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This is a tutorial about our new Uploader. Enjoy!
Note- If you have problems uploading post a message here,​forum:known_issues under problems uploading and we'll help you.
  • CTD3 4 years ago
    Sure is! Great changes!
  • rockjerry 3 years ago
    Why I choose file to Upload.
    But the uploading bar doesn't run!?
    I use IE7 and try all day.
    But it still to show 0% all day.
    Plz help.
  • Delve 3 years ago
    this is happening to me now =(
    I use FF3, I uploaded 3 vids, then on the 4th it stayed at 0, I have tried numerous times
  • KAYHAN LANNES OZMEN plus 3 years ago
    i've been having the same problems with my uploads.....did you guys get any reply back from vimeo?!
  • Mary Jane Williams 3 years ago
    Mine stuck at the 20% mark. Does Vimeo ever reply to this problem?
  • ItsaKMLproduction 3 years ago
    Yeah, mine won't even upload for some reason. Any ideas y?
  • Fabian Gamez 2 years ago
    yeah mines does the same thing
  • Pasquale D'Silva plus 4 years ago
    tags would be so much nicer in the flickr system where you juts slap in spaces. For multi word items you can single or double quote the suckers
  • dunno plus 4 years ago
    Really? I find the commas to be way easier than the quotes. I like it as is.
  • Pasquale D'Silva plus 4 years ago
    Well to me it feels more natural to type keywords with spaces between then ( I guess it's because I'm used to flickr and a bunch of others which use that format)

    Either way, the tags are still neat :)
  • Ben Millett 4 years ago
    So, are you going to change your upload email so that you don't get some random videos uploaded?

    Nice tutorial. The upload page was daunting at first, but I like it now.
  • Blake Whitman staff 4 years ago
    i'm looking forward to them.
  • okaysamurai 4 years ago
    The new uploader is really nicely done. Vimeo has always been great about never leaving the user waiting around and guessing what to do. Great work!
  • Ben 4 years ago
    I love the new uploader! it's very accurate! and it works in safari 3
  • Erick C. 4 years ago
    i love hearing the typing in these tutorials. such a nice sound. :)
  • Vernon Fowler 4 years ago
    Yes indeed! Vimeo is cool. Great new uploader. I love all the new changes you guys and girls have made recently. Keep up the super work.
  • charliesteadman 4 years ago
    I love the people chooser. Passwords? Sccchhhhwwwweeeeeet!
  • theArnolds 4 years ago
    mmm is good
  • Ben Millett 4 years ago
    How does one now indicate a fulfilled request?
  • mikehedge plus 4 years ago
  • Soxiam staff 4 years ago
    Thanks for making this tutorial. It's really wonderfully produced. Simple and easy to understand. We need to add this (or a link to it) from our upload page. Pronto!
  • Blake Whitman staff 4 years ago
    Justin was supposed to do it on friday... might have slipped through the cracks.
  • islebehere plus 4 years ago
    isn't Andrea an inspiration to us all...?? lol
  • Andrea Allen pro 4 years ago
    My butt was the inspiration.
  • Jesse Spurlin 4 years ago
    surely everyone who learns how to upload to vimeo will now know audrey from denton, tx. amazing.
  • cms3717 4 years ago
    doesnt work for me, progress bar flies by on a 77 meg fie and hangs on 100 percent, im bummed
  • Georgie Hammerton 4 years ago
    Vimeo IS cool! :)
  • Ed__ 4 years ago
    amazing, you're kicking youtube's butt
  • Jason Kantor plus 2 years ago
    youtube are they still around? =) Vimeo > youtube
  • toltub 4 years ago
    Deberian crear acesos para subir video por FTP, ya que e tratado muchas veces de subir mis videos y tengo que paagar la pc, o algo pasa.
  • Escelente el Tutorial Gracias!!
  • chapi 4 years ago
    My video was damaged when at the end of the upload process just when it was changing its format or something like that. I have loose my work? I have to start from the ropes? Thats not a good start, I spent 4 hours to upload it.
    C u
  • mkluis plus 4 years ago
    what screen capturing software are you using? I love the smooth panning.
  • dalas verdugo staff 4 years ago
  • Eric E. Anderson 4 years ago
    iShowU is fantastic... the best $20 I ever spent on software.
  • Evan Walsh 4 years ago
    I heartily agree! iShowU is a fantasmic app
  • nyko 4 years ago
    how many max upluoad video ? 100mo 200mo ? thank
  • Michaelkelly Kelly plus 3 years ago
    Vimeo is cool. Is there somewhere where I can see recommendations - ie best file format, size, compression etc?
  • Ed Reid 3 years ago
    lmao that was so funny when you said vimeo is cool. not because its not cool, vimeos great it was just funny how you said it. i love vimeo
  • ruben 3 years ago
  • Alexia Death 3 years ago
    it has a progress bar? Wow. Bye youtube :)
  • FeelgoodDJ 3 years ago
    I had uploaded a video 15 hours ago and i can't see it. Vimeo tell me that in 1 or 2 minutes it will be finished but i see these message 14 hours ago. Is that normal? how many hours we need to wait to see the video in the site? Thanks. (is my first video uploaded).
  • Ayoriuz 3 years ago
    I know this has nothing to do with the video but I always wanted to know how you can capture what you are doing in your computer as you work, like this tutorial.
  • dalas verdugo staff 3 years ago
    A program called iShowU.
  • Ayoriuz 3 years ago
  • Bram Boterham plus 3 years ago
    Yeah, well i have a question about 16:9 video's. When I upload my 16:9 video it's squeezed together...
  • dalas verdugo staff 3 years ago
    That means your pixel dimensions were not a 16:9 ratio.
  • Golgota 3 years ago
    hi dalas verdugo, nice vimeo, i'm very impressed with the HD view system, btw, does Vimeo:

    1. support FLV format?
    2. produce high quality sound (STEREO) if i upload my video (still Picture with Audio [MP3 format 320kbps 44100] )?

    Thanks in advance dalas.
  • dalas verdugo staff 3 years ago
    1. No, it causes problems.
    2. Please use an audio service for that. Vimeo is for videos.
  • Jay Shropshire plus 3 years ago
    if you don't upload anthing for one week do you get 1000 mb the next week?
  • dalas verdugo staff 3 years ago
    No, you only get 500 MB per week, whether you use it or not.
  • Jay Shropshire plus 3 years ago
    what is the best settings to compress a 720 hd video that is 10 minutes long and not loose any resolution on the computer screen.. I am having serious trouble trying to get files to 500mb can you help
  • Jefferson Fox 3 years ago
    How long should it take to upload a 100mb video? been at it for hours. I'm broadband. And how do you know if it's really doing it's thing anyway?
  • Julia Olivares 3 years ago
    Hi, I just uploaded my new video and doesn't run at all, It says that It has been an error and now I cant try again because I just have 5 MB left, what should I do about it?
    Please reply me back soon as possible, I have been trying to upload the video since last week and when I finally did, doesn't work.
    Thanks a lot
  • Andrei Sebastian 3 years ago
    for a few days now Vimeo just doesn't wnat to upload naything from me, ...and yes, please try not to be condescending and give non-sensical reasons like update your flash player (i'm a pc geek)...

    It goes like this, it reaches 100% at which point Vimeo gives the text "Success! we're converting the vidoe right now." And then it's stuck for the rest of his life, bye bye.

    This is quite annoyng as i tryed every god damned encoder possible (yes, i did try the recommended h264 - as i said, stop it whit the silly resolves).
  • GunzLT 3 years ago
    Im using mp4 format and 1st it stucked on 16% the on 14% now on 8% just stucks !
  • Steve Denny 3 years ago
    What format????
    It's not reading my m-peg!
  • Steve Denny 3 years ago
    ...It was Mpeg-2 pal. Maybe that won't go?
  • David Ardito 3 years ago
    New to Vimeo
    My mpeg uploads keep freezing.
  • chase pope 3 years ago
    i dont get how to upload from your cell phone
  • I wonder if my low speed to upload a File is connected with my internet provider service or with the vimeo upload speed, I am going at 10 kB/s and this require several hours for a 200 MB files, any info about vimeo upload maximum speed, thanks.
  • Aaron 3 years ago
    why do i have only 500MB to upload videos a week thats really Wack????
  • Ash Laws 3 years ago
    Love the mouse tracking. I think I'll check out 'iShowU'
  • jaci terheggen 3 years ago
    I just joined and uploaded a video from iMovie. There is no sound from what I imported from iTunes, but there is sound from a few video clips. Any suggestions?
  • Nicholas Whitaker plus 3 years ago
    When i try to upload a video that is close to the 500mb limit, it hangs at 99% complete and never goes beyond that.
    I'm uploading in HD following the format criteria, the file size is 486mb.
  • Johan Tenggren 3 years ago
    Probbs with the uploading. Stucks between 34% and 36% every time I try.
  • Steve Denny 3 years ago
    I have no videos up, yet only 10 mb???
  • Andre M. 3 years ago
    Mine also stops at 99%"Almost Done" and nothing happens.

