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Welcome to Planet Earth is the story of the extremely unique Jody Pendarvis and his 30 foot UFO he built in his front yard in the small town of Bowman, SC. After a sighting of alien life forms, Jody built the giant UFO as a place to welcome aliens when they return. All though visitors are welcomed to check out this unique and slightly odd landmark, Jody hopes that he will one day see the return of his friends from the sky. This is his story.

Filmed at the UFO Welcome Center in Bowman, SC

A Livingston Bros. / Pioneers Production
Director / DP / Editor: Michael Livingston
B-Cam Operator & Audio: Morgan Livingston

**Tech Info**
Canon 7D
85mm 1.2 L
24-70mm 2.8 L
VariND Filter
Zoom H2n

Filmed with the new technicolor cinestyle for more documentaries


  • Sergey Stefanovich plus 2 months ago
    I loved it, nicely done too.
  • Mikey Livingston plus 2 months ago
    thank you
  • Ryland Brooks plus 2 months ago
    beautiful work, mikey!
  • Mikey Livingston plus 2 months ago
    thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoyed it
  • James Jet 1 month ago
    Excellent documentary.
    Very interesting character study.
  • Jonathan Schimpf 5 days ago
    amazing work!
  • Jason Whetzell 4 days ago
    Great stuff!
  • SEASICK plus 4 days ago
    A innovating and wonderful insight dude! Keep it up!
  • Jonathan Fonseca plus 4 days ago
    that was very nice! great job!
  • Christopher King plus 4 days ago
    Nice work. Great character.
  • Claude Lyneis 4 days ago
    Must have been a challenge to present it with such a neutral point of view. Well done.
  • Mikey Livingston plus 4 days ago
    It was certainly a challenge, but I somehow managed to keep it all together while shooting.
  • Homer Samson plus 3 days ago
    Endearment. Not tragedy. The video starts well, with Jody explaining his worlview in a general way, and quickly, immediately really, sinks to some kind of stylized portrait of tragedy. The tone - the colors, the framing, pacing and sound - although they all work together, work in the wrong direction. Assuming this guy is as he seems, genuine and peaceful, the underlying theme of tragedy does not seem appropiate to his worldview. There's so much condescension going on, and that is very clear in the video write up and some of the comments, as well as the short video preview. This guy does not seem to be particularly concerned with style, but the video obviously is.

    Dome rooms are awesome. His may not be the best, but it is pretty cool, really. {awesome dome room example -​15641661}. Jody's worldview is not uncommon {here's just one example, with an appropiately monied presentation -​22912273}.

    It is definetily worth your while as a member of the Vimeo community to offer positive, respectful critiques. And it would definetily be worth somebody's time to do a real ethnographic piece focused on Jody, focused on the person and not on achieving a common, contempary cinematic style. The focus on style, and all the snickers to the side, and the very short questions stand in contrast to Jody. He seems to fully get it, and for what's it worth, a peaceful and sincere hippy like that is worth me than a million stylistic pieces.. Jody is not 'extremely unique', he is simply unique as a person. The project is extremely unique, maybe, but ony in the sense that he actually brought to life his worldview and created a simple space out of very little. This link -​watch?v=Sc7ZXYZ8bWg - goes out to Jody. And for the day when YouTube suckily removes that video, the link is to Finley's Rainbow, by A Guy Called Gerald.

    Endearing expression. Not stylized tragedy.

    P E A C E
  • Mikey Livingston plus 3 days ago

    Not to be brash, but try spending only one day with Jody Pendarvis and see what you come back with. My brother and I did the best we could to keep a concise train of thought for what we intended to be a short film. We focused on the most obvious issue, his 30 foot ufo and why he built it. I chose to simply portray him the way I saw him, like any filmmaker would. Did I put a style on it? Yes I did. Vimeo is made up of stylized films. The purpose of the film wasn't to follow him around and show his lifes work, it was simply a portrait explaining what some might see as an oddity and others might see as art. In the end you decide how you want to view it, and you saw it that way.
  • Homer Samson plus 3 days ago
    Style's divorced from content? The viewer 'decides? Try doing it again without the snickering, in conversation with the dude. Two hours, or one day could easily be enough to get someone as open as Jody talking. You've already got the footage, change the filter that's so common_ Here's a couple stylized films that Vimeo is made up of: Light - Years​4208293, Elizabeth Tunstall, Design Anthropology​22599259 Good luck on your next project. RESPECT

