrison 7 days ago
    Awesome use of colours!
  • Debora Leal 7 days ago
    Parabéns! Congrats! :)
  • Natalie Ames 7 days ago
    This film is beautiful! xxx
  • Grifter Films plus 7 days ago
    When i finally 'Got it' it all made sense.

    Great cinematography and tones. Nice work on the score. and great performances.

    Nice work
  • Michi Lauke 7 days ago
    brilliant, gorgeous, dreamlike,
    just a magic step in time!
  • Felix Ohle 7 days ago
    That's another reason, why i like vimeo so much!
    well done.
  • Nice one Joschka. A great concept and well shot.
    I loved it first watch. To be totally honest I wasn't sure I liked the VO, but thats just a personal opinion.
    Great job on the shooting, was it DSLR shot with CineStyle?

  • kieran gee-finch plus 7 days ago
    something I can relate to.. beautiful!
  • Ben Häussler 7 days ago
    bin beeindruckt! echt klasse arbeit!! der sprecher ist einfach genial und der soundtrack und und und ... :)
  • Olesya Klyots 7 days ago
    I want to watch it again and again! It's genious )) I'm your new fan :)
  • J.S.Ahn plus 7 days ago
  • this is cool.. you really hit it.. the momentum is just great and the ending is superb, IMO.
    What an inspiration this is. 'Tabik' to you.
  • _del plus 7 days ago
    Great sound and great script!
  • laurens peerenboom 7 days ago
    Great movie, loved the lights and acting.
  • ROSS SILCOCKS 7 days ago
    so so so so so so so good
  • Mike Buonaiuto 7 days ago
    WOooooooooooo..... this gave me chills - stunning performance and the shots looks amazing - thanks for this :)
  • Thibaut Fuks 7 days ago
    WOW! Thumbs up !
  • Gino Moreno 7 days ago
    Solid, nice grading, great editing.
  • Cliff Spence 7 days ago
    Really beautiful project, and clever. The grading is superb.
  • Marthin Fort 7 days ago
    Brilliant! Great idea! awesome grading.
  • Ryan Zhang 7 days ago
    so great! love it!
  • emc73 7 days ago
    Es un video precioso. Continua así... felicidades desde España.
  • Interrupted Media plus 7 days ago
    great execution.
  • Ozan Akinci 7 days ago
    beautiful and loved it!!
    the v.o. is amazing!! :)
  • Simply amazing. loved the concept and the cinematography. the actors are so beautiful and expressive.. and the voice.. who is this Alan Orpin and why isn't he working for Hollywood.
  • Emmanuel Quiles 7 days ago
  • Djawid Hakimyar 7 days ago
    Schönes Ding Digga!
  • Amber Rae 7 days ago
    So moving. So beautiful.
  • winmeo 7 days ago
    Love it!
  • Mark Archuleta 7 days ago
    awesome Mad love!
  • Rafiqul Javed 7 days ago
    I love how the movie was moving backwards in time while the narration was strangely moving forward.
  • Il Conte Cecchi 7 days ago
    un bel casino...parti dal fondo con le immagini e torni indietro con le parole...comunque sia, la fine è sempre triste.
  • jessica laukeninks 7 days ago
    Es ist übrigens wirklich so: Der Film berührt mich unglaublich stark. Jedes Mal, wenn ich ihn schaue, (und ich habe ihn inzwischen unzählige Male gesehen) muss ich weinen und zwar immer in der letzten Sekunde des Films. Wenn das kein Zeichen für ein wahres Meisterwerk ist, dann weiß ich auch nicht.
    Ich liebe Dich.
    Deine Mama
  • Steve Stone 7 days ago
    one of the best short movie for a long time I've watched.
  • AleTheHOUSEwife 7 days ago
    so cool. Whoever did the colors here is a freaking genius. Not to mention the whole idea of a love story told backwards, which hit me halfway through the video and had me glued till the end. This was poetry in video form. Lovely execution, acting, filming. :)
  • Matthew Sibley 7 days ago
    Hey Joschka,

    just have some constructive feed back for you. Firstly I would like to say good job on the cinematography it worked well. The establishing shots at the start worked well, the first shot being particularly beautiful and also the cafe scenes were really nice. The only thing that seems strange cinematography wise is the actresses close up at 00:31 seconds. I picked this out because it seems too shallow, the location is really nice and so dramatic it would of been nice to see more of it behind her. Again as i say with the cinematography it was well executed and fitted the piece without drawing attention to it's self. I appreciate that you were only the DoP so this was out of your control but the voice over and how the voice over was written didn't do much for me. Mainly because the voice over sounded a bit too similar to the type of V/O used to advertise trailers. I feel the lead actors voice would of worked better. However the way in which the voice over was written really distanced me greatly from what was happening, it was too impersonal in it's tone and it would of worked better if it was narrated in the first person as it would of engaged the audience emotionally with the film. There is a reason why i say only the V/O in terms of writing as the action is written really well and has also been translated well from script to screen. Apart from that it was a good short and a very interesting concept.

    Hope this is useful

  • Laurent Delayen 7 days ago
    Very well done, congratulations, I love it.
  • Rishi Kaneria 7 days ago
    Was just planning on previewing the first 10 seconds or so, but got drawn in and watched the whole thing...mark of good narrative. Well done!
  • bob lorrimer plus 7 days ago
    Fine work indeed and great casting with stunning photography.

    I'm not sure about the Voice/ I will watch the film again!
  • abdulkadirarslan 7 days ago
    Apsulitly real !
  • David Henry 7 days ago
    It's like, backwards.
  • FerrettiR 7 days ago
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