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The Staff will always try their best to answer questions in this Forum, but we are human, and do need to rest sometimes, so we also rely on the helpful Community (you!) to help answer each other's questions as well.

Note: Our staff business hours are Monday through Friday, 9AM – 6PM EST.

  • Andrea Allen staff 23 days ago
    *Impotant Note*
    Unfortunately the Vimeo staff will not be able to offer support for all the issues or problems that may occur when setting up a domain. We strongly suggest asking a friend who has done this before for help, or see if one of your fellow Vimeo members can give any advice in the thread below.

    *Again, the Vimeo Staff will NOT be able to offer much advice beyond these instructions.*

    As a Vimeo PRO member, you can use a custom domain name for your Portfolios (example: You can easily use a domain you already own, or purchase a domain name elsewhere, then follow these instructions. If you already own the domain name you want to use, you can skip step number 1.

    1. Purchase the domain name from a registrar such as GoDaddy, Me-Net, or This can be done for about $10 per year.
    2. If you want your Portfolio to live on your top-level domain such as “” then you will want to follow the registrar’s instructions to set the domain’s A-Record to
    Learn more about A-Records​wiki/​A_record#A
    3. If you want your portfolio to live on a subdomain such as “” then you will need to add a CNAME Record pointing to
    Learn more about CNAME records​wiki/​CNAME_record)
    4. You may have to wait up to 72 hours for these changes to take effect on the whole Internets.
    5. You can test your domain by using the “check domain” link on the Portfolio settings page.

    If you have more questions, you can try posting below to see if your fellow Vimeo Community members can help you. We also suggest asking a friend who has set up custom domains before for help.
  • Andrea Allen staff 23 days ago
    Sorry, but the Vimeo Staff will not be able to offer help setting up custom domains on Vimeo PRO Portfolios.

    If you have more questions, you can post in this thread to see if your fellow Vimeo Community members can give you some advice!

    We also strongly suggest asking a friend who has set up custom domains before for help.
  • Specialized GSS pro 22 days ago
    Can custom domains point to more than one portfolio? I don't know if this is a Vimeo limitation or not. I can enter a custom domain in the Portfolio settings page. However, if I create a second Portfolio, I am not able to use the same custom domain name. I thought I could use​secondportfolio, but I can't. Thus, I don't know whose limitation that is: Vimeo's or the Internets'. Thanks.
  • Luke T. 21 days ago
    Is there a section in the portfolio that can be used for non video applications such as an "about" page?
  • Kevin Sweeney staff 21 days ago
    Sorry, not at this time.
  • Luca de Salvia plus 5 days ago
    Do you intend to make the templates more interactive in the future? ( I mean with the capability to add links to one's blog, contact details and still images)

  • Mark staff 5 days ago
    Luca, maybe in the future but there are no current plans for that. Please post any further questions about features here​forums/​topic:40958
  • KeyframePictures pro 20 days ago
    Do you plan to add a player for photo slideshows ?
  • Soxiam staff 20 days ago
    No, we are only focused on video.
  • alfred broadbent pro 20 days ago
    Hey I found the link that explains domain forward and masking​2935298
  • The GOVtown Company LLC pro 4 days ago
    This was good information
  • KeyframePictures pro 20 days ago
    A shame, that would have enabled me to use it as my main website...

    I am getting the following Security Error on ALL Microsoft IE9 browsers trying to access

    "This page is accessing information that is not under its control. This poses a security risk. Do you want to continue?"

    I have validated this as an issue for IE9 only on three (3) different machines.

    IE8 is fine as well as FireFox, Chrome and Safari.

    Please advise - this is a show-stopper for Custom Domains!


  • Kiowa Dohosan 19 days ago
    Hello I interested in the Pro package but i need to find out more about the custom domains. So can I set up something like below please? goes to portfolio 1 goes to portfolio 2

    Is this possible to do for all portfolio's?

    Thank You
  • Craig Campbell staff 18 days ago
    Hi Kiowa,

    This is indeed possible. You have to add a CNAME record with your registrar for each subdomain you would like to use.
  • Rick Eary pro 15 days ago
    FYI broken link​help/​faq#custom_domain "custom domain forum thread" goes here:​topic:40958
  • Rick Eary pro 15 days ago
    Is it possible to remove the Vimeo smiley face on the browser tab on my portfolios that have custom domain names.? Example:
  • Craig Campbell staff 14 days ago
    Hi Rick,

    That image is your profile image so you have to upload a new image/logo by going to your settings page.

