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Vimeo PRO Guidelines

  • You MUST become a Vimeo PRO subscriber if you want to do any of the following:

    • You want to upload commercial videos. Commercial videos are videos that promote a product, service, or brand or contain any advertising (e.g., pre-roll ads, post-roll ads, overlay ads, or links). For example, a company that wants to upload infomercials or product tutorials must be a Vimeo Pro subscriber.
    • You want to use Vimeo for your business's video hosting needs. This applies whether your videos are commercial or not. For example, an online newspaper that is monetized by advertising must have a Vimeo Pro account if it wants to use the Vimeo Service to play news videos on its website.
    • You want to upload videos that you did not create (but own or have the right to upload). For example, a user who wants to upload a public domain video that he or she did not create must be a Vimeo Pro subscriber.

    The first two rules do not apply to small scale independent production companies, non-profits, and artists who want to use the Vimeo Service to showcase or promote their own creative works.

  • You may interact with the community if you follow these rules:

    By default, Vimeo PRO accounts and their videos will not be displayed on PRO users may opt to display their accounts and videos (on a video-by-video basis) on by enabling Community Pass. In order to use Community Pass, you must comply with the following rules:

    • You must abide by the Vimeo Community Guidelines as if you were a non-Vimeo PRO member.
    • You may not solicit any business or promote any product or service in the community (e.g., through videos, messaging, commenting, etc.).
    • You must ensure that each video shared with the community (1) is non-commercial; and (2) was created by you.

    Vimeo reserves the right to disable your use of Community Pass in the event of a violation of these guidelines.

Uploading Guidelines

  • You must have all necessary permissions to upload the video.

    • You must own or have the right to upload the video.
    • If the video contains third party content (such as video, music, or images), you must have the right to use that content.
    • Your video must not infringe third party copyrights or other intellectual property.
  • Your video must comply with all of our other content restrictions.

    You may NOT upload videos that:

    • You found on the Internet or elsewhere.
    • Are compilations of TV programs or movies.
    • Are "fan vids."
    • Contain sexually explicit content or pornography. However, non-sexual nudity is permitted.
    • Contain hateful, defamatory, or discriminatory content or incite hatred against any individual or group.
    • Depict unlawful acts or extreme violence.
    • Depict animal cruelty or extreme violence towards animals.
    • Promote fraudulent schemes, multi level marketing (MLM) schemes, get rich quick schemes, online gaming and gambling, cash gifting, work from home businesses, or any other dubious money-making ventures.
    • Violate any law.

If you have any questions regarding these uploading guidelines, please contact us.

Community Support

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We work very hard to help all our users but please note that our staff business hours are Monday through Friday, 9AM – 6PM EST.

Need Help?

If you are having a problem or need help with Vimeo, please use our Help Center.

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