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2 years ago / 15,586 videos / 2,716 members
Updated 1 hour ago
The group was created as a place to add whatever the fuck you want. Please add whatever fucking videos you want.
3 years ago / 4,542 videos / 1,781 members
Updated 1 hour ago
A place for visual storytelling and documentary journalism. Let's see some good stuff!
3 years ago / 4,275 videos / 1,490 members
Updated 1 hour ago
Freedom, exercise, travel and connivence.... all in one easy to use and maintain package.... bikes are fab, join us in an odyssey or passion for bikes, […]
3d60 + 36 moderators
3 years ago / 2,530 videos / 1,222 members
Updated 28 mins. ago
A beatiful group of people that's love God and make beautiful things for Him.
Gonzalo Tello + 2 moderators
3 years ago / 2,939 videos / 1,131 members
Updated 2 hours ago
4 years ago / 353 videos / 916 members
Updated 4 hours ago
a space to showcase films using music licensed for free from is for independent and non-profit filmmakers, film students, […]
Moby + 2 moderators
2 years ago / 1,507 videos / 767 members
Updated 1 hour ago
This group is about any video meant to document a project a place or an event using video as your art form.
3 years ago / 2,591 videos / 629 members
Updated 13 hours ago
Place to find Sermon Illustrations, Bumpers, Series Promos, Lyrical Videos, Countdowns and whatever people create for church for "stealing" and inspiration. […]
Brian Davis + 1 moderator
2 years ago / 1,195 videos / 568 members
Updated 17 mins. ago
We are users or hopeful users of Canon's dSLR for video purposes. We are uniting to prove to Canon that we deserve a firmware upgrade to allow to camera […]
1 year ago / 901 videos / 516 members
Updated 2 hours ago
A "Safe" place for those wanting to showcase their work.
2 years ago / 788 videos / 497 members
Updated 11 hours ago
The initiative has the official support of leading scientists, ecological and philanthropic groups, as well as high- profile environmentally conscious […]
3 years ago / 985 videos / 488 members
Updated 1 hour ago
Documentary filmmaking for the Web. Members share and critique each other's films. This is a non-commercial channel.
3 years ago / 1,038 videos / 479 members
Updated 1 hour ago
3 years ago / 6 videos / 458 members
Updated 5 days ago
Shake The World is an independent film production group that focuses its creative energies on indie film production and distribution. The ultimate goal […]
2 years ago / 714 videos / 324 members
Updated 1 hour ago
Videos featuring non-profit organizations.

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