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  • once again, the audio is about a second behind the video. last time this happened, i re-compressed and uploaded the video 10 times with the same issue, only to have a staffer fix it magically behind the scenes without explaining to me how to avoid this in the future.

    so here i am, yet again...thinking i followed all of the compression rules and hoping that one of you guys can work your magic.

    or perhaps you could enlighten me on the source of the issue?

    edit: i'm 99% sure Daniel Hayek fixed this for me last time...he's shared now.

  • Mark staff 22 hours ago
    This is likely happening due to your variable frame rate. Please try re-exporting your video according to our recommended compression settings and try uploading again.

    Vimeo FAQ:​help/​compression
  • Lisa Kappel 1 day ago
    I'm having the same problem, I've uploaded the same video twice now and the audio is always out of synch. Help!
  • Mark staff 21 hours ago
    Hi Lisa, this is due to your audio compression settings which are PCM at 48.0 KHz - it should be AAC at 44.1 KHz - Take a look at our recommended compression settings here

    Vimeo FAQ:​help/​compression
  • Lisa Kappel 7 hours ago
    Thanks Mark! I tried that but the audio is still out of synch for some reason. ??
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