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The Advanced API lets you get even more data from Vimeo, and allows you to modify data on Vimeo. You can view private videos, upload new videos, add tags and comments, and do lots of other cool things. See the full method list to see everything that you can do.


In order to access the different parts of the API, you need to send your requests to one of the following URLs:

Standard API Calls:
User Authentication:

Response Formats

All API results are returned using one of the following response formats:



Your application will need to authenticate with users to use some of the awesome features of the Advanced API (viewing private videos, uploading, editing, tagging, etc.). We support the popular OAuth protocol for authentication. You must use OAuth to authenticate with Vimeo.

Authentication Documentation

Upload API

You can use the Advanced API to upload videos to an account that has been authorized with your application.

Upload API Documentation

Official Libraries

You can download the official PHP library on the Downloads page.