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24. Transmedia
7 months ago
20. DSLR Cinema- The new dawn of filmmaking?
7 months ago
  • Aaron Shadwell plus 7 months ago
    wow film might stop- bummer i would like to work with it.
  • Stu Haight 7 months ago
    Yes that is unfortunate. Or go to a school that still shoots film that way you could at least get a taste of it there.

    OK if this video was posted 11 days ago why at 15:05 they're mentioning Panny's AF100?

    What's the real timestamp of this video please? I should have caught on that this was old.

    I also love how some people I know are like "Yeah but I can get the 5D for $2500, the HVX/HPX/EX1 is $4000-$6000" "LOL buddy, unless you drop the extra $5000 on propper lenses, your videos won't look much different then having being shot on a 1/3" camera".

    I'm still true to all-in-one video cameras, fast post workflow too, and frankly you can get fair DOF with the EX1 1/2" sensors in the right hands of a smart cameraman, I don't like explosively shallow DOF it's making me sick now this past few years it's now become a show where we see how shallow we can go and get that close up of a dude smoking a cigarette that I've seen way too much.

    And who said deep DOF looks bad? When done right with proper lighting... etc. DSLRS are fantastic for straight to web stuff like music videos and individual small projects SMALL projects, but I just hate the workflow, at least with Avid that is with .movs, that's also why I'm more towards P2/XDCam/EX for the .mxf and metadata.

    I will say though, if you have $10,000 (for body + lenses) then that's the way to go, but the AF100 is def. a DSLR killer and better in a lot of aspects.

    And at 30:25, nail on the hammer.
  • WEREHAUS plus 7 months ago
    vincent & philip are the shit and should have their own shows.
  • ROFILMS plus 7 months ago
    very insightful
    thanks for posting this up!
  • Jonathan Kramer 7 months ago
    The moderator aside, a really great watch. Can't wait for more of these from future events.
  • Andrew Reid plus 7 months ago
    Agree, the moderator is patronising beyond belief especially at 30mins in and generally comes across very badly.

    Otherwise great chat!
  • the Modern Vigilante 7 months ago
    Yeah the moderator is reallyyyyy pushing it, he gives himself a 5 minute introduction. no-body cares.
  • Niki Caligiuri 4 months ago
    Agreed on the self serving moderator. Dear Vimeo, please take note for next year!
  • Gustavo Noble 7 months ago
    These guys are the best in the DSRL industry and know pretty much everything there is to know . I’m so glad that I can come to Vimeo and get this information on here that I wouldn’t get any where else .
  • hell yuh
  • Project Obangsaek plus 7 months ago
    @jonathan. agreed. moderator is full of himself....
  • I bet they talked shit about em backstage
  • moderator: I know this, I do this, I am amazing, listen to me
  • Chris Duke plus 7 months ago
    @jonathan I agree... it was extremely annoying.

    Great video otherwise. Philip and Vincent are awesome to watch.
  • 23 Pictures 7 months ago
    This shoot is making me thirsty ... where do I get a bottle of Vimeo water?!?

    Vincent said "You need to let go a little bit." -Classic!

    New gig for Vincent & Philip--going door to door, fixing everyone's tele's. Dig it! ;-)

  • jonny von wallström plus 7 months ago
    I shoot everything documentary with the 5D and I can't imagine working with anything else. It takes practice to focus, but when mastered it's sooo good. With a shoulder rig with follow focus like the DVtec or Swedish Chameleone it's not even a problem.

    When it comes to the sound, with practice, you know when your sound is good. You need to calibrate the Juicedlink or whatever mixer.

    Can't really understand the problem here. There are way more advantages to shooting a doc on 5D.
  • Stu Haight 7 months ago
    It's not that there's a problem (in the end it's the result that matters) but they pointed out the highs and lows, the highs being the price for what you get out of a DSLR, the lows being the hasstle of what you mentioned which is the massive setup time for that shoulder rig you have, which isn't run and gun, especially when you want to change lenses. But the result is the shallow DOF which works for some of the work you've done (I've checked out your mtv stuff good stuff dude). You also seem more along the lines of cinema style stuff, where as me, I'm more towards efficency = not as pretty because I'm not on a DSLR...

    I'm personally more towards all-in-one cameras, well, like video cameras, which make my life easier because of the workflow in post as well (I'm in Avid, so .mxf is an advantage, where as .mov you might be on FCP or Pr CS5 for native .mov).
  • ZERO SILENCE plus 6 months ago
    For sure, but to me it's a really amazing turn for documentary filmmaking. Been working with it on an upcoming feature doc and sh*t I'm in love with the 5D MK II.