  • Claude Lyneis 3 days ago
    Homer Simpson-opps I mean Homer Samson. I think you criticism is way off in left field. If you don't like documentaries, OK. I think the documentary did a good job of presenting Jody. The video leaves much up to the viewer in terms of judging whether Jody takes any of that seriously or is just having fun with the world.
  • Homer Samson plus 2 days ago
    cool. I think the snickering, and describing the tone are pretty concrete.. I don't see why it should be hard not to laugh at the guy. If you want to laugh, laugh. Simple. peace
  • Lee Evans plus 4 days ago
    very sensitively done. what was the music please ?
  • Mikey Livingston plus 4 days ago
    The music is a collection of royalty free loops called Tokyo Soundscapes which you can purchase through BigFish Audio
  • Osman Boylu plus 4 days ago
    The background music makes it emotional and attractive.
  • Todd Novacek 4 days ago
    I loved it. Very interesting.
  • John Ashcroft 4 days ago
    What an interesting and harmless guy. People like him make the world a brighter place. Very well presented.
  • Mathias Berg 3 days ago
    Great work! I like how you manage to show this character to the world without making fun of him. Great documentary
  • Homer Samson plus 3 days ago
  • mark johnston 3 days ago
    You've captured a beautiful piece of artwork, sir.
  • William Huang plus 3 days ago
    if everybody had this much imagination, reality might just be a little better....
  • Ben Horton 3 days ago
    Really enjoyed it! I bet it was a fun project to work on!
  • Adam Hough BMX 3 days ago
    so amazing. made me smile. he is so happy and genuine :D
  • Tony Clavelli 3 days ago
    My favorite thing about him (and thus the way it's shot and edited) is the way you can see so subtly (but clearly) in his face when he corrects himself--changing his language for the world he wants to believe opposed to the world he inhabits. Loved it.
  • Grace Winter 3 days ago
    Really fantastic video. I found it sensitive and honest, also a wonderful portrait of someone that clearly deserves some attention.
  • Ronaldo De Azevedo 3 days ago
    What a distinct personality! nicely done
  • A.J Hyer 3 days ago
    Hard to tell if this was serious or not, but amazing job. I think even though it might not have the best built UFO it's amazing how creative this guy was with the building. Using hinges on the top sweet. I thought this was one of the best videos I've seen lately. You can tell that this guy is just happy with life and his passion for Aliens and UFO's. I agree with Grace Winter's above.....definitely derserves some attention.
  • Chris Hannant plus 3 days ago
    Really, really incredible guys. A beautiful portrait; I was so absorbed. Excellent job - I really enjoyed it.
  • Won Tuinema 3 days ago
    like the style and your photography. but i keep thinking, why haven't he grade the cinestyle?
  • Carlos Quandt 3 days ago
    Nicely done. IMHO, the one criticism about the film being a "stylized portrait of tragedy" not only missed the point, but also appears condescending toward the filmmakers and the subject himself. It would be easy to make the character look tragic - or comic, for that matter. Luckily, the video stays away from either trap.
  • Arijit Dasgupta 3 days ago
    Loved it!
  • Carson Kuehne 2 days ago
    I'm sure his neighbors enjoy seeing that eyesore in their neighborhood.
  • Patrick McLoad pro 2 days ago
    Amen to that. I'm certain the people of Bowman, S.C. are pleased. Quite frankly, I didn't make it past halfway of this film. This guy needs some professional help, and someone needed to wipe that bit of BBQ sauce off the corner of his mouth. I wouldn't have set foot in that contraption, nor would I have given this guy 5 minutes of my time...what a pig stye.

    No offense to the film makers, but this guy didn't make a very interesting character study, at least not for me. Technically, the filming and editing seemed okay.
  • Chris Hannant plus 2 days ago
    Why should he need professional help? He seems like a perfectly content person, can clearly get by on his own, and is probably one of the least dangerous people on the planet. He's not doing anything wrong. He's not hurting anyone. Sure he's not all there, mentally, but I think it's a real bummer that you would say things like that about this guy. "Nor would I have given this guy 5 minutes of my time..." That's really sad, and it's attitudes like this that create a lot of negativity and problems among people (unlike Jody's).
  • Carson Kuehne 2 days ago
    Agree. I personally would have loved to of spent all day with this guy. Really enjoyed the video.
  • Patrick McLoad pro 1 day ago
    "5 minutes"...poor choice of words...what I meant is that I would not have not spent much time considering him as a candidate for a video. Of course, if he were a person in need of emergency help, then yes, I would be there to help.

