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This video is a visual representation of what I see and feel when I listen to Panda Bear. The music of Panda Bear and Animal Collective has been extremely important to me on a very personal level. It has had an impact on how I see, hear, feel and enjoy the world. This is a personal thank you to Noah for making me feel so much happiness and beauty.

Directed, shot and edited by Brendan Canty of Feel Good Lost.

Music by Noah Lennox - Panda Bear
Song - 'You Can Count On Me' from his new album 'Tomboy'. (Single version)

I urge you to buy it, its amazing.
  • Matt Landry plus 4 months ago
    man, the sequence that starts at 0:33 looks wicked. how did you do that?!
  • Feel Good Lost plus 4 months ago
    Thanks man. I got headlamp/torch. And I got coloured filter paper. Then I shine this into the lens of a camera. I mess with the focus and the zoom and sometimes I get another lens, flip it around and hold it in front of the lens already attached to the camera. Then shine the light through...this can distort the light a bit. For some f them I shined the light through clear glass aftershave bottle etc to get a liquidy effect on the light. The once I've done this enough times I bring the clips into final cut. Then I layer different clips on top of each other. I will change the hue of each clip and alter the blending mode (screen or overlay works nicely but experiment). And also move its position and scale it up or down etc. You can also speed it up or down. Its all about messing around. After loads of this you eventually will come across my effect. Check out this:​watch?v=g2aXg_Z6nN0

    Its a video I did for a friend which is totally based on this technique...its easier to see it how its broken down though.
  • Matt Landry plus 3 months ago​24395658

    Hey man, so I tested this business out! I only had 100ft of film to shoot. so I did my best! ahahaha, thought I should let you know.
  • Feel Good Lost plus 3 months ago
  • Andrea Allen staff 4 months ago
    Beautiful. I am going to watch this on airplay on my projector at home.
  • Feel Good Lost plus 4 months ago
    Oh wow. Thank you so much. That means a lot :)
  • Andrea Allen staff 4 months ago
    You should consider adding it to this Group:​groups/​eyecandyforstrangers

    I go to these events and it would be awesome to see it on every screen in Brooklyn Bowl.
  • Feel Good Lost plus 4 months ago
    I just added it. Thanks a million! That sounds amazing...I'd absolutely love to be there for it! *rolls fists at geography, lack of funds and final year project*. Really chuffed that you added me to the 'We Found these!' list :) Today has been so lovely :)
  • Darragh Nolan 4 months ago
    Gorgeous. <3
  • Feel Good Lost plus 4 months ago
    Ah thanks a million man! :)
  • Feel Good Lost plus 4 months ago
    Love your sounds by the way!
  • one shot seattle plus 3 months ago
    Nice work!
  • Feel Good Lost plus 3 months ago
    Thanks a million man! :)
  • Luís Ferreira 3 months ago
    Just beautiful. Really. And I feel so much like you do. Animal Collective is probably my favorite band ever. They are the most inspiring thing I know
  • Feel Good Lost plus 3 months ago
    Ya totally man. I'm not a musician and they are one of my biggest inspirations. Their music is so visual. I saw them last monday. I wish I could remember more. Oops. :P
  • claudia ibarra 30 days ago
    Genius on so many levels! I love the rings of color. this video is perfection.
  • Feel Good Lost plus 30 days ago
    Awwh Wow. That's probably the nicest complement I've ever got. Thank you!
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