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1. Copia A (3D animated short film by Trexel Animation)
9 months ago
Copia A is the second short film produced by Trexel Animation.


This film was made independently and without any budget in the free time available during the studio´s commercial projects.


Tells the adventures and misfortunes of Demódoco, a projectionist, who discovers by chance a one-of-a-kind way to get pleasure. However, abusing it leads to risky consequences.

Technical data:

Script, design and direction: Gervasio Rodríguez Traverso & Pablo Alberto Díaz.
Original soundtrack: Bernardo Francese & Fernando Chiesa.
Animation: Gervasio Rodriguez Traverso, Pablo A. Díaz y Nicolás Broner.
Sound: Bernardo Francese, Fernando Chiesa, Juan Elías y Anibal Tonianez.

Screenings and awards to date:

- Red Stick International Animation Festival (USA) - Best of the Fest Finalist (Animated Short Film - Professional category)
- ArtFutura 2010 (Argentina) - "Caras y Caretas" award for Best Animated Short Film
- Concurso Caloi en su Tinta, Argentina en Annecy 2010 (Argentina) - Third prize
- 12º BAFICI (Argentina) - Baficito programme
- Annecy 2010 (France) - A tribute to argentinean animation programme
- Curta-SE 10 (Brazil) - Best Animation, video section
- UNICA 2010 (Switzerland) - Silver Medal Award
- FIA 2010 (Uruguay) - Best Animated Short Film & Jury Grand Prize
- 32º UNCIPAR (Argentina) - Honorable Mention
- Anim´est 2010 (Romania) - Official competition
- 10º MIAF (Australia) - Panorama programme
- 15º Ourense International Film Festival (Spain) - Official competition
- Concurso Loop 2009 (Colombia) - Honorable Mention, 3D section
- 1º Concurso Quiero Animarte (Argentina) - First Prize
- 6º MARFICI (Argentina) - Honorable Mention
- 4º FICO (Argentina) - Best Animation & Best Soundtrack
- 4º Cubanima (Cuba) - Official competition
- 6º Al Extremo Cortos (Argentina) - Honorable Mention
- 2º A-Tube (Italy) - Official competition
- 10º Cine a la Calle (Colombia) - Official competition
- Manlleu Short Film Festival (Spain) - Official competition
- Ocular Animat (Spain) - Official competition
- 7º Escobar de Película (Argentina) - Best Animation & Grand Prize Escobar de Película 2010
- 2º Mirada Oeste (Argentina) - Official competition
- 7º Tandil Cortos (Argentina) - Third Prize
- 6º Festival Internacional de Cine de Monterrey (Mexico) - Official competition
- 3º Maipú Cortos (Argentina) - Official competition
- Mirada en Cortos 4 (Argentina) - Best Animation
- I´ve Seen Films 2010 (Italy)- Official competition
- Cortala! 2010 (Argentina) - Honorable Mention
- Pizza, Birra y Cortos 5 (Argentina) - Honorable Mention
- San Pedro Cortos 2010 (Argentina) - First Prize
- XI Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre (Argentina) - Honorable Mention
- 3º Festival Internacional de Cine de Gualeguaychú (Argentina) - Best Animation Direction
- Infinit International Film Fest (Uruguay) – Best Animation
- 7º Festival Internacional Cine/Corto Tapiales (Argentina) - Best Animation
- Festlatino Buenos Aires 2010 (Argentina) – Best Animation
- Dragon Award For New Talent (Sweden) – Second Runner Up
- 8º International Festival of Animation Arts Multivision (Russia) - Official competition
- Children´s Film Festival Seattle 2011 (USA) - Official competition
- Concurso Nacional de Cine y Video de Cipolletti (Argentina) – Best Animation
- Expotoons 2010 (Argentina) - Official competition
- Cineseptiembre (Mexico) - Official competition
- Animec (Ecuador) – Honorable Mention
- 7º Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes del Cusco FENACO (Peru) - Official competition
- Clare Valley Film Festival 2011 (Australia) - Official selection
- 9º Festival Internacional de Cine Digital (Chile) - Official competition
- Citrus Cel Animation Film Festival (USA) - Official competition
- Cortoons 2011 (Italy) - Official competition
- 12th Amateur and Independent Cinema Festiwal KAN 2011 (Poland) - Official competition
- 1º Festival de Cine Independiente de Cosquín (Argentina) - Official competition
- XI Festival de Cine Lanzarote (Spain) - Official competition
- 2º Semana Internacional del Corto (Bolivia) - Best Animation
- Fondo Nacional de la Artes “Premio Alberto Fischerman” (Argentina) – Second Prize
- 18º Cinesul (Brazil) - Official competition
- 7º Fantaspoa (Brazil) - Official competition
- 8º Oberá en Cortos (Argentina) - Official competition
- Ojo al Piojo (Argentina) - Official competition
- XII Festival Fantosfreak (Spain) - Official competition

Co - Director´s biography:

Gervasio Rodriguez Traverso and Pablo A. Díaz started working as a team while studying Image & Sound Design at Buenos Aires University (UBA), where they took classes with Rodolfo Saenz Valiente, full professor and head of the Animation Department.
In 2003 they finished “SuperBot”, their first animated short film.
In 2004 they founded Trexel Animation, a studio dedicated to the production of CGI material. Since then they have been working in prestigious projects including films, TV shows, advertistments and web sites.
With the production of their second animated short film, “”A” copy” (2009), they are moving on to a new stage in which the production of their own personal material will take the central spot in the studio.

