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  • knickerbocker 4 years ago
    hey what happend to the monkey avatar? I want it back
  • i think this tutorial is missing a very important point. of course i am not sure about this, as i havent used vimeo enough yet. but it seems to me, as if i cannot add a subscription without adding that person as a contact first.
  • Joyous One 3 years ago
    missing video
  • John Clifford 2 years ago
    i am impressed that vimeo qaulity is so much better than Youtube
  • Mark Watson 2 years ago
    Rush performs on The Colbert Report.
  • Shea Anderson 2 years ago
    Thanks for this video i'm new to this site!
  • Angela Ison 2 years ago
    hi Vimeo friends, I am new here and I Welcome uplifting videos, like Nature, good for the soul!.

  • Vimeo Staff staff 2 years ago
    For more answers to questions about subscriptions in general see here,​help/​faq/​contacts/​contacts_vs_subscriptions
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  • Uploaded Tue July 31, 2007
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