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The Staff will always try their best to answer questions in this Forum, but we are human, and do need to rest sometimes, so we also rely on the helpful Community (you!) to help answer each other's questions as well.

Note: Our staff business hours are Monday through Friday, 9AM – 6PM EST.

  • Mark staff 23 days ago
    Please post any questions, feedback or bugs for Vimeo PRO here. For problems, please consult the PRO FAQ first, your question may already be answered!​faq/​pro
  • Den & James plus 23 days ago
    Hey guys, I just upgraded to pro but I have 2 Vimeo Plus Accounts and I upgraded the wrong one? How can I transfer to my other account? Thanks

    and Vimeo Pro rocks
  • Andrea Allen staff 23 days ago
    I've privately messaged you regarding this issue!
  • Martino Sabia 19 days ago
    Hi there, same problem here :(. Too impatient to become PRO and i upgraded my personal account instead of creating a new one for my client.

    Can you help me on this?
  • David Heron 13 days ago
    I have done exactly the same. I was expecting to be asked to create a new account for my business, but my personal account has been upgraded and I need an invoice for my company. Please can you help me out with this. I want to create a pro account for my company and for my personal account to remains normal account.

  • Chris Lognion 23 days ago
    We are about to launch a new subscription based site with 75 HD videos. Two questions... Is there a way to make the videos 'domain specific', only playing from the domain in which we set? Does your templates offer or allow updating for subscription based plans?
  • Chris Lognion 22 days ago
    Hello.... anyone on staff.... :-)
  • Andrea Allen staff 21 days ago
    Hi Chris,
    Yes, we offer domain level privacy. And I'm not sure what you mean about the templates allowing updating. You can make changes to any Portfolio you create at any time.
  • Spender plus 23 days ago
    I need some advice. Today I have one Vimeo Plus account and I upload 3-4 blendfiles every week. I vill never have any needs to upload more than this amount of files. Therefore, do you think I vill be more happy with Pro

  • Andrea Allen staff 21 days ago
    PRO is a service that is specifically tailored for businesses. Here's a more specific explanation in our FAQ.

  • I really like the sound of Vimeo Pro, but I don't want to leave the community and videos that I've got on Plus. Will my Plus account still be running with all my contacts, or will everything be wiped?
  • Daniel Hayek staff 22 days ago
    When you sign up for Pro, you can elect to have a Community Pass which would keep all your contacts and interactions with the community. Details on the Community Pass are here for reference-​faq/​pro#community_pass
  • Ronnie Diaz plus 23 days ago
    If I make a PRO video public, will people be able to play my vimeo videos that I posted on my facebook wall like they can do now?
    And since the videos will be set to public, will they still be searchable through the vimeo search?
  • Andrea Allen staff 21 days ago
    Hi Ronnie,
    Vimeo PRO accounts that are opted into the Community Pass will be searchable on Vimeo.
    Your PRO videos will be playable on Facebook whether or not you've made them public on Vimeo.

    Here's some more information about PRO privacy and the Community Pass.

  • TV360.TV 23 days ago
    I sent a question a few days ago about PLUS but never received a reply -- so I ask it now about PRO. Does the PRO player offer lineups. We need a player that enables us to play a lineup of videos.
  • Andrea Allen staff 21 days ago
    PRO has Portfolios which are fully customizable websites that allow you to showcase any number of your videos to prospective clients, collaborators, or the world! You can create as many Portfolios as you like, and customize them to your specific tastes – without any Vimeo branding.

    Here's some examples:​yourcompany/​og​yourcompany/​sawtooth​yourcompany/​carriage-ride

  • TV360.TV 21 days ago
    Andrea, thanks for the reply but you did not answer my question. It appears as if portfolios are pages. I need lineups. For instance, if we had 4 training videos and wanted each to play one after the next without the user having to click... With a service like BRIGHTCOVE, the player offers the client an ability to place the 4 videos in a lineup according to the order they want each video to appear. The client can set the videos to auto play and thus, one plays after the next, OR, one can set them to stop and play, which means the user would have to click the next video in order for it to play in the lineup. I do not see from your examples any lineup feature that enables auto play. I assume the portfolios can be considered a stop and play lineup of sorts, but then again, it requires the setup of an individual page with an individual player. Am I seeing this incorrectly?
    Thanks in advance.
  • DOCTER TWINS pro 18 days ago
    The Auto-Play feature available in services like wiredrive & simian is exactly what I am looking for in Vimeo Pro. Did you ever get an answer on this being something they were looking into? I upgraded to Pro and can tell you it is not currently available. Still very happy with Pro considering the price point, just curious if it something in the works at Vimeo?
  • Nicky Arthur plus 11 days ago
    I too am interest in this, I currently have an account at Brightcove and their features are wonderful, especially when you need something a little more sophisticated. However the price point that Vimeo is offering is about 80% cheaper! I would like to see what lineup / multi video listing that might offer
  • We currently have a Vimeo Plus account.