Co - Director´s filmography:

SuperBot (2003)
“A” copy (2009)



  • Ceiga 9 months ago
    Awesome work.
    Posted on​blog/​
  • Trexel Animation 9 months ago
    Thanks a lot for your words, and for sharing our work in your blog!
  • raul abonitalla jr 9 months ago
    u have my greatest respect to your talented studio people.:)
  • osnola 9 months ago
  • Mateo Vega 9 months ago
    Great animated short! I have absolutely nothing to critique.
  • K C plus 9 months ago
    Very nice! Your film was headlined at (​230676). Great job!
  • K C plus 5 days ago
    Congrats on the HD Channel selection. Long overdue.
  • Trexel Animation 3 days ago
    Thanks againg!
    And kudos to everyone at for your marvelous site!
  • plus 9 months ago
    Excellent work! Posted on the frontpage. Thanks for sharing.
  • Trexel Animation 9 months ago
    It´s such an honour to have made it to your frontpage!!!
    It is something that we have been wishing for!!!
    Thanks to all the staff, and to everyone involved in the creation and upkeep of!!!
  • Trexel Animation 9 months ago
    Thanks to all of you for your support!!! It feels great to get feedback from viewers from all over the world!!! Our greetings to everyone.
  • Ed Jones 8 months ago
    Truly wonderful and even more so considering the circumstances under which you made it. Greatly enjoyed it!
  • Trexel Animation 7 months ago
    Thanks a lot for your words! We are very glad that you enjoyed our work.
  • Mariano Vidal 7 months ago
    Felicitaciones, chicos! Muy buen laburo!
  • Ruben F Stremiz plus 7 months ago
    Realmente los felicito! se ve muy bien!! ya quiero ver el proximo!!
  • Trexel Animation 7 months ago
    Gracias! aprovechamos para contarte que ya estamos trabajando en un nuevo proyecto, pronto esperamos subir material.
    Te mandamos un abrazo y quedamos en contacto para reunirnos.
  • Mariano Gila 7 months ago
    Gran trabajo. Felicitaciones por el trabajo, por los méritos y logros alcanzados. Buen Corto.
  • Trexel Animation 7 months ago
    Gracias por las felicitaciones, y por tomarse el trabajo de escribirnos!
  • no name party 7 months ago
    I added you film to my channel.

    Btw. Do you guys hire? I would love to work on such a creative studio ;D
  • godino 3 months ago
  • Kousoulides 2 months ago
    Wow very nice work mate. You sure have my vote. Hey maybe you can take a look at a short film i've been working for the last 3 months and tell me what you think? I am sure it will look retarded to your eyes, but I am very interested to hear thoughts from a professional..​25711967
  • Jorge Bastos 5 days ago
    You made it work! Great job here.
  • Trexel Animation 3 days ago
    Thank's a lot for your words!
    Best regards from Argentina!
  • Mn8 Multimedia 4 days ago
    What a beautiful short film. Great work.
  • Trexel Animation 3 days ago
    Thanks a lot! We are extremely happy for such a wonderful feedback from all around the globe!
  • Que buena animación.
  • Trexel Animation 3 days ago
    Mil gracias por tu comentario!
  • Joe Lacrasse 4 days ago
    Pretty impressive, but it's kinda a non sense story.
  • Trexel Animation 3 days ago
    It´s a shame that the story wasn´t completely of your liking, but we love that the short film as a whole had impressed you despite that!
  • indieanimator 3 days ago
    Excellent work...we selected it as animation of the day on
  • Trexel Animation 3 days ago
    Wow! Thank you very much for this honor!
    Love your site, and it`s just a blast to see our work displayed there!
  • Herman Widbom 3 days ago
    Funny! Excellent work!
  • Trexel Animation 3 days ago
    Thanks a lot for such a possitive feedback!
  • Vegard Øye plus 3 days ago
    Wow !
  • Trexel Animation 3 days ago
    Thanks a lot for your "I like" vote!
  • Great job!
  • Dario Scapellatto 2 days ago
    Excelente trabajo!!! me alegra ver trabajos como este de mi pais.....El libro mas completo de animación en español que tengo es de Rodolfo Valiente, debe ser un gran profesor. felicitaciones. Ahora hay que ir por el Oscar en animación :)
  • Trexel Animation 16 hours ago
    ¡Gracias Dario! Sin dudas Rodolfo Saenz Valiente es uno de los grandes referentes de la animación argentina. Para nosotros es un gran honor haber sido parte de sus alumnos. ¡Saludos!
  • This was excellent. The art direction is fantastic and the film also carries a nice message underneath. I really enjoyed it. Great work.
  • Manuel Thomas plus 1 day ago
    Fantastic work guys. Really really beautiful execution. I enjoyed every second of it. Keep up the great coming :-)
  • Kayla Ferguson 15 hours ago
    I really loved this, I can't wait to see more of your stuff!
  • Trexel Animation 11 hours ago
    Thank you guys for your encouraging feedback! We are speechless for all your compliments and kind support.
    Best regards to you all!
  • Joe Moya plus 11 hours ago
    wow... the work in this animation is excellent..
  • Eric Brownrout plus 10 hours ago
    Super original. Very much enjoyed it!
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