    Just got back from Cairo filming Jan25 revolution and to be able to be discreet with the 5D, 50mm lens and just one wireless mic is amazing. I would love to have more stuff, especially to get quality sound, but sometimes it's not possible. Especially when you think of all the crackdowns being made on foreign journalists over there.

    As you say, it's a disturbing workflow, but I think the pro's outweigh the cons.

  • Nino Leitner plus 7 months ago
    You're kidding me - no mobile version of a video posted by a Vimeo staff member? :(

    Anyway, it really shouldn't be an option anymore, but a standard that every video is available on iPhone/iPad and the likes. It's 2011, people, wake up!! :)
  • Make Some Tea plus 7 months ago
    i second this
  • Philip Bloom pro 7 months ago
    there is a reason guys. mobile version are limited to 30 minutes!
  • Nino Leitner plus 7 months ago
    Darn. They should have edited several monologues of the moderator out, then it would have been below the limit I guess ;)

    (Oops, that was out loud, wasn't it!)
  • Serge Taveras 7 months ago
    the trick to mobile playing is to scrub to the area you want and play from there. I scrubbed my second time around to 38 minutes and it played till the end on my iphone.
  • Nino Leitner plus 7 months ago
    How can I scrub to anything when my iPhone shows "no mobile version available" instead of the video?
  • "...probably not in 3D"
    Great delivery Vincent!
  • Daniel Peters plus 7 months ago
    really enjoyed the interview but not the Moderator ha ;)
  • S2408 7 months ago
    Thank God Vimeo invited David Leitner (a.k.a., here, the Moderator)... with out him this would be just another dslr "VIDEO" talk! So, again, thank you very much Vimeo Staff, you guys were able to honour the theme!
  • Blake Whitman staff 7 months ago
  • Faisal Ali 7 months ago
    Like Phil said, would you make a full feature length film using a 5D Mark II?. NO!. Feature film is a totally different area. You can never get that 'film' look using a DSLR. For commercials, photography, home videos, music videos yes DSLR is much more convenient.
  • Andrew Reid plus 7 months ago
    Good interview. Although I've been critical of some of Vincent's work (because it is so high end, such high spec, it is at odds with his message about accessibility, DSLRs being affordable and being freed up from bulky equipment, etc.) - I'd still like to see some bare bones work from Vincent. But he comes across very well here. Nice guy.
  • ReelShort productions plus 7 months ago
    he didn't moderate, he was just opinionated
  • Andrew Reid plus 7 months ago
    He spoke a load of tosh!

    Extremely defensive about his craft too... move on! Film is dead!
  • David Kenny plus 7 months ago
    what a big head the moderator has, very insightful! Long live the DSLR! Thoroughly enjoyed.
  • Marvene Rom Munda plus 7 months ago
    "its all about the story"...nuff said ^^ but its still great to see what the future holds to filmmaking...its actually exciting ^^
  • Paul Wood plus 7 months ago
    Really interesting. Quite a few points to take in. But positive i think. I Dont think DSLRs will ever have 'all' the features of dedicated video cameras simply because of money, it would hurt their sales of pro video cameras. But the 5D is damn close!! Lets see how far DSLRs go with features. Interesting times we live in.
  • bajas 7 months ago
    Great talk... and lots of god points..

    But what those gays dont se is what these HDSLRs is going to do in the "still-photograperts-markes".
    Some say that those cameras as a revolution in the movie-production. I dont know that , but I do know that its going to be a huge game-shifter and a total revolution for people like me (still-photographer).

    Wait 5 years and you will not get one assigment as a still-photographer if you dont delver video on the side...
  • Alan Quirk 7 months ago
    I agree with quite a few of the comments regarding the moderator!

    Fun conversation about the quality of where your films end up being viewed. It's the same with producing an album; you can make it sound amazing on the best stereo speakers money can buy, but people will still listen it on the radio through a tinny speaker or on a beat-up old portable stereo.

    Great video!
  • plus 7 months ago
    Interesting conversation as always from Philip and Vincent.
  • KahL-One plus 7 months ago
    I actually appreciated all THREE POV here.

    The classical filmmaker type brings more perspective to the situation than someone who is weaned solely on digital video like many of us. Of course he's biased and big headed. He's accomplished more than many of us have, for far longer and we should probably aspire emulate and or surpass. Many people here would be the same way. And not for nuthin', Bloom is great with his insight as well, but he's just as big headed.