    Yes, adding a playlist player and a multi playlist player (designated by tabs in the playlist) with position options to the right, bottom, and in-line (i.e., inside the player with thumbnails and text description) is a must for a pro player account. We too need to embed playlist and multi-playlist players in our web pages.

    We also need seo, social network links, url link, embed code, and hotlink to a buy page. -- Most of this is available in Vimeo and Vimeo Plus, but I don't know if it's available in Pro? Where is the DOCUMENTATION? Can we expect all the tools of PLUS to be there?

    See our current multi-playlist player at
  • Mike C 1 day ago
    Hi, I echoed the same request about a playlist player. If you search for playlist you'll see my posts. I was told in an email that we're allowed to use a 3rd party player to play videos with Vimeo Pro. I clicked the link to your site and noticed you're renting your videos on Youtube. How did you accomplish that? I don't see anywhere on Youtube where you can set that up?
  • Mike C 1 day ago
    Wistia has a fancy playlist feature (Vimeo techs, see this!) This is what we need in order to be able to effectively offer DVD titles.​product/​playlist
  • TheSailingChannelTV plus 22 hours ago
    Mike C
    Contact me off this thread at​contact_tsctv.htm and I'll fill you in on YT rentals.
  • conceptArchitects pro 22 days ago
    Thanks for the vimeo pro. Exactly what we needed!
  • Andrea Allen staff 21 days ago
    Awesome! Glad to here it suits your needs.
  • conceptArchitects pro 22 days ago
    Ok here is our first feature request. We would like to be able to show a customer logo on video sites instead of our profile logo.
  • Daniel Hayek staff 22 days ago
    You can upload an image to show up in your video if you prefer. read here-​faq/​pro#logo
  • conceptArchitects pro 21 days ago
    Well yeah. But that only allows one logo for all videos, right?

    What we want is to be able to upload an individual logo per uploaded video.

    Video for customer A --> Logo A
    Video for customer B --> Logo B
  • Andrew Pile staff 19 days ago
    You can upload multiple logos and use them on different videos.
  • satva leung plus 22 days ago
    I have a Plus account so do my videos automatically get transferred into my Pro account?
  • Torres Studios pro 22 days ago
    Hahaha, I just signed up for PRO.
  • Daniel Hayek staff 21 days ago
    Yup your account stays as one with all your videos.
  • Adam B. plus 22 days ago
    I'm having the same problem as Adam Brown (from UK) except it's only affecting Safari 5.1 in the last several days.

    All my show reels load and run on all versions of Firefox, Safari 4.03 , and Internet Explorer 8.0 (Windows).

    Is it me? Is it you? Is it Safari?

  • Tonoloop Networks pro 22 days ago
    I just signed up to PRO, but my account doesn't seem to have been upgraded. Do I just need to wait a bit, or... Any ideas? (btw, account history page says I'm a basis user, but lists my upgrades to PLUS and PRO)
  • Andrea Allen staff 21 days ago
    It looks like your PRO account is in order. Let me know if you have any problems.
  • Tom McSweeney Casting pro 22 days ago
    Ready to sign onto PRO, although i want to know to what extent can we customise the portfolio. Can we put place videos into specific groups and then have them appear like channels ...

    I just don't want to pay the money unless i can see the full functionality of the portfolios section. I would really like some more info on the extent of using the client review section?
  • Andrea Allen staff 21 days ago
    Hi Thomas,
    We give you the ability to change the CSS on your Portfolios, so you can make them look any way you wish.

    The Video Review Pages allow people to comment without signing in to Vimeo. You can also password protect the Video Review Page.

  • Please provide full DOCUMENTATION for Pro so we can evaluate before transitioning. Also a "trial" period would be great. We need to get down into the weeds and work with the interface and features to be sure it right for us. That's the ONLY way to truly evaluate a VAM (Video Asset Management system) and a OVP (Online Video Platform) for business use.

