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Streaming Players & TV's

Grab the popcorn, sit back and relax. It's time to watch Vimeo in style.

  • NEW! Apple TV
    Free with a software update on your Apple TV.
  • Samsung TV
    Free in the "Videos" section of any Internet@TV or SmartTV.
  • Samsung Blu-Ray
    Free in the "Videos" section of Blu-Ray players with Samsung Apps.
  • Vizio
    Free in the VIA widget store.
  • Roku
    Free in the Roku Channel Store.
  • Google TV
    Free in the Spotlight section.
  • Boxee
    Free in the Apps section.


Hold the phone! Vimeo on Mobile devices is like a unicorn breakdancing. It's awesome.


Many programs already have Vimeo built-in. Now that's service!

Connect Your Device

Vimeo works on all sorts of awesome devices. Now you can connect your account and start watching your videos, your Watch Later playlist, and tons of great channels straight from your TV or smart phone.

Couch Mode

Time to get comfy! Couch Mode lets you watch videos in a seamless, clutter free environment on your computer or on TVs. Learn more here.

We Love Developers!


Check out our API docs and forums to see how you can incorporate Vimeo into your own project. Have an idea? Contact us.

Exporting to Vimeo from supported apps