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31. Closing Keynote: Vernacular Video
7 months ago
24. Transmedia
7 months ago


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  • Patrick Moberg plus 7 months ago
    This is enthralling!
  • Phil Nelson 7 months ago
    If you enjoyed this I'd heartily suggest looking up Bruce's other keynotes, many of which are on Vimeo.
  • Opensource Obscure 7 months ago
    It'd be great if it there was a transcript.
    Anyone can help?

    As a non-native-English-speaker, I have an hard time in understanding everything (reading English text would be much easier).
  • Eric Hires plus 7 months ago
    That was rad and little depressing. I hope there are some of us living in the country, sitting in rocking chairs and watching the weather come in in 25 years.

    Big thanks Vimeo for posting all the sessions from the Festival for those of us that couldn't make it!
  • Alex Feyerke 7 months ago
    Starts rather slowly, but from the middle on it just gets more amazing with every minute, culminating in a brilliant rant of insight. Great thinking.
  • James Ho 7 months ago
    very good
  • James George plus 5 months ago
    Portions of this keynote were a big inspiration for a recent photography project. Although I may be contributing to the problem he hints myself =)​works/​deptheditordebug.html

    Inspiring and insightful -
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