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28. Documentary: The Agent of Change
7 months ago
24. Transmedia
7 months ago


  • Rajesh J Taylor 7 months ago
    Really interesting talk. Learned alot from Morgan Spurlock. Shame about the moderator talking over her stage guests constantly.
  • Jason Bosch plus 7 months ago
    Thanks Vimeo for posting this.

    With all respect I must say that the moderator Jess was a bit much. She took up too much of the time talking and kept interrupting the speakers.

    My favorite part of this was:

    Jess: "It feels like you're standing next to a football game wanting to be invited to join in and after a few hours realizing they're not going to pass you the ball."

    Morgan: "Yea"

    I wish they had talked more about how to use these films to create social change and less on the business side of things.

    Hey, check out that cool skull and bones ring about 39 minutes in.
  • John DiMare plus 6 months ago
    good stuff
    but yeah I agree Jess was a bit much
  • Jess Search plus 6 months ago
    Hello everyone - Jess here. Thanks for the feedback - will try to reign it in in future. Jason - if you are interested in using films for social change, that's really my other organisation's area of expertise (the Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation rather than Shooting People) which is why Vimeo asked me to take part We fund films for social change like The End of the Line, Hell and Back Again, Afghan Star, The Yes Men Fix the World and have just released a 2 year evaluation study of that film's impact - which you can download for free here:​evaluation.

    We have a new global prize thanks to PUMA called the Impact Award that Morgan is also on the jury for - a €50,000 prize for the documentary that creates the most impact - entries close on April 11​pages/​824/​view

    We also run the Good Pitch in association with Sundance Institute Doc Program - which filmmakers can apply to in order to get introduced to social change/ campaign partners from foundations, campaigns, brands etc. We just closed the call for the next one in New York but you can get info her

    And finally we fund developments thanks to PUMA by filmmakers from all over the world with early stages ideas about films that can have an influence. That's here:​puma
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