    With that said, this was an AWESOME forum between these three guys. I learned a lot and am looking forward to more meeting of the minds like this.
  • Mikey Leung plus 6 months ago
    I agree with you on this one. When people have experience you can sense them speaking from that point of view. The moderator -- what is his name? -- does come across as arrogant and outdated, but we needed the different points of view to make the conversation what it was.
  • Chris Winter plus 7 months ago
    God that moderator was rude.
  • Renny Hayes 7 months ago
    So patronizing...
  • hrldmm 7 months ago
    Great stuff.
  • Caleb Pike plus 7 months ago
    Someone tell the moderator to stop talking... We don't care, let Vinnie and Phil take over PLEASE.
  • Joseph Jang 7 months ago
    dang. the moderator is annoying.
  • jason@mcmillanroad plus 7 months ago
    Kudos to Phil and Vince for keeping it pro and for not losing it and going fisticuffs with that guy on the stage for all the patronizing and thinly veiled jabs. Very good talk. While I agree that film has a place and an aesthetic, he wasn't helping the cause any with the way he made the case.
  • Vincent Laforet pro 7 months ago
    It was a lot of fun... happy to do interviews/panels with Senior Bloom anytime - he's a gentleman and a comic!
  • HDSLR-FLIMMAKER 7 months ago

    Please can i have vimeo wter too

    thank for all
    Vincent and Phillip speak french but i never see them
    in france "LYON" for example
    you' re my gues....
    see you ....
  • arian 7 months ago
    awesome, nobody in the audience knows how to properly use a mic. great chat though
  • Randy Noland pro 7 months ago
    Great discussion. Seemed like a lot of fun that made it easy to watch. The interview was longer than most time I give online content but the format worked. In defense of David Leitner, his input added to the depth of discussion. I perceive his point of view as more nostalgic (less defensive) and give him credit, he was onstage with an open mind.
  • Agree with most of the comments here, really interesting debate. Yes the mod came across slightly at odds with Vincent and Philip and although he was keen to show off his knowledge he didn't seem to grasp the point of this new wave. But it made for a more balanced debate.
  • 2020digging 7 months ago
    I don't understand what all the fuss is with the moderator. His comments and directives were informed and more within the context of the theme of the talk than the two guests.
  • Geoff A Charters plus 7 months ago
    Thanks VIMEO for doing this video. Fantastic. Fantastic. Please give everyone lots of notice for the next Vimeo Festival because I'll fly from the other side of the planet (Asutralia) to come to this event. And write it off on tax! Excellent!
  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Andrew Reid plus 7 months ago
    Part of the skill of being a good DP is to adapt and move on when technology changes. Judging from David Leitner (mod) I don't think he is quite ready to do that just yet!
  • Blake Whitman staff 7 months ago
    Serge, this comment is extremely rude and completely uncalled for. I am deleting this comment. This is a warning.​guidelines
  • Serge Taveras 7 months ago
    Warning accepted Blake. I guess the word "Pompous As*" towards the moderator cant be used on vimeo? Ill make a note of it.
  • Geoff A Charters plus 7 months ago
    Why all the comments about the moderator? Haven't you ever been to a conference before? I think he did a fantastic job. You're discussing an issue that has nothing to do with the subject they are talking about.
  • Serge Taveras 7 months ago
    Oh gee must be Pick on my comments week.
  • Cedric Pilard plus 7 months ago
    Really like what's being said at 40min. Yes it's important and great to have perfect image quality (from a pixel point of view here...) but... Is it what it's all really about ? The story...
  • Mikey Leung plus 6 months ago
    Totally! 'All the technology in the world does not a filmmaker make..'
  • Oli Kember plus 7 months ago
    Vincent's line 'Progress cannot be stopped' really sums up the whole film vs digital thing for me. Very entertaining discussion and some great insights from two guys who obviously know their stuff.
  • M. Keegan Uhl plus 7 months ago
    Of note: "Like Crazy" was just bought by Paramount at Sundance for $4mil and was shot on a Canon 7D by a friend of mine.​2011/​01/​indie-movie-shot-on-canon-hdslr-like-crazy-sold-to-paramount-for-4-million/​
  • M. Keegan Uhl plus 7 months ago
    And cheers to Vince for reminding us that Story is king. The tools and toys are just what enable us to tell stories.
  • Serge Taveras 7 months ago
    Awesome! And it now took the Sun dance Grand Jury Prize!​movies/​article.aspx?news=625703>1=28101
  • The Film Artist plus 7 months ago
    Very interesting, lovely interview, traditional cinema is facing a huge challenge, especially those who work within it. I believe DSLR, the micro 4/3rds and mobile HD market are set to revolutionise media for the future in more than just a big way. Although I'm not working in media, I introduced my friend who is a notable director in the UK to Vimeo and DSLR cinema, he has just shot a commercial on the 5D. For me it's about the people and unleashing of their creativity and the changing and evolving technology not just for the cameras but for the software, hardware and social networking revolution. This is the beginning :)
  • CHEMI plus 7 months ago
    While it's a sad thing that celluloid film is pretty much dying, these HDSLR cameras and the RED and ALEXA are bringing a revolution in cinema. Still, I love Roger Deakins' work and of course none of those films would have looked anywhere as good had they been shot on anything else than FILM!!
  • Daisy 3 Pictures plus 7 months ago
    Gotta disagree. The Social Network was shot on RED and the Academy saw fit to nominate it for best cinematography. And the new RED Epic camera is superior to film in latitude, resolution and malleability in post. And film had over a hundred years to perfect itself. Digital film is in its infancy and within 10 years will be very obviously superior to film, even to the layman.
  • Duncan Wolfe plus 7 months ago
    As irritating as the moderator might have been, I think he presents a necessary skepticism that seems to be drown out among the HD-DSLR fandom.

