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  • Perez 4 years ago
    I like how the cursor arrow is always in the middle (or almost).
  • Levi McCallum 4 years ago
    I don't think Random Guy is going to get your invitation.
  • Steven Wilson 4 years ago
    Iunno. I visited him at his new place on 123 Fake Street today and he said he'll totally join up.
  • Max Shuster 6 months ago
    i looked that up on googlemaps and it shows a cardboard box factory in new jersey
  • Carleton Torpin plus 4 years ago
    Poor random guy. I hope he eventually joins the fun here at Vimeo!
  • Soxiam staff 4 years ago
    nice tutorial, dalas. i'm thinking about inviting you to vimeo. i think you will like it here.

    ps: "invite your friends" link is also available from the "tools" menu in the top nav bar.
  • Blake Whitman staff 4 years ago
    So, um, how do I invite friends again?
  • islebehere plus 4 years ago
    what if i wanna invite a THIRD guy. how do i do that??
  • johnbmx4christ 4 years ago
    .what screen cap software was that?..i use camtasia and yours looks way cooler.
  • dalas verdugo staff 4 years ago
  • RDJim plus 3 years ago
    Love Vimeo's HD quality streams.
  • chareles annefisher 2 years ago
    Ilivve in natchez,ms iam a stundine at ashworth highschool,and also ahworth college
  • Government Cheaze 2 years ago
    thank u
  • charity 2 years ago
    thank for everthing.
  • Anik Khemarerkumpol 2 years ago
  • Gabriele Lira 1 year ago
    tank U, i'm going to invite my friend right now, LOL
  • HAMZAH 10 months ago
  • Ghonjess Panuluh 9 months ago
  • Vanessa Bristow 8 months ago
    Hi - I am new to this all and very excited CHECK out my new video!!
  • Jane Marie NĂ¢ga 5 months ago
    hey ! just i like "Gow" dance trippin 194, the best for me
  • MiSh3L MM 4 months ago
    Hi - I am new to this site
  • Leendert Dekruis 4 months ago
    Hi ! I`m new and learning.
  • ranjeetchaturvedi 1 month ago
    hi I am new person.
  • Patrick McNally plus 21 days ago
    Whenever I try to invite someone, I get the error message, "There was a problem with your invitation". How do I find out what the problem is, and how do I fix it?
  • MOHSIN johanss 17 days ago
    hi im new here plzzz tell me how can i used it nd add me on ur contct plzzzzzz
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  • Uploaded Mon January 28, 2008
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