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26. Untitled
2 months ago
25. Untitled
2 months ago
24. Perpetual Cradle
4 months ago
23. Toronto Night and Day
4 months ago
22. Stuffed! promo
4 months ago
21. 10. White Balance T2i
6 months ago
20. 9. ISO
6 months ago
19. 8. Depth of Field
6 months ago
18. 7. Aperture
6 months ago
17. 6. Shutter Speed and FPS
6 months ago
16. 5. Perspective
