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27. BON IVER "Holocene"
20 days ago
19. SEAL [secret]
11 months ago
Directed by:
Dp: Larkin Seiple
Editor: Isaac Hagy
Label: Jagjaguwar
Post: Peter Sauvey, Gustavo BKR
Producer: Jill Hammer
rep: Lark Creative
color: Marshall Plante
Production Co: NE Direction

special thanks to Hrafn Svavarsson @gaviatravel for you guidance in iceland, and Svana Gisla for hooking up your family

and to little Hilke, for doing a lot of walking for me!


  • CHRIS LLOYD 6 days ago
  • I agree. Great Stuff.
  • Stunning is right-and breathtaking. You did an amazing job.
  • Gunther Gheeraert plus 6 days ago
  • Julien-Pierre plus 6 days ago
    Really nice
  • suub plus 6 days ago
    nice photography!
  • Bart Stassen plus 6 days ago
    awesome (awesome country too ... and yes , you can still drink water from the river in Iceland ...)
  • Johannes W. Pannen 6 days ago
  • Esa Laukkanen 6 days ago
    Stunningly Beautiful
  • Will H plus 6 days ago
    that stone skipped like ... 6 times. dang.
  • Daniel Hayek staff 6 days ago
  • disco naïveté 6 days ago
    love love love
  • Fabian Weber pro 6 days ago
    Very nice!
  • Derek Beck staff 6 days ago
  • Karen Abad plus 6 days ago
  • Yufeng 6 days ago
  • Matias Klemola 6 days ago
    so beautiful
  • Oliver Hegarty 6 days ago
    Really beautiful, I'd love to visit Iceland, but Ireland will do for now. I just released my Ireland video for Holocene, if anyone would like to check it out ;)​27823653
  • benouwa 2 days ago
    Really great work ! Almost as good as the original !!!
  • Aaron Morrell plus 6 days ago
    Wanna LIKE LIKE LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • deb 6 days ago
    GREAT ! Thank you
  • Jorge Bastos 6 days ago
    Well, fantastic.
  • Kevin Sweeney staff 6 days ago
    Beautiful shots. You absolutely did justice to this place!
  • Oliver Göthberg 6 days ago
    very nice
  • Abe Romano 6 days ago
  • Jessica 6 days ago
  • mikell varn 6 days ago
    This really touched my soul, so perfectly executed! I love the interaction between the boy and the bird.
    One question though, did that little boy really get 5 skips off that stone, or was that an edit?
  • Anton Seim plus 6 days ago
  • Iceland plus 6 days ago
  • Anton Seim plus 5 days ago
    You are beautiful.
  • Alexander Svensson plus 5 days ago
    (This above has got to be one of my favourite dialogues on Vimeo. :))
  • Marien MALET 4 days ago
    me too
  • Baobab plus 2 days ago
    me three
  • And Anton, Iceland, Alexander, Marien, and Baobab, YOU are beautiful for living in the world of magical words.
  • Bjarke Thomsen 19 hours ago
    (This above has got to be one of my favourite dialogues on Vimeo. :))

  • Blu Quill plus 6 days ago
  • Kitchen Vignettes 6 days ago
    Wow. Dreamy.. And so inspiring!
  • Bret Heiman staff 6 days ago
    Love this song. This video compliments it so very well.

    Awesome work.
  • Absolutely beautiful. A wonderful balance of melody, inspiration, and desire. Well done.
  • Weldon Byrns plus 6 days ago
    Beautiful work.
  • Tiago Coutinho 6 days ago
  • Ilya 6 days ago
  • felipe bibian 6 days ago
  • babee 6 days ago
  • plus 6 days ago
    the winter is coming, end of the world is a question of time. but before dying, thousand people could remember before their last breathe these beautiful pictures with this beautiful music. What Else ?
  • Juliana Gomez 6 days ago
    amazing, awsome!!!!!!!!!
    wich camera did you use??
  • Tanner Wickware 6 days ago
    What sort of VFX was done on this? and what camera did you use? Looks close to RED quality

