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For more information on contacts please see our FAQ here,​help/​faq/​contacts
  • matt mckeon 4 years ago
    i love....
  • SusieCanuck 2 years ago
  • Purrin Purplepawzz 4 years ago
    Non believer
  • piyushdadriwal 4 years ago
    love the whole universe
  • vickrant Mulay 4 years ago
    nice blog
  • Freddie Brown 4 years ago
    Music is the best universal language!
  • Romain.b plus 4 years ago
    Hey hey hey
  • Gianny L plus 4 years ago
  • anna 4 years ago
    hey guys
  • PabloMartin 4 years ago
    i gonna tell u somethin...
  • Johnny Vasquez 4 years ago
    Happy New Year! 2008, Great web side ,now it is become part of my family
  • Bill Craven 4 years ago
    Hi people! Happy New Year! Another new site "fix" for a laptop "junkie"! Looking forward to learning more about video techniques! Thanx to the staff and members!
  • Gordon 4 years ago
    i didn't check the video but perhaps i made a wrong assumption.

    i assumed that when sharing a video, you could add a new contact by their email address and it would invite them and enable them to view a private video.

    Sure I can email them, but then i'd have to add them after they told me they were registered. painful.
  • dalas verdugo staff 4 years ago
    It's one of the things we're working on.
  • Ray 4 years ago
    Sacramento theater nerd and musician who is getting into film. Very amateur at this point but taking classes to get better! Looking to meet new folks with common interests to learn and hang out!!
  • Hello guys, am an amateur but been doing video for some years. Am new in editing with sony vegas platinum, I am learning from this site. I have no friends and would like to befriend someone who can help me in improving my filming and editing techniques or just share our experiences together.
    By the way, I love my canon HV20, I leaned towards it after seeing videos from Eugenia, Ian and the likes. Thanks.
  • vksf 4 years ago
    the process of sharing private videos with people who are not members of vimeo is extremely painful. Very frustrating.

    the process of sharing a private video should allow adding a new contact by their email address and enable them to view a private video since I pre-approved them.

    Current process involves too many steps, slow and painful. I first need to email them, then they should register without getting any gratification of seeing my video, then they should tell me that they are registered and then AGAIN?!!! i'd have to add them as a contact. screwy painful.

    This is the most important feature for you to nail if you want the viral loop to work for you.
  • Helen Fox 3 years ago
    Hi, I am new to this too - what next? ie Helen Fox. New Zealand
    Love to hear from you?.
  • Mario J Borgatti 4 years ago
    Is there life out there? If so, let's see the video.
  • Joseph Mikos 4 years ago
    everybody become my contact and watch my videos. thanks
  • Pedro Urano 3 years ago
    Evoé! Hi everybody!
  • Lowell Hughes 3 years ago
    Greetings & Salutations

    Ni how, how jo bu jien.
  • Dave Baum 3 years ago
    Just joined up...I've got no mates. Help!
  • BlueMarvel 3 years ago
    Greetings from Rockland, Maine.
  • surf vision 3 years ago
    spanish surfing magazine
  • Darian Wadham 3 years ago
    Howdy from D in Texas! just another deviant designer with convincing visual ads for ya mind! um what?
  • peiqi 3 years ago
    Greetings from China!
    See what we can do with video to the conservation of wildlife.
  • Seth Margolin 3 years ago
    Tune in on random Saturday nights or Sunday mornings for, "The Saturday Night Seth Show."
  • helena 3 years ago
    Well hellooooo, im same as the rest of you all......confusing or least we are not alone.........
  • Helen Fox 3 years ago
    Hi, I see that I am not the only new one here, what is going to happen now???
    I am very interested to see any results???
    By for now!.
  • Steve Beck plus 3 years ago
    Hi, I'm new here, too.
    I think I'm going to really like it here. I love the way it feels, and it's good to see hi quality video streaming so smoothly.
  • Marc.preschia 3 years ago
    Hello everybody, look to my videos of Nepal and Mexico treks. I have also a myspace site dedicated to trekking:​marcpreschia
    I think vimeo is the video site with the best quality.
  • jmaldhe 3 years ago
    hy i'm new look the guetto in france
  • DJ Peterbilt 3 years ago
    Hello all
  • David Yorka 3 years ago
    Ru redee??
  • Paul Belt 3 years ago
    This is Soooooooooooo Coool ooops Im showing my age!!
  • one+one 3 years ago
  • Audrey 3 years ago
    Hi all! ... new to this site but so far I'm liking it!
  • Seriously impressed so far, and look forward to sharing some of my creative HD visual ideas with members.