    We have a Vimeo Plus account, "Sailing".
  • Dave Budge pro 22 days ago
    Hey guys,

    Had the same problem as a couple of other people here. I have a couple of vimeo accounts and realised i upgraded the wrong one to Pro. Can I transfer, or refund and sign up again correctly.

    Thanks very much

  • Andrea Allen staff 21 days ago
    Hey Dave,
    Did you end up getting help with this? Please let me know if you still need a refund.
  • Dave Budge pro 21 days ago
    Hey Andrea

    No help received as yet. Anything you could do would be grand. Thanks
  • illume visuals pro 22 days ago
    I just signed up for Pro but I'm not sure I understand the "Community Pass" concept.

    I would like to be able to have "contacts" as I did with my Plus account and to comment on others' videos but it seems that in order to do this I need to enable "Community Pass".

    The problem with doing this is that if I enable "Community Pass", one of the requirements is that I not upload commercial content???

  • Andrea Allen staff 21 days ago
    Hi Raf,
    So, you're correct in that you must enable the Community Pass in order to like and comment on videos.
    The good news is, you can still upload commercial content, but it must not appear on -- meaning, it must remain private and viewable only on either your Portfolios, Video Review Pages, or offsite embeds.

    You can upload commercial content, but it is not allowed to be seen on Vimeo by the community as it's against our Guidelines.

    Let me know if that clears things up.

  • chris tangey pro 18 days ago
    Still don't get this at all! If we are Pros, by definition, we make commercial product. I thought there was an exception for production companies on vimeo generally if you are simply giving examples of your work, rather than blatantly putting up a cola commercial with the purpose of selling cola! There are so many things I already don't get about Vimeo but Vimeo Pro now makes it even more confusing, Can anyone there explain this in very plain English?
  • raf sanchez plus 15 days ago
    Andrea - I'm also still confused - does this mean that I can enable Community Pass and then decide which of my videos are public on vimeo? At the moment (without Community Pass enabled) I cannot see any way to make my videos public or not on Vimeo?

  • We are a small production company. We provide free previews, trailers, and clips from the professional sailing videos we produce and those we distribute under agreements with our sailor/producers. On our website, we sell the long form versions of these sailing documentaries and how-to videos.

    We are commercial and our free videos are designed to promote the videos we sell. Vimeo is for filmmakers and production companies. We are not amateurs, we're professional video producers and by definition, we need to sell our videos to stay in business.

    Offering a Pro service is great, but don't lock us out from the professional video community that is Vimeo. If you believe it's necessary, label our brand commercial under the community pass.

    We are NOT Amazon, Google, ABC, Hulu, etc. We are small and niche. We've been on Vimeo for 5 years. We've been a Plus user for at least 3. We love the Vimeo professional filmmaker community and don't want our videos "locked out" because they are "commercial".
  • Mike Goldin pro 22 days ago
    Two bugs, a question and a feature request-

    Bug 1: It doesn't seem that I can change the "primary" or "secondary" colors for the minimalist theme. They change on the settings page, but don't actually apply themselves to the portfolio.

    Bug 2: My videos aren't showing the fullscreen button even though I've enabled this in the player tab. There's no conflicts with the individual video settings, so that shouldn't be the issue.

    Question: Will settings applied to a portfolio always override settings applied to individual videos? How does the hierarchy work there?

    Feature: It's cool that I can add videos I'm credited in to my page, but will there be a feature to note what exactly ones credit was for in a video? For example, if I edited a video and was credited for that but it wasn't mentioned in the description, people might think I was responsible for the whole thing.

    If it matters, I'm running Chrome on Snow Leopard, and both are up-to-date.

    I'm digging this whole thing so far though! A little buggy, but I'm confident you'll get it worked out soon. Cool stuff.
  • Mike Goldin pro 22 days ago
    Update: Color options seem to be working now, but Bug 2 still stands!
  • Andrea Allen staff 21 days ago
    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the update on that bug! I'll look into the fullscreen bug you're experiencing now.

    We'll definitely take that feature request into consideration. I'm sharing it with the design team.

    And Portfolio settings will override whatever settings you have for your individual video to keep it consistent.

    Glad you're enjoying PRO!
  • Pagine Video pro 22 days ago
    In this moment I have a Plus account. If I choose the PRO account the embed codes of every video that I have in this moment remain the same or change?

    And then, if in 1 year/2 years I need 100/200 GB of storage how much I will pay?