    Interesting comments about the accessibility to filmmaking tools. I hope next generation of DSLRs will be increasingly innovative at a reasonable price point.
  • Caleb Pike plus 7 months ago
    I agree. I watched this video for Vincent, and Blooms take, and felt the moderator wanted to be the speaker. The best moderators asks deep questions than stops talking.

    And I guess the moderators "Im a big deal" vibe really really turned me off.
  • ps 7 months ago
    Great session. It's unfortunate David Leitner came across the way he did. most of you little pishers don't get the history he brings to the table. The place he mentioned he worked, DuArt, back in the day, was one of the places small scale film makers, artists and documentarians (before the word "indie" was thought up), were able to get their film work done. This was in a time when getting access to gear or film stock or anything related to the process was a major expense and challenge.. you couldn't drop a grand at Best Buy and become Quentin Tarantino. Making movies was corporate run, and out of reach. He should have lead us into the title of this session. He comes off as agitated, as my post probably does as well. The idea of a site or platform like vimeo existing was dream like, 30 years ago. 20 years ago, it was all corporate cable owned, and now... well... The technology has shaken up the whole playing field. From concept, inception, creation and distribution. which is miraculous.
    and you kids just expect and assume all this.
    He brought a point of context to this, making it easier to fawn over Philip and Vincent. (which I do as well.)
  • Geoff A Charters plus 7 months ago
  • Christian Remde plus 7 months ago
    The moderator spoke more than Vincent or Philip...why? I get that he's knowledgeable, but I clicked on the video to hear the other two guys speak and got a very patronizing moderator.
  • Daniel Stancil plus 7 months ago
    The moderator is very annoying.
  • Daniel Stancil plus 7 months ago
    The greatest line Vincent said " you need to lighten up"
  • Eric Hires plus 7 months ago
    Very interesting, thank you. However, I believe that film will always have its place!
  • Rodrigo Prata 7 months ago
    Roger Deakins has always been extremely straight foward on the subject of new technologies... He has never beem a film defender for the sake of It... Whem the RED was starting to get acepted as an aquisition format he said on his blog that he had seem some tests and they looked impressive... A while after he said he had done some tests of his own and decided the camera was not good enough yet... whem he tested the Alexa he find that the alexa had (in his opinion) more quality them film, and that is why he is shooting on it now.

    When asked if he tought that No contry For Old Men would have looked as good as it does if it had beem shot digitaly, he said: "you seem to believe that I would acept to shoot on a format of a lesses quality them film! why on earth would I ever do that?"

    So the point is that he was always willing to shoot digitally, had digitally capture technologie beem better them film 10 years ago, he would have beem shooting digital fo 10 years now...
  • Stas K 7 months ago
    Moderator is just full of it, so self obsessed and old school, against modern stuff.
    Good talk from the other two though.
  • Jeff Clausen plus 7 months ago
    Been said a million times here but I'll add to it....that moderator blows!
  • Peter Reynolds 7 months ago
    The moderator needs to get over himself.... or just get a mirror and take his selflove to a room.
  • Fantastic stuff. Great watch! :) Thanks for doing this and thanks Vimeo for sharing.
  • Joel Mielle 7 months ago
    Six Lovers, Another Canon 7D feature film coming out soon:​
  • Thomas Fontaine 7 months ago
    He likes dept of phil.
  • dennis hingsberg 7 months ago
    Great show Vincent and Phil! So RED is Dead right? ;)
  • Forrest MacCormack plus 7 months ago
    Great idea to have these guys talk. Very informative. I don't see the issue with the moderator either.
    Suggestion for an improvement for next time - Use lavalier mics.
  • Jimmy Keegan 7 months ago
    I really like Vincent's outlook on it all. Philip and Vincent together are a load of laughs. :) Very entertaining.
  • Jim McKenzie plus 7 months ago
    Great discussion. I always found it funny how some people cling to archaic technology. Creativity comes not from the camera but the artist who uses it.
  • JontyJames 7 months ago
    I loved this - informative and entertaining. And I don't get the hostility towards the moderator - just because someone has a different view there's no need to lay into him. Maybe when people here have a tenth of that guy's experience they'll have earned the right to shoot him down.
  • Daniel Bean plus 7 months ago
    Great video, and loved the comments by Philip and Vincent.

