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  • Eric E. Anderson 3 years ago
    How can you not like a video about how to "Like" a video? I like this video.
  • ChrissyMYYM 14 days ago
    To unlike it, Click the heart again...
  • Kevin Mosley plus 3 years ago
    Your voice over does sound much better than before.
  • dalas verdugo staff 3 years ago
    What? It sounds the same to me.
  • Kevin Mosley plus 3 years ago
    I based this video off of your Windows Movie Maker tutorial.​131649

    Like A Video just sounds louder and better to me. Sound is hard to explain with words.
  • dalas verdugo staff 3 years ago
    Oh yeah, it's definitely different audio because that was one of the first tutorials I made and I've since switched to a much better microphone.
  • Les Hillis 3 years ago
    Spooky timing. I spent ages trying to find this out yesterday, even though it was something I'd done before. I couldn't find out how to do it, then saw the little icon by chance. I'm sure this video will be very useful, good work.
  • victoria 3 years ago
    ahhh, you broke my heart! :)
  • dalas verdugo staff 3 years ago
    Don't worry, I mended it.
  • I've tried to add the Like feature to my videos and only see it on 1 out of 10 of them. I'm not able to see where to add it on the basics page.
  • How do you remove videos that you like from the recent activity window.
  • Vimeo Staff staff 3 years ago
    That level of control is not offered currently.
  • Jean Jones 5 months ago
    I saw the video by Vernellia Randall on Race , Racism, and the Law. It was very good and should be seen by everyone interested in making a better world. Liked it very much. It was informative, verifyable, and eye-opening.
  • agusti 16 days ago
    I've marked "I like" on some videos, but every time I loggin vimeo, the videos are not there. Anybody knows what the problem could be?

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  • Uploaded Fri February 29, 2008
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