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37. Video 101: Choosing a Camera
8 months ago
36. Couch Mode
10 months ago
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
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3 years ago
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3 years ago
Learn how to choose the right camera for you

See the full lesson here for more details-​videoschool/​lesson/​22/​video-101-choosing-a-camera



  • Remyyy plus 8 months ago
    Finally, the explanation of the green screen !!! :) Nice video Internet !!
  • Daniel Hayek staff 8 months ago
    Answers to all the mysteries!
  • Tess Thomasson 8 months ago
    While I liked this video, I thought it was going to show me several different kinds of cameras and what each one was best for, not why a camcorder was better than my smart phone for shooting video. Oh well...
  • Daniel Hayek staff 8 months ago
    The general idea is that there are two very basic ways you can go, a device dedicated to shooting video and one that is not.
  • AESTAUS 8 months ago
    the guy at 3:14 KILLED me hahaha, very funny.
  • Daniel Hayek staff 8 months ago
    That's none other than Josh Ruben, our director and hilarious cashier.
  • Osaliki Films plus 7 months ago
  • Fernando Nunes 6 months ago
    I liked very much, but I've just missed the subtitles. It gets easier to understand the video, mainly for people who English is not the mother language, like me. U_U
  • TheComputerDuck 5 months ago
    What song is 03:42?
  • bruno rios 2 months ago
    i need to record videos in night parties... what is best for me? a dslr camera or a camcorder? i'll need any acessory for the ilumination? thanks!
  • Daniel Hayek staff 2 months ago
    A DSLR will generally perform better in low light conditions.
  • bruno rios 2 months ago
    even a camcorder being a "device dedicated to shooting video" and a dslr being a "camera that can make videos"? how about the audio quality of both? thanks again!
  • Daniel Hayek staff 2 months ago
    In terms of low light it's all about sensor size and DSLRs have much larger sensors. Sound is generally better on camcorders but really you should record sound via a dedicated mic of some sort. The zoom h4n is great.
  • Tristen Espenscheid 2 months ago
    What is the name of that camcorder?????
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