  • Nousha Photography pro 11 days ago
    Fantastic, I sign up to your new service because I want to take advantage of the custom domain feature and your instructions on how to enable this are lamentable, and you now state you won't help anymore...Or answer any further questions... What on earth is that all about? Cos' I certainly don't know how to set it up! Maybe one of you could interrupt your day and write up an in depth 'how to' for us luddites out here, the luddites with the credit cards, that are paying for this service.
  • resonation pro 9 days ago
    I'd like to be able to integrate my portfolio page into my existing website (i.e.​tv_work.html) however there doesn't seem to be a way to create links BACK to other pages on my site FROM a portfolio page. Kind of like a dead end? Is the idea is for the Portfolio page to open in a new, separate window? (so the rest of my site; links to other pages etc. remain open separately in the original browser window?) That doesn't seem very elegant though.

    I looked in the portfolio settings under the "connections" tab and thought I'd found the answer in the "Add another link" drop down menu, however the options are all to preexisting networking/content creation sites - no option to type in a link to your own site.

    The only other thing I can think of is to type the various URLS of teh other pages on my website into the "Description" field of the Basic Info section in Settings, however we are warned not to enter HTML (does a link to another page count?)

    If this inquiry makes any sense to anyone I'd really appreciate some thoughts or insights. Thanks:

  • Brian Dressler 6 days ago
    Using Vimeo Pro, is there a way to embed a portfolio page and specify which domains the embed code will be functional on? We would like to prevent the scenario of someone sharing password to portfolio page URL. Any suggestions on how to embed your player with a list of videos that can be played and ensure they can only be played from designated domain?

  • Daniel Hayek staff 3 days ago
    Sorry we don't offer this with PRO, it does seem like something you could do it with our API-​api
  • tom sandle 6 days ago
    hey i noticed this comment:

    Andrea Allen staff 13 days ago
    Hi Drake,
    Please feel free to share your critique, but comments that degrade anyone's work are not tolerated on Vimeo.

    ...can't take a little criticism? u must really suck at wut u do....
  • Damián Perea plus 5 days ago
    I can´t find my name in search people!
  • Mark staff 5 days ago
    Hey! We will respond to you in the other thread you posted in. In the future please do not make posts in threads unrelated to your issue.
  • Damián Perea plus 3 days ago
    Sorry Mark. Thanks
  • Mark staff 3 days ago
    No problem.
  • Aubrey Singer 5 days ago
    Where are the portfolio templates? Where can I peruse them before deciding to purchase? Can Pro be integrated with my existing design? Or should I just embed with regular Vimeo?
  • Daniel Hayek staff 5 days ago
    Hi Aubrey, you can't peruse the portfolios without a PRO purchase. Sorry but we'll definitely look into offering more of a sneak peek. For now though please note that we offer a full refund with in 30 days if you aren't satisfied.
  • Lenny Warren / Warren Media pro 4 days ago
    I've just upgraded to Vimeo PRo and i was thinking about how I can integrate it with my existing website, a photoshelter site for my stills work. I found the easiest way was to use IFRAME to embed the Vimeo page within my other site. You'll see it in operation on my site under the Video link...

  • Rich Wersinger pro 2 days ago
    G'Day Lenny, Such a terrific idea! Thanks for this great iframe tip! That makes tons of sense!


  • tomribeiropereira 3 days ago
    Hi, i have an video file with 17 G´s that i don´t want to compress and at same time want to share it in hight quality with this size necessarily. Which type of account should i create for that???
  • Daniel Hayek staff 3 days ago
    Sorry 5GB's is the limit for all files regardless of account type.
  • Paul Stone pro 2 days ago
    Is there a way to SHARE portfolios like we SHARE albums?

    I send custom reels to clients all day and was wondering if there was a SHARE BUTTON function that sends a nice email with an embeded link and nice graphic of the PORTFOLIO like we can do for albums.
  • Mark staff 2 days ago
    No, sorry. The only way currently to share it is via a copied link.
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