    But Chris, I wonder if you would have the same objectivity about this person if he lived next to you. I kinda doubt it. I am all for "live and let live" and "to each his own", but if a person decides to encircle his house with 3 layers of junked automobiles, then I would say that person has gone above and beyond what is socially acceptable for his neighbors, his community, and his town. At that point, he intrudes upon others, and affects property values. It's cute and quirky until you have to live next to it. I would NOT have this criticism if the "UFO" was halfway well designed and built, and, if the surrounds were kept up....but that is not the case.
  • Kyle Cowling plus 2 days ago
    Great work. Really enjoyed it, bud. Not understanding the criticism from earlier. I think you did a great job telling this story and letting the view determine for themselves whether or not Jody is totally serious or just having a laugh.
  • Yeah the criticism seemed a bit wayward and I totally agree the story was told great. Couldn't help but feel a bit sad for jody because my personal view is if he is serious he is a bit deluded lol as he is obviously very passionate about his friends (the aliens) hopefully someday they come to relax in the jody's spaceship! lol
  • Chuck Reynolds 2 days ago
    Interesting character study... simple. well done.
  • Weldon Byrns plus 2 days ago
    I liked it. Good job!
  • rickyphoto 2 days ago
    Good place to make a Rock Music Video!
  • Kyle Doyle plus 2 days ago
    Started off well, but then I realized Jody is most likely sick. I'm all for character vignettes, but solely focusing on a sick persons paranoid delusion seems exploitative. It should be a tragedy but that would require finding out what led him to build the structure. What does his family think? Co-workers? Friends? How does he afford to live? Did anything else happen in his life in 1994 that led him to build this thing? I think these are the questions that would lead us to his character and the real story, not questions that attempt to show how crazy he is.

    Of course, this is just my opinion, but somewhere there is a reason WHY he built this structure. Either something happened in his life and that is the real story or he is mentally sick, in which case we are being exploitative by telling his story out of context.
  • Jukka plus 2 days ago
    i think he is wise, talented, genius, very kind, harmless, pure orginal..a guy i would give a hug if i meet him.
    He aint got millions, he aint got modern clothes, no rolex on his arm, not led lights on his ufo...
    but...he seem humble, open minded , he has skillful hands and he makes his dream come true in this superb ufo he made...again..with his own hands..own imagination...used all HE has.
    all my respect to this awesome child of God.
    God made us all different, who would like to say anything bad of this harmless friendly guy living his dream, and not harming the others.
    we all know also that if we try to make something like that, having what he has, would we even make it that far or would we give up?, would we feel shame?, could we keep that positive attitude without having all the material things we have...
    world is truly a better place with a guys like Jody is.
  • Nate Thibault 1 day ago
    This was just great! haha :) poor old hippy, ETs probably did mess with him and hes been sitting in his wood UFO tripping balls on acid ever since!
  • Ryan Melling plus 1 day ago
    One of the most compelling characters I've seen in a doc in a long time. I also appreciate how it doesn't feel like you're making fun of him or portray him as a lunatic.
  • Very nicely done video in all aspects.
  • Merlin Jackson plus 1 day ago
    Uber Cool.... ++++
  • paul holroyd 1 day ago
    Very well Kyle stated...with a little more background you could turn this into a 30 min documentary...something I think the BBC or Channel 4 in the UK would be very interested in. That aside this person really believes, he is harmless, the world would be a better place if we all had a little of him in ourselves.
  • Mikey Livingston plus 21 hours ago
    I agree. I would've liked to turn this into a 30 min doc, but unfortunately there wasn't enough there. He has no living family, no friends, and works pretty much alone at a night shift in a factory. He is in every essence a hermit. He didn't want to talk about his past and wouldn't show us his home, he was only interested in explaining his encounters. The neighbors didn't want to say anything either, the ufo is a bit of a sore subject in the town. Given all that, I still managed to make this.
  • Leif Koivuneva 1 day ago
    Excellent work! I really enjoyed it!
  • mathi 22 hours ago
    I have strange question, what is called font with u had used in this move?
  • Mikey Livingston plus 21 hours ago
    the font is called antipasto​antipasto.font
  • Karl 20 hours ago
    awesome. thanks.
  • Karl 20 hours ago
    This guy reminds me of David Liebe Hart.

    Look him up.

  • Korbinian Vogt 20 hours ago
    he thinking other than the other people do , thats what i like
  • Portable plus 20 hours ago
    Hey Michael, we're a little late in the game on this one, but we love Jody's story. Thanks for telling it​film/​post/​welcome-to-planet-earth/​
  • Mikey Livingston plus 18 hours ago
    Thanks I highly appreciate you guys' putting it up
  • Studio Vroeg op 19 hours ago
  • Stojan Maric 14 hours ago
    Wow, that was impressive! I'm sharing it everywhere I can.
  • BlueShore Productions plus 10 hours ago
    Great film. I especially liked the moments of silence as you left him in just couldn't help but wonder what he was really thinking. Great score as well.
  • Corey Sweazen 6 hours ago
    I loved this documentary. In a way I feel very sad for Jody living out his delusions, but on the other hand he seems very positive about his life. Thanks for the story, it's always nice to have a little insight into other's lives that we tend to prejudge.
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