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  • Khamis Hammoudeh 4 years ago
    Or share this on... Blogger!?
  • Jordielg 3 years ago
    You can put the video in your blog. Just click the "embed " button and copy and paste the code into your post.
  • Ian Broyles 4 years ago
    thanks, bra!
  • Georgie Hammerton 4 years ago
    Cool! - Feature Request; embeded myspace bulletins as a share option! (that'd stave me 5mins) - oh! and blog to too! PLEASE! I'll love you forever if you do! (that isn't meant to be a threat Dalas, you're safe lol)
  • Georgie Hammerton 4 years ago
    oooh! and tumblr! :D (okay, I'll shut up now..)
  • dalas verdugo staff 4 years ago
    Vox doesn't really seem to want to play with us. Tumblr does.
  • Georgie Hammerton 4 years ago
    Yay tumblr! Poo vox.. I sent them an email asking for an explanation but i suspect i'll just get fobbed off with something containing the words 'integration, security, existing features, and just for good measure; synergy'.. Dalas please promise me Vimeo won't turn into part of 'the man' like vox apparently has?
  • Caroline Martin plus 4 years ago
    If anything, vimeo will become 'the woman' who will ultimately defeat the man! < /feminazi >
  • Georgie Hammerton 4 years ago
    pffft.. what ever.. :P (hehe)
  • Georgie Hammerton 4 years ago
    ...not that I don't have complete faith in Vimeo, I'm just being sexist in an attempt to be playful but potentially offensive..

    The views expressed here are not those of Vimeo, Dalas, Caroline or Georgie but are those of a drunken and confused monkey who has managed to get one of his typewriters on which he and the other infinite monkeys are meant to be writing Shakespeare and has instead managed to hook it up to the internet and is posting sexist comments on Vimeo. The end.
  • Jimmy Heffernan plus 4 years ago
    eta on tumblr integration?

  • Jonathan Marcus 4 years ago
    2 - 4 weeks, though hopefully sooner.
  • adam fiksen 4 years ago
    any chance on a bebo integration?? atm it only allows youtube and your own uploaded vids :(
  • Blake Whitman pro 4 years ago
    Right on.
  • Pam Newman 4 years ago
    cool, and yay tumblr integration!
  • Aiden Pyne 4 years ago
    what about myspace?
    they probably won't due to them having their own video service. but myspacetv is just so.... for want of a better word.. crappy.
  • colbyparker 4 years ago
  • Gianny L plus 4 years ago
  • amadou isaacs 4 years ago
    propagation, yum...
  • Paul 3 years ago
    Yay vimeo.
  • Jackie Bru 3 years ago
    you have a nice voice <3
  • Kris Tait plus 3 years ago
    Quick question...when i send a link of a video i have uploaded to someone on messenger, the active link claims that it is a private video...anyone know how to change settings regarding this issue?
  • dalas verdugo staff 3 years ago
    If your video is private, click the padlock icon on the page where you watch the video to adjust those settings.
  • C. Leigh Purtill 3 years ago
    This is going to sound stupid but I can't fine a way to remove the video from myspace, once I've shared it? Is that through myspace or vimeo???
  • dalas verdugo staff 3 years ago
    Through MySpace.
  • C. Leigh Purtill 3 years ago
    Yes, I was looking and didn't see the code in the my space but for anyone else, it should be in the field that you added it... At least at myspace it was. In my case, the "about me" area where I placed it...

    Just look for some code that has Vimeo on it...

    Thanks again Dalas
  • Guy Bingley 3 years ago
    Can you get Vimeo to embed on WordPress?
  • Cristina Ventimilla 3 years ago
    any chance of a hi5 integration, seems to only be popular here in mexico, but that's what i use
  • Norm 3 years ago
    no option to make my video public......... any suggestions?
  • Time Studios plus 3 years ago
    i wanna put a embed playlist of my albums in my website how can i do this?
  • Matt Verdugo 3 years ago
    Great, very informative.
  • Curtis Edwards plus 3 years ago
    Used to be when I shared a video on my Facebook profile it put a lil thumbnail player there as well. Now it only puts a link on my facebook profile. Am I missing something?
  • ºººpaulaººº 3 years ago
    Hello Dalas Verdugo!
    I would like to know how can I do to embead my vimeo videos into my wordpress blog. Is it possible?
  • I would like to share my video with a large number of people (about 400 email addresses) who are contacts with the Mediation Center. I guess the only way to do that would be to create a Facebook or MySpace account and then send everyone a link to the new account. Isn't there any way to just give everyone a link where they can go straight to the video?
  • Jill Talley 3 years ago
    Can i embed a video on my Facebook page so the video shows? I tried by copying the code and only the code came up ??? thanks
  • Joan Paula D. Yabao 3 years ago
    How about LiveJournal?
  • Joe Owens 3 years ago

    How do i upload a video to youtube?

  • Vimeo Staff staff 3 years ago
  • Joe Owens 3 years ago
    Forget that.

  • philip hope 2 years ago
    nice eye
  • philip hope 2 years ago
  • Vitality Project 3 years ago
    I'm trying to share my video by typing in a co-worker's e-mail address, but the share e-mail keeps getting sent to me instead of him. How do I fix this?

  • Vimeo Staff staff 3 years ago
    Hmm, is this still not working?
  • Miguel Osores 3 years ago
    How can I copy a video to my machine I want to show it when there is no internet connection
  • Vimeo Staff staff 3 years ago
    If the owner of a video clip allows it you can download the video using the feature on the right hand side beneath the video statistics.
  • Tellys Castro 2 years ago
    can i embed in my web site flash? in xml schemma? because here show the error:​moogaloop.swf?clip_id=3724964&
    *** Security Sandbox Violation ***
    SecurityDomain '​moogaloop.swf?clip_id=3724964&' tried to access incompatible context 'file:///D|/site/aceita/desenvolvedor.swf'
  • pyrografix 2 years ago
    I was wondering the same thing... Although similar problems arise when loading content from external sites... Flash 9 introduced a cross domain policy that needs to be checked before it will allow you to load the content. If Vimeo's crossdomain.xml allows your site, you can play it. Most companies set this XML to include a wildcard. Which means everyone can load it. Hopefully Vimeo has the crossdomain policy file set up this way... we shall see!
  • pyrografix 2 years ago
    Oh, and if they do have it set to a wildcard... all you need to do is set your LoaderContext class' checkPolicyFile property to true.
  • Kris Van de Vijver 2 years ago
    Glad to be a member of Vimeo now. You guys are totally awesome.

    A question: I use the Facebook connect to put my Vimeo movie on my Facebook page, but then there's no way to tag the movie (with FB contacts) I suppose?

    Thanks guys.
  • Nieholi Abra'din 2 years ago
    A Behavioral Approach to Overcoming Addiction: Haeling the Pain Yourself - The best bloopers are here
  • Catherine Lord 2 years ago
    What do i need to do to listen to a video? I just registered and don't have the sound!
    Thank you
  • Aliza Pearl 2 years ago
    hey! I want to keep my video private, but continue to add certain people who can see it. once i send out a share email, then go back into the share window to invite others, can i delete the other peeps that i already sent it to so that they won't get the share email again? if i delete them, will they still have access? i need to send different share emails with different personal messages to people.
  • Hector Farias 1 year ago
    I really like your new staff
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