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our graduation film from Bezalel academy of art and design.

directed & designed by: Natalie Bettelheim
animation: Sharon Michaeli
sound design & music: Yoav Brill

project blog:



  • lior ben horin plus 11 days ago
    This is so beautiful!!!
  • Eran Hilleli plus 11 days ago
    its films like this that the like button just doesn't cut it...
    i would click worship!

    rare perfected beauty!
    well done you two.
  • Natalie Bettelheim 9 days ago
    its comments like this that leave you speechless...
    big thanks :)
  • Zach Cohen 10 days ago
    Very well done!
  • Idan Gilboa 10 days ago
    #$%@^@% amazing!
  • Neta Cohen 10 days ago
    You just keep forgetting your watching animation, not real life...
    Amazing animation and Design, Wonderful deep story...

    Well done!!!
  • ori toor plus 10 days ago
  • Omer Ben David 10 days ago
    Again, just so moving...
    really a beautiful and precise atmospheric story.
    A lot to learn from!
  • Rinat plus 10 days ago
  • Marcus Eckert plus 10 days ago
    Really cool style, absolutely love it!
  • Cam Version 9 days ago
    This is excellent. Thanks for making this.

  • moran barkai 9 days ago
    I remember this one very well from the Bezalel exhibition - it was one of the only animations that i found interesting narrative-wise AND animation-style-wise.
    great great job.
  • Rodrigo Ribeiro 9 days ago
  • no words
  • doronmeir 9 days ago
    Amazing art, impressive animation, way to go you guys!
  • Ivan Rusev 9 days ago
    I love it!
  • Daryl McSweeney 9 days ago
    Love is not easy, but it is unflappable, even in the face of the strange and the bizarre. This was startlingly well-done.
  • Pavel Kučera 9 days ago
    Natalie, I have long seen such a well-made animated film. I got it a real joy. All the best
  • Mauro Di Ianni 9 days ago
    Congrats. This is impressive. It touches in the deep somehow.
  • Natalie Bettelheim 9 days ago
    thank you all for the encouraging comments, we really appreciate it!
  • Brilliant, well done!!
  • Dan Berger 9 days ago
    מעולה !
  • Leon Kuklinski 9 days ago
  • Arien1986 9 days ago
    amazing! love the stylisation, the tone and the concept. awesome!
  • Kara-Banchuk 8 days ago
    Потрясающая работа ) очень стильная и какая-то концептуальная, и при этом не лишённая души. Огромное спасибо ) Вы пример для подражания )
  • oyh, such great story telling and visual style! truly loved it!
  • animatieblog 8 days ago
    Wonderful animation. Well done!

    We've shared your short film with our readers at​kortfilm/​2011/​08/​16/​korte-animatiefilm-howl
  • Short of the Week 8 days ago
    Really great. Thanks for submitting.
  • Yahya Ehsan 7 days ago
    Awesome, mother has to live the child way
  • shimchick 7 days ago
    incredible, no words, breathtaking!
  • Daniel Loncar 7 days ago
    Very very nice and very easy to remember ,)
  • Sebastian Kalemba plus 7 days ago
    a bit creepy and very inspiring, amazing short.
  • kbarre 7 days ago
    bravo !! very beautiful work and so intriguing....
  • UtopianShenanigans 7 days ago
    I loved the lighting the drawing, the darkness and the angle, and the cuteness, Brilliant and Beautiful Thank you for Sharing
  • Amazing! Creative, frightening and emotional story
  • INCREÍBLE! Muy buenos los dibujos y la animación! Me trasladó completamente a otro lugar..
  • Oliver Göthberg 7 days ago
    Awesome animation, and really scary!
  • Paul Wood 7 days ago
    That was amazing
  • Dane Aleksander 6 days ago
    Wow - fantastic piece of art. Congratulations, be proud of this.
  • Dane Aleksander 6 days ago
    Phenomenal use of traditional media - awareness of lighting, texture, perspective and movement. I'm curious about the complexity of your compositional pipeline; I assume layering (foreground, background, etc,.) was an integral element but what about blending (for instance, the lamp-post scene)?
  • Wakeuprabbit 6 days ago
    dark / beautiful
    good soundtrack too
  • Hana Backland 6 days ago
  • Stolid Mortified 6 days ago
    My mom thinks this is genius! W00t!

