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Learn how to export to share on Vimeo with Windows Live Movie Maker

See the lesson here for more details-​videoschool/​lesson/​30/​video-101-exporting-to-share-on-vimeo-with-windows-live-movie-maker



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  • S-film 1 month ago
    Hi thanks for the tutorial but why are you using 128 kbps, 48 kHz for the audio format.

    the compression guidelines are 320 kbps which you cant chose in Windows Life Movie Maker, but you can use the 44.1 kHz.

    Thank you for your Help
  • Kami Gillick-Lewis plus 6 days ago
    Hi, I'm new to vimeo and reallllly need to get my videos uploaded but I seem to be having problems. I edit in Final Cut and usually export to a quciktime movie but I've even drageed my clip into Stream clip to make the file smaller and it's still not uploading. Does internet connection play a big part in uploading...I have prepaid internet?
    Or can someon tell me what I need to do? I'm workng from a mac.
  • Daniel Hayek staff 6 days ago
    Hi Kami, please try our help center-​help and make sure you are following our guides here-​help/​compression
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