    Thank you

  • Soxiam staff 22 days ago
    Yes, the embed code will continue to function as long as you don't buy PRO for another account.

    Each additional 50GB of storage will cost $199.
  • Pagine Video pro 22 days ago
    Hi, and thanks for your answer. I do not see them on the video of the new portfolios.... :(... is it a mistake?
  • Marvin&Wayne plus 22 days ago
    The portfolios could be password protected?
    The Video Review Pages are costumizable like the portfolios?
    Thank you.
  • Soxiam staff 22 days ago
    Yes, portfolio can be password protected.

    No, the video review page is not customizable.
  • Henrik Helms pro 22 days ago
    A small bug is when you want to have a "like" button on the portfolio pages in some languages the button is only half shown because the button is longer in some languages e.g. danish where "like" is "synes godt om"

  • Soxiam staff 22 days ago
    Thanks. We will try to fix this.
  • ebc Online Media plus 22 days ago
    Will the page templates support any way to insert a link from the vimeo video page back to my main site? Say I set up a custom subdomain, I would like to have obvious navigation back to the main domain. Maybe use of HTML?
  • Soxiam staff 22 days ago
    You cannot change our template but you can add a link back to your site in the portfolio description.
  • David Barratt 22 days ago
    Can you use Vimeo Pro with oEmbed? What URL would you use? If not, when will the be available? thanks!
  • David Barratt 22 days ago
    I understand the oembed documentation, but what I am wondering is is will this work with pro? when I take the urls from the example sites, the api url just returns a 404. Can you give an example of how a pro url would work with the current oembed? (aka, a url that does not have '' in it)
  • Andrew Pile staff 19 days ago
    It would work the same way as the current oEmbed. It has to have in it, because that's where the embedded player is served from.
  • Mr. Goto pro 22 days ago
    I have a joomla site with a video extension that I like. How do I integrate vimeo pro?

    Link: http:/
  • Soxiam staff 22 days ago
    Have you tried asking them?
  • Emily Joyce 19 days ago
    I have a Joomla site with a video platform that I hate. I would like to replace it completely with Vimeo Pro. Please let me know what you find out re: Joomla.
  • Mr. Goto pro 22 days ago
    And what is "commercial hosting optiion"?
  • Soxiam staff 22 days ago
    It means that PRO users are allowed to use our service for commercial purposes which was not allowed on vimeo in the past.
  • Since I have a Plus account, but don't want to migrate my videos to the Pro, may I open up another account in addition to my current Plus account with a Pro account? I'm sure that would be acceptable, my real question is may I still get the $139.00 price for the 1st yr? I would like to try the Pro account out and see how it might fit my needs. Thank you in advance for your help Vimeo Pro folks.
  • Daniel Hayek staff 22 days ago
    Hi, sorry but the $139 deal must be used on a preexisting Plus account.
  • Ronn Kilby pro 22 days ago
    No matter which theme I select, it defaults to the first one upper left. What up with that? EDIT: Looks like this is an IE bug - doesn't happen when I use Chrome as web browser.
  • Soxiam staff 22 days ago
    Thanks for reporting. We will check it out.
  • Kevin Sweeney staff 22 days ago
    Hi Ronn, thanks for the report. We've just pushed an update that should fix your selection issues in IE so that you can change themes.