    Seriously, though. I've been waiting for this ever since I first saw the concept frames. This is so wonderful. Sensitive, precise, and the art is oh so tasty.
  • panic embryo 6 days ago
    Haunting...I loved it.
    Well done. Gorgeous style and narrative.
  • Tim McCourt 6 days ago
    That was Incredible!!! Gosh i loved that so much. great art direction, great direction. animation was beautiful. I really loved the calm moments in it. really helped make it feel creepy.

    Well done!
  • reassemble 6 days ago
    excellent piece of work
  • Vane 6 days ago
    great style and impressive use of shadows. really well done.
  • Johannes Borchard 6 days ago
  • That was really great. Beautiful animation :)
  • Ragasha 6 days ago
    Just brilliant. Suspenseful. Moody. Beautiful. I was transfixed through the whole thing. Thank you.
  • LSZ1987 6 days ago
    Really nice animation, like the atmosphere and music background
  • Diana Simonzadeh 6 days ago
    beautiful, haunting and moving. thank you.
  • Bajouke D 6 days ago
    visually striking and kept me glued :)
  • Brilliant !
  • indieanimator 6 days ago
    Love your have been chosen for that animation of the day at
  • Sam Ekren plus 5 days ago
    I surprised myself with a wave of emotion at the end! This is truly brilliant. Well done.
  • Jim Panzer 5 days ago
    Really beautiful, great work!
  • Bidadali House 5 days ago
    Great work. The atmosphere. The style. Congrats!
  • Steven Chan 5 days ago
    The ending really brought the whole piece together. Great job. I love the feelings that this animation invokes.
  • DipankarSengupta 5 days ago
    very beautifully done!
  • MRfrukta! plus 5 days ago
    very interesting work...
  • Ana Inés Hermida 5 days ago
    Too sad to me, but well, beautiful anyway...
  • Cleopatra BD 5 days ago
    Beautifull1! no more to say...
  • Wyatt Eddy 5 days ago
    Gorgeous. Sharing on​CulturedMonkey
  • Rick Broas 5 days ago
    Very nice work. Thanks for sharing!
  • Manfred Geier 5 days ago
  • Sara Fenton 5 days ago
    Natalie & Sharon. Nice work!
    I love how it was both dark and tender at the same time. I really related. I have 2 dog babies of my own.
  • Vincent Jaramillo 5 days ago
    I felt like I was watching a Hayao Miyazaki film, on all levels from writing, animation, emotions etc. This was awesome. Started out cute and humorous for me, then edged toward uneasy, some horror and then finally understanding and acceptance. At least that's what I got out of it. I had to watch it twice. Well done :D
  • raijaevelin 4 days ago
    excellent !
  • Alia Tejeda 4 days ago
    You conveyed a story with out words very beautifully. It was very good!
  • Charles Rowland 4 days ago
    just amazing... brilliant i say.
  • Christian Müller 4 days ago
    Wonderful graphics. A movie-novel that offers unequalled opportunities. Congratulations. Really.
  • Andrew Magnone 3 days ago
  • monse rodriguez 3 days ago
    great absolutely great, congratulations!
  • c.jun plus 3 days ago
  • Marcelo Fernández 3 days ago
    Excelente historia con matices deslumbrantes, y la mùsica que te mantiene dulcemente alerta con ese ñiño lobo..!!
    Excellent story with dazzling hues, and the music keeps you alert the child sweetly wolf ..!
  • this is just mind blowing... i don't have words. i love the composition and tonal range that you have imagined. HATS OFF!!!
  • Guy Dimet 3 days ago
    great film really enjoyed it. freaked me out. :)
  • Abel Cerdeira 2 days ago
  • Joe Moya plus 2 days ago
    imaginative work
  • Chris Ezelle 21 hours ago
    awesome, very peaceful. Great editing, love the smoking scene "Dont the moon look good moma, shinin' thu the trees"
  • Gytis Buivydas 19 hours ago
    Absolutely amazing!!!
  • kufor 12 hours ago
    quite weird, but impressive
    thanks for creepy experience (in a good way)
  • Tony Soprano 10 hours ago
  • Cloud Summers 10 hours ago
    I'm assuming you used flash animation? great job
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