    As a producer and a director/owner of an award winning music/video site, I have to congratulate the owners/developers of this awesome site ... you guys have created a fabulous site that makes use of the latest in replay technology over the Internet - fantastic!

    Kindest regards to all,
    Chris Bishop (aka Overseer)
  • Robert Miller 3 years ago
    I want to be the first to to let you know that sharing your ideas will be great! As a novice film maker who has intentions of documenting my graduate studies I will truly appreciate any ideas and wisdom you plan on sharing with us members.
    Peace be upon you always,
  • K.M. Filmz 3 years ago
  • Nila 3 years ago
    hi all ;)
  • Marcel Petersen 3 years ago
    Hello everyone!. Very good quality video playback. I have posted a couple already.
  • Eduardo Martinez 3 years ago
    Hi, This a cool restaurant in Madrid and the food is to die for....
  • hi everyone
    i'm a somali comedian, just starting out promoting my pilot episode online. a good friend told me abt vimeo so i uploaded a few of the sketches. have a look and let me know what u guys think pls.


    p.s. any advice on how to get more views online will help.
  • Marc DeLorenzo 3 years ago
    Greetings from Fenway Park!
  • Stephen Molyneux 3 years ago
    This world needs some saving!!!
  • crystleclear 3 years ago
    HEY EVERYBODY! EVERYONES EVERYONES! I'm new to this site but I LOVE it already!

    Check out my short film "Next Door's Next", its up for the HBO Filmmaker Award​1057221
  • Gian-Nicola Bass 3 years ago
    Hello Everyone. Just getting some exposure here with my Minolta Light Meter. Lets do some Networking. Greetings from Huaraz, Peru.
  • Justin Roubique 3 years ago
    Hi everyone.
    I just ordered a Canon HV30
    The only reason I was able to get this camera (besides good credit) is because of this site. So many of you make honest submissions. I am so happy I found this site and I can't wait until I get my camera!
    I'll be uploading footage as soon as I'm able to test it - Friday!
    And then An Evening with Tom Waits on Sunday!
    Life is Great!
  • walt 3 years ago
    you use the word um just the right amount of times.
  • MIKE B 3 years ago
    Hi..2 ALL..on VIMEO..I'm NEW here. I Add+ed 6 Vids to my Page..THANKS...2 THE VIDEO STAFF... GOOD JOB .. on the Site...I was able to LINK.. My Vids to FACEBOOK
    Hope to MAKE FRIEDS here...
  • Manab Roy 3 years ago
    HI this is Manab, new in Vimeo...Hello every body
  • Glacius Kennels 3 years ago
    Vimeo Rocks!!! I just up loaded my first HD clip!! check it out.....​glacius - The quality is awesome - Kicks Ass over YouTube! I have a pretty decent camera and the playback quality on YouTube is crappy! Glad i googled and found Vimeo!!
  • TFFDavid 3 years ago
    Love it . . . this kicks youtubes arse.

    Any photographers on this site? I just started a group called Photographers United, feel free to join.

    Ta. :-)
  • Jacques Brassard 3 years ago

    It's too bad there is no French version of the instructions. If you're looking for translation, this is what I do for living. I would certainly be more than happy to give a hand in the translation from English to French.
  • dalas verdugo staff 3 years ago
    Thanks, I'll keep your info on file for translation. That's a project I'd like to take on soon.
  • el dco 3 years ago
    great site
  • Ayase Yukiya 3 years ago
    thanks for letting me join, I will make loads of friends
  • Mark Rotblat 3 years ago
    thanks for the tutorial - awesome site! though I have had difficult finding people via the search to then add them as contacts. I know they are here at Vimeo, but I can't find them!
  • RODNEY KNOLTON 3 years ago
    It's a real pleasure to be a member! The quality of the videos here are superb and I really enjoy the format. I have the Liverpool band, "Peter & The Wolf" to thank for introducing me to this site!!....cheers mates!!