    There is still a lingering issue in IE of default colors and layout settings not taking hold when you select a new theme, which is being worked on. I will let you know once that fix is in as well.
  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Soxiam staff 22 days ago
    You will need to know how to edit the CSS in order to make those changes.
  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Soxiam staff 22 days ago
    PRO videos are private by default. What's the URL of the videos you are sharing with your colleague?
  • Bob Tabor pro 22 days ago
    Hi, using Plus there's a Privacy setting "Where can this video be embedded?" with the Plus option "Only on approved sites" (and the ability to set a domain name). Is this Available in Pro as well?
  • Daniel Hayek staff 22 days ago
  • Bob Tabor pro 22 days ago
    In Pro are the embedding options exactly the same as in Plus?
  • Daniel Hayek staff 22 days ago
    With Pro you have the option of having your logo show up instead of ours in the player for embeds.
  • victoria 22 days ago
    hi i'm interested in pro just for video
    i want to use a site called
    site build it which deal in business websites for small business they deal with all the techy stuff as im not techy at all!
    The problem is they can only do 3-8 min videos which wouldn't work for me i need videos for up to 30mins or more
    i need the proper embedded code to place my video on the SBI SITE where it doesn't even appear to leave my site or be hosted somewhere else !
    does vimeo do this ?
    Or do you know of other video hosting companies that do
    or can you give me info on other hosting companies
  • Daniel Hayek staff 22 days ago
    I'm sorry, I don't understand your question. We do not place time limits on videos, if you can compress the video correctly it can be as long as you wish.
  • victoria 20 days ago
    hi again thanks for reply
    thats good that you don't place time limits
    but i still need to know whether i can use vimeo with the company business site
    The SBI website company has limits of 10 meg per video file and a 100mg total for all media files on there websites
    i need to employ a host that will give me the proper embedded code to place that video of pilates from vimeo to my SBI website
    where it doesn't even appear to leave the site (SBI)my website or we hosted by someone else
    this is really important please refer my question to someone else who knows about proper embeeded coding to other sites kind regards vicky
  • Jillian Terrell 22 days ago
    Can you have different folders of clips, and set up custom demos for prospective clients?
  • Daniel Hayek staff 22 days ago
    You can setup as many portfolios as you'd like or you can have albums, also you can set up video review pages for clients to looks at specific work.
  • Jillian Terrell 22 days ago
    Thank You!
  • Tom McSweeney Casting pro 16 days ago
    The other feeds say that albums is not currently available in the portfolios. I need this feature on the portfolio as the videos need to be categorised for my clients. What are these albums you are describing here?
  • In Case Of Fire pro 7 days ago
    I'm looking for the same thing: create a portfolio that inbeds different albums...
  • Digimarc plus 22 days ago
    Hi there. I'm excited about your PRO offering. I went to one of the PRO demo URLs (​yourcompany/​linen) on my iPhone and all the videos said "No Mobile Version" and indicated the PLUS offering.

    Will PRO offer automatic mobile versions like PLUS does?
  • Andrea Allen staff 21 days ago
    That was an oversight on our part -- we forgot to make mobile versions of those videos. If you visit that url again, you'll see that the videos are viewable.

    PRO membersl have automatic mobile versions like Plus members. That was a special case as it was our test account.
  • Jesse Smith 22 days ago
    I'm completely sold except for one thing: can I change the title link in embedded videos so it goes back to our site instead of Vimeo?
  • Andrea Allen staff 21 days ago
    That's not something we have planned at this time, but it's a good idea and I'll be sure to add it to our feature request list!
  • Jesse Smith 21 days ago
    Bear with me, I have yet to see a PRO offsite embed, so I'm still unclear: if a PRO video is embedded offsite, say some random blog, and we *don't* have or want a portfolio, where does the title link go to? Somewhere on the domain?
  • Andrew Pile staff 19 days ago
    We've added this feature now. You can specify where the logo links to when users click it.
  • Jesse Smith 16 days ago
    Awesome, thank you.
    Not to be obstinate on this point, but as I have yet to see a random offsite PRO embed, and I don't have access to the PRO settings, I'm still wondering where the title links to, or if _that_ link can be changed...?
    (Also, is the logo link setting per video, or account-wide?)
  • Kevin McGowan 22 days ago
    I am a photographer / videographer and Pro looks like a great way to showcase my videos. But is there a way that I can display my photos as well? Also, can I create additional sections like a normal website such as, "About me" "Contact" "Location" etc.... ? Thanks!
  • Andrea Allen staff 21 days ago
    Hi Kevin,
    We don't have plans to add photo support at the moment. I'll add it to the feature request list, though!
  • Kevin McGowan 21 days ago
    Thanks Andrea!
  • Jens Krautscheid plus 22 days ago
    As a Plus-User. If I switch to Pro with the 139$ offer: What happens to the Plus part? Is it switched off immedialtelly? I embedded quite a lot out there....
  • Daniel Hayek staff 22 days ago
    It should stay just the way you left it.
  • Is there a way to create albums on a Portfolio page using my new Pro account? So, if I have a website that features Docs, Weddings, Shorts and Commercials, can I separate these out or would I need to create a separate portfolio if I didn't want them all on the same page?

    Seems like PRO should have more customization options???

  • Andrea Allen staff 21 days ago
    Hi Zachary,
    Currently there's not a way to create albums on a Portfolio. So right now, you'd need to create separate Portfolios. However, albums is a great idea! I'll add it to the feature request list.
  • That would be fantastic!!! Honestly, if I could sort my videos into albums in one Portfolio and have an About Me section I'd never need anything else.
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