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3 years ago / 10,951 videos / 3,026 members
Updated 1 hour ago
3 years ago / 7,129 videos / 2,465 members
Updated 1 minute ago
3 years ago / 2,268 videos / 2,143 members
Updated 2 hours ago
A group for all users and lovers of Red Digital Cinema. Post your videos shot with Red One, Epic or Scarlet. Check out the RED 3D group @ All […]
3 years ago / 5,007 videos / 2,112 members
Updated 2 hours ago
For films created on the Canon 5D. Discussions on art, use, technique and everything you can do with this camera.
2 years ago / 4,379 videos / 1,677 members
Updated 4 hours ago
This is the group for professional videographers using the Canon 5d Mark II for professional use. The best of the best. Commercials, Music Video, Journalists, […]
Scott Zoller + 14 moderators
3 years ago / 431 videos / 1,154 members
Updated 2 hours ago
3 years ago / 3,106 videos / 1,090 members
Updated 17 hours ago
The PMW-EX1 is the first in a new range of professional HD products - called XDCAM EX - which record onto memory-based SxS ExpressCard media. Designed […]
3 years ago / 553 videos / 1,085 members
Updated 6 hours ago
Adapt the tutorials from AE TUTS and post them here, also feel free to request tutorials by adding videos you think that are tutorial material. Check […]
naim alwan + 1 moderator
3 years ago / 2,754 videos / 977 members
Updated 8 mins. ago
I am hoping premiere pro users will use this space as a center for advice, tutorials, collaboration and exploration in the world of using Adobe Premiere […]
3 years ago / 3,569 videos / 866 members
Updated 2 hours ago
A group for all users of Sony video equipment. Post your videos shot with Sony cameras, post camera test footage or reviews of Sony video gear.
3 years ago / 1,679 videos / 847 members
Updated 5 hours ago
A place to discuss the different processes videographers and filmmakers use for audio. This group also welcomes podcasters, recordists, tapers, sound […]
2 years ago / 1,984 videos / 783 members
Updated 10 hours ago
3 years ago / 1,814 videos / 755 members
Updated 17 hours ago
The new Panasonic AVCHD 3ccd camcorder is here. This is for all those aspiring, independent and professional filmmakers around who would like to share […]
3 years ago / 2,507 videos / 737 members
Updated 1 day ago
3 years ago / 1,970 videos / 701 members
Updated 11 hours ago
Please use the this group instead: Unless you really want to post in this group...

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