    Rodney Knolton
    Bands Across The Waters
    Memphis, Tennessee​rodneyinmemphis
  • MOYO plus 3 years ago
    Can YOU walk the dog?!
  • BHuddle 3 years ago
    I can't have a contact stored that's NOT a member of Vimeo? I don't think my 8-year old neice should have to be a member if I want to send her my newest video without have to type her e-mail account in every time. Please re-consider this.
  • Ash Laws 3 years ago
    Vimeo screams 'quality' to me. No silly dogs on stakeboards, just well-produced videos. I like the stndard of quality here.
  • Hey everybody I'm new to the site as well! I love this site and love the quality. So far I have seen some really good projects on this site. I will be adding new projects soon from my personal portfoilo and the production company I work at!
  • Alfredo Ascanio 3 years ago
    Un excelente lugar para ver videos y subir videos....
    (ASKAIN : httP:/​/​​)
  • hello i am Peasants With Feathers from Miami Florida I love scuba diving with peanutbutter and jelly onion rings
  • Deirdre Kelly 3 years ago
    How can I forward a link so people can watch my videos without joining? There is no way my grandmother will sign up, but she can figure out how to play a video if I send her the link. Thanks!
  • whizkid wister 3 years ago
    Hello everyone!! new here and I already love this site. totally better than youtube!!
  • Triatlon Xalixco 3 years ago entiendo????
  • César Flores 3 years ago
    Deirdre Kelly, use the SHARE button in the top-right corner of the video you want to share.

    Hi everyone, i'm pretty new in this place, i have like 3 accounts in youtube but can't even use one to my purpose. Here in vimeo, with just one account (all i'll ever need) i can upload my videos incredible fast and with supreme quality. I love the flash player and the entire comunity. Just wish i could find some girl from Tepic to make a channel =P

    Thanks VIMEO.
  • GFG Entertainment plus 3 years ago
    hey hey
  • Danny Toman 3 years ago
    I'm curious how to remove myself from someone else's contact list... people I don't know are adding me as their contact, in order to promote their films, which I'm not necessarily interested in knowing about. Thanks!
  • ayahya 3 years ago
    thanks, totally better than all!!
  • I'm a new kid in town and I love Vimeo. So just wait for all the stuffs I will do with this amazing virtual place. I am information and graphic designer and I'm becoming an strategist of web 2.0. By the way I love the information architecture and interfase design of Vimeo. Congratulation guys. Love and peace for everyone!
  • Stan Giske 3 years ago
    Hello I'm new to Vimeo... I like the qualitu of the streaming:)
  • porsche 3 years ago
    please send me the video of kanye w. heartless & love lockdown... thank u
  • David Lake 3 years ago
    Dalas u really helped me and i want 2 thank u man!
  • Val Carr 3 years ago
    Cannot find my contact
  • Kim Bowling 2 years ago
    Hello everyone! I am (obviously) new here too. I do not make films, but I enjoy watching them. Thought this might be a fun way to interact with creative people both near and faraway. Let's be friends! (lol)
  • alain hottat 2 years ago
    check my work. give me your feedback.
  • claudio e video 2 years ago
    i noticed the cursor guides the video capture shooting in this video : which program is this ? thanks
  • joe murray 2 years ago
  • Warren Rudd 2 years ago
    What up!
  • Daniel Hayek staff 2 years ago
    Not much, just chillin'
  • Warren Rudd 2 years ago
    thanks for the tutorial, love this site. Check out my demo reel when you get a chance!
  • Laura Nadeau 2 years ago
    i want to add my brother because, well, he's my brother - but i don't know how to do it.
  • Vimeo Staff staff 2 years ago
    Go to his profile page and click on the add contact icon, it's a smiley face logo.
  • Justin Nathanson plus 2 years ago
    how did you get the video so big? I upload my 4x3 as 720x480 - but yours says 640x480. Is that the trick?
  • eleutheria psyh 2 years ago
    hhhhhhhey......!I'm new here......what's up??
  • Kiran S 2 years ago
    lols @ danny
  • Vimeo Staff staff 2 years ago
    Hi Everyone,

    If you have any questions or concerns about adding contacts please our FAQ linked here-​help/​faq/​contacts

    Thanks for using Vimeo!
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