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61. Nighttime Shooting with a DSLR
8 months ago
57. DSLR Accessories
8 months ago
56. DSLR Lenses
8 months ago
Learn how to shoot video at night with your DSLR

See the lesson here for more details-​videoschool/​lesson/​31/​nighttime-shooting-with-a-dslr


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  • Remyyy plus 8 months ago
    Just watched the whole MusterHache and AA package and well, it's nice, boring like falling without a parachute and informative. EH, Steve, are you the editor on those ?
  • James Green plus 8 months ago
    you guys are made for each other ;)
  • Andrea Allen staff 8 months ago
    Gross! ;)
  • Stephen Kent plus 8 months ago
    Great work, fun and informative!
  • LA plus 8 months ago
    Moonwalking...Yeah! Cannot wait to see more of Andrea and Philip together!
  • Jon Potter 8 months ago
    Thank you, I know a lot about DSLRs now. It's a shame I haven't got one D:
  • Jon Smith 8 months ago
    I wish there was more moonwalking.
  • Tim 8 months ago
    I just got a 550D/T2i, would you reccomend a 30mm lens or a 50mm lens?
  • Wilfredo Pereira 8 months ago
    a 30 mm is better
  • tadeuprimo 8 months ago
    I'm very happy with my 7D , the tips for saturation and contrast was very helpful, thanks Philip and Andrea for this fun tutorial !

    The secret is now practice practice and practice. !
    Hugs from Brazil !
  • Trip3980 7 months ago
    When you said 1600 for cropped sensors and 3200 for full sensors it makes sense cause its the same for film 16mm film is double that in EI rating then that of 35mm film. its amassing how close the two worlds are simular now with these DSLR cams taking over by storm.
  • ⚡⚡⚡ plus 6 months ago
    i - love - it. even if you know some of that stuff already it´s woth learning it again cause it´s so much fun watching you guys. wish my teachers where like that back in school.
  • GT 6 months ago
    i think i might be falling in love with andrea allen. is that wierd?
  • Ron Unasin 5 months ago
    viewed all videos... learned a lot. tnx guys!!!

    Do you mind sharing Color Grading done on this Videos?
    Find it really good for wedding videos...
  • Hunter Senftner 5 months ago
    the video clips they showed all looked like time laps and in the earlier videos they said not to use iso 1600 as it is noisy... what about shutter speed to let in more light?
  • William Brisbane 4 months ago
    I just love this series - you tow just match up so well together :) wanne see more :)
  • bruno rios 2 months ago
    i need to record videos in night parties... what is best for me? a dslr camera or a camcorder? i'll need any acessory for the ilumination? thanks!
  • Hugo Santos 13 days ago
    at night in video mode, what value of exposure should be used???
  • media73_TV plus 6 days ago
    if you shoot wide open at night, wont you get hardly anything in focus? aka sucj as f11
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