    Great vid
  • Hagan Fuller 6 days ago
    What fantastic timeless shot composition, seamless FX !?! This one's gonna stick with me for decades.
  • nabil elderkin plus 6 days ago
    thanks all.. shot on RED, minor FX done.. the stones at the end rising/stone skip repeat.. again thanks for the comments
  • Pascal DELFLACHE 6 days ago
    wouaaw ... Iceland, ou les aventures du petit Hilke au pays des volcans... ça passe vite 5 minutes...........
  • Iris Lee 6 days ago
  • Marcos Mabanta 6 days ago
    Can I live in this video please?
  • Arnor Bogason 2 days ago
    I live in Iceland, you can't get much closer to it than that. I suggest you do the same :)
  • Jörg Sydow 6 days ago
    wunderfull pictures and wunderfull sound....
  • Ian Durkin staff 6 days ago
    Woah my god, that kid is a champ! So much magic.
  • Norman Mageto 6 days ago
  • la-underground 6 days ago
    we love bon iver.
  • Joe Moya plus 6 days ago
    awesome cinematography
  • Nikita Krupnova 6 days ago
    so beautiful and calm...thank you for posting it.
  • Willow 6 days ago
    sad that he died at the end.
  • Ryan Shelley plus 6 days ago
    Awesome video! reminds me of locations for game of thrones and the shire.
  • Nikki Vocino 6 days ago
    Took my breath away... So good to feel
  • SHAPE plus 6 days ago
    WOW this is surreal
  • steeven laing 6 days ago
    I absolutely love this. Great song and video. Very peaceful.
  • Tony Ahola plus 6 days ago
    So very lovely.
  • Rafael Tello 6 days ago
    Stunning video, beautiful combination. It brought back a lot of memories of our trip to Iceland.
  • folk radio 6 days ago
    Wow, what a wonderfully moving film. Love it!
  • James Chapman 6 days ago
  • Wayne J. Anderson plus 6 days ago
    One of the best videos I have ever seen.
  • john murko 6 days ago
    not bad
  • Becca Clason 6 days ago
    beautiful little film. perfect song. perfect place.
  • Lee Evans plus 6 days ago
    perfect !! big hugs for the team. great stuff.
  • Thank you very much, muchas gracias.
  • AGudmund 5 days ago
    Stunningly Beautiful
  • J.S.Ahn plus 5 days ago
    Beautiful made~
  • Pasko Trenou 5 days ago
  • Oliver S plus 5 days ago
    Sweet skim.
  • Joseph Fisher plus 5 days ago
    incredible. Loved it!
  • white_noise_bleed 5 days ago
    man! this is epic!
  • Andrew Schoneweis plus 5 days ago
    I want to go to there.
  • Tim Hiatt 5 days ago
    Beautifully shot! Edited to perfection! Haunting, gorgeous music! And I love the surprise at the end with the growing rocks, wonder why no one has commented on that. I loved it. I had to replay it to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me.
  • phos pictures plus 5 days ago
  • D.M Hughes 5 days ago
    Just stunning! Where in Iceland did you shoot?
  • perfectly edited. nice work.
  • Very well Done sir.
  • milan peyrac plus 5 days ago
  • favourite 5 days ago
  • wow.
  • Alanedit plus 5 days ago
    Nice location!
  • Koos Iestra 5 days ago
    Beautiful. Impressive landscapes. Nice choreography. Beautifull filming. The boy 's well done his part.
  • awesome location, the last scenes it's look like a place in ireland Giant's Causeway
  • Daecan Tee 5 days ago
    I can a thousand times and wont get bored of it! Marvellous!!!
  • Fizah Rahim plus 5 days ago
    Wow. Now you made me want to go to Iceland.
  • Yves 5 days ago
    Awesome video. Really well done. I've been to Iceland in June so it was really good seeing some of those places again in a professionally shot video. I really miss the country now.
  • f8 in Motion plus 5 days ago
    Amazing work!!! I played it several times now. Justin's music was represented nicely!
  • t k 5 days ago
    i´ve been to iceland a long time ago and this clip just made me wanna go back right now! very beautiful! good work!
  • alexander char 5 days ago
    BORING - see; every other video shot in Iceland ever. I take it this was paid for by the Tourist office.
  • Mason Beckman 5 days ago
    This is gorgeous! Really excellent work. What did you shoot it on?
  • nabil elderkin plus 5 days ago
    thank was shot on red mx
  • Pure magic!
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