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Vimeo makes it easy for you to upload any kind of video you create. We accept tons of different file formats. Basic (free) accounts allow for 500 MB of storage every week, and we provide easy tools to customize your videos to fit seamlessly into any website or blog. We even support High Definition. Yep, that's right, HD in full 720p!


Vimeo is a worldwide community of respectful people. One of the best ways to experience Vimeo is by making contacts and subscribing to users' videos that interest you. Feel free to ask other members questions and start conversations with the people you meet here by commenting on videos. Pretty soon, you'll see why Vimeo is the place to share your work.


Check out Categories to explore an ever-changing catalog of Vimeo's great content and active communities. Interact with other users like you in Vimeo Groups, or subscribe to Channels with the kind of videos you enjoy.


Vimeo Video School is a fun place for anyone to learn how to make better videos. Start by browsing our Vimeo Lessons, or find specific video tutorials created by other members.

How do I get started?

First, take a couple seconds to Join Vimeo or Log In. Then, we will take you to your home page where you can easily start uploading, sharing, and watching great videos right now! Also, here's a list of things you can do to get involved in the Vimeo experience.

Need help with Vimeo?

Please check the Help Center for general FAQ, video tutorials, and other helpful information. You may also post questions in our forums.

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