    By the way Vimeo, because of how you chose to make it so that you can't "fast forward" or skip ahead to a part of the video that hasn't been downloaded yet (unlike YouTube's "nonlinear" approach in which you can click anywhere and it will start playing from there), I had to wait for it to re-download over an hour's worth of video, just to resume watching after it stalled the first time and I had to refresh the page. Not as big of a problem on 2-3 minute videos, but a big nuisance on longer videos like this one. Please fix this Vimeo!
  • Daniel Bean plus 7 months ago
    All of this waiting around for the video to download again is giving me time to think about and write how frustrating this experience is. Now after I redownloaded an hour's worth of video, I decided I want to watch it in HD. As soon as I clicked "HD," Vimeo starts the whole process over and started re-downloading from the beginning. So screw it, I'll watch the rest in SD...and now it's redownloading the same thing for a third time! Vimeo, this is really not working for longer videos, you need to get this fixed.
  • David Belusic 7 months ago
    wow i just realized i COULD skip ahead today for the first time....hmmm is this a result of your plea here??
  • Daniel Bean plus 7 months ago
    wow you're right David! It works now when using the HTML5 player. Thanks Vimeo, for listening. Still doesn't work on the Flash Player, but at least they are making improvements. The only thing I don't like about using the HTML5 player is that when you go full screen you can't see how much of the video has already downloaded. If they just fix that and let you skip ahead in the Flash Player, everything will be beautiful in both players!
  • doublejnyc plus 7 months ago
    By the way, Tiny Furniture, the film that won SXSW 2010, that Philip noted, was shot on 7D, not the 5D.​news/​2010/​07/​shooting-tiny-furniture/​
  • Robert Cawthorne plus 7 months ago
    I almost stopped watching because the moderator is so self absorbed.
  • Christopher Dombeck 7 months ago
    I liked all three. The mod did come across as a little patronizing but I liked that he pushed Vincent and Philip to defend themselves and their process.

    Not to mention, the world is still spinning :p

    Next year, in person!
  • James Redd 6 months ago
    Yes! It was very inspiring to see how confident they were!
  • Dreamlike Pictures 6 months ago
    mod·er·a·tor (md-rtr)
    1. One that moderates.

    He thought the invite said 'pontificator'.
  • LCM 5 months ago
    Mr. moderator reminds me of the burnt-out-washed-up old professors I had at school who got their kicks patronizing and insulting the students for their lack of knowledge and ability. I like the other two guys playing grab ass though. Maybe the moderator was mad because he wanted to play grab ass too but they did not want him to play because he's old and wrinkly.
  • Lens Flair Media 5 months ago
    It's funny because listening to Vincent talk about how he was a photographer and this turned him into a videographer, and for Philip to say the opposite was true for him, was the most important and amazing thing that can be said of the HDLSR revolution. These cameras have flipped that whole world upside down. Blurred the line between still and moving images. Photographers suddenly were seduced by the world of video and vice versa. I was a novice videographer taking home movies of my life for 20 years since my teenage years, and I bought the 7D after seeing some of the amazing videos created with it online. So that was my initial intent to use it for video. But, then I realized there were a lot of challenges and difficulty to get good video. Wasn't so great for spur of the moment hand held shots of the kids in the park at at a ball game. A lot of preparation and additional tools required as well as skills. Ironically the thing I got the camera for became what I used it least for. I ended up using it 90% of the time for photography. Then I fell in love with photography and it became my passion. I read books on the subject and took classes. Go figure. One of these days I'll get back to the video, but it requires so much more effort and editing time, I guess I'm just lazy. But, the great thing about becoming a photographer and learning the art, is that it inadvertently made me a better videographer. Now my videos look many times better than they did when I first got the camera and knew nothing about photography. I just need to do more of them!
  • Mark Parham plus 5 months ago
    very educational - i love this video
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