    What gives??
  • Blake Freeman 3 years ago
    Mine is hanging at 99% too. A 450MB HD video. Vimeo is great, but it seems like this same issue is really a pain for many of us. Please comment.
  • nameless 3 years ago
    hi at all :)
  • Grizzle 3 years ago
    Awesome stuff!
  • ramesh 3 years ago
    hai . i am uploading my videos every week. its very nice to me at HD quality.
    but can you tell me how long time my videos availble on vimeo
    thank you
  • RBR 3 years ago
    Same problem with me.. Stuck @ 99!! A bad 1st time video uploading experience...=(
  • chinmaya dunster 3 years ago
    the uploader only offers me options of tiff, jpeg etc, not video!!
  • Guimo LOPEZ 3 years ago
    Hey i'm new on vimeo. I uploaded a video of 224Mo. My internet is very slow and i had to wait 3 hours before it stucked at 98%. Just i think i lost a short moment my connection. So i kept my page of the upload at 98% and i wanted to know if there is a way to reconnect the upload to finish the 2 last per cent.
  • CrAzY MarK 3 years ago
    Trying to upload files, but no dice- what's up?
  • Gavin Breyer 3 years ago
    progress bar doesn't move from 0% on 13MB VIDEO. WTF?
  • Tim REYNAUD 3 years ago
    comment fait on pour supprimer une video?
  • Steve McDonald plus 3 years ago
    Quel dommage, Tim, mais il n'est pas possible. Toutes les vidéos restent ici pour l'éternité.
  • how can i upload a hi-def video file that's larger than 500 mb?
  • Trey Vollmer 3 years ago
    Yes, Vimeo is cool, but it would be a whole lot cooler if it would actually upload my video.

    I have 500 mb of free space and my file is 480 mb. I've trired to upload it twice now to no avail. The first time it froze at 2% upload. The second time it froze at 60% upload. My computer is not freezing, only the Vimeo upload.

    Do you have any idea what might be preventing me from participating in this community?


  • Roman 3 years ago
    i have the same problem with stucking at 99%
    i installed new flash and deleted previous one, but it's still doesn't do any help(
  • I want the site Viemo translated into Portuguese or Spaniard!
  • Flexystudio 3 years ago
    thanks so much bud.
    helped lots
    Free Netdance class on my page.
  • skgrao 3 years ago
    I have lost years unaware of Vimeo till my nice sent a Video of my sister.I thank her and wish to inform my daughter about Vimeo which is Awesome and so cool to people like me who are P C illiterates.
    I Thank Vimeo.
  • Jose A. Bayón plus 3 years ago
    Why upload at 33kb/s when my conection ADSL is 3Mb?
    Only uploading in Vimeo in these moment.
    Thank for response.
  • cubaldo1952 3 years ago
    hola a todos he compuesto con letra y musica una cancioón para los aficionados del Real madrid si alguno está interesado en escucharla ,poniendo mi nic en google y pinchar buscar en la web la podeis escuchar ,la letra tiene un buen mensaje para el Madridismo y la musica es alegre y pegadiza
  • cubaldo1952 3 years ago
  • Alejandro Matos 3 years ago
    dios...podrían ser más ridículos?
  • joe perez 3 years ago
    how do i upload and HD video?
  • rupam saikia 3 years ago
    pls guide me how can i upload
  • hola a todos los colegas con ganas de compartir esperiencias
  • Daniel Hayek staff 2 years ago
  • Mark Wynn 3 years ago
    Try to Upload.
    But the uploading bar doesn't run!?
    I use IE7 and try for hours.
    But it still to shows no movement.
  • amankerstudio 3 years ago
    i have a video in 640x480 (16:9)
    but when i have finished upload in vimeo my video chances to 4:3
    can help me..???
  • Madeleine 3 years ago
    I just want to make a simple slideshow with music and photos from my computer. I have seen friends do so with vimeo. but i cant find the function to load up photos and music??

  • trillian galaxy 3 years ago
    Uploading just doesn't works. After I choose the file, nothing happens. I tried the same with videos I have already uploaded before, but this time I didn't succeed. Why is that?
  • Graeme Ferguson 3 years ago
    I have these two videos that a friend sent me to
    watch but they don't work. It says page not found.
    I'm in New Zealand, should this work here?​1995858​1995921
    any ideas anyone ?
  • Alejandro Matos 3 years ago
    there is any upload limit when doing it through email? I wanted to upload a 10mb video I did with my phone...I get an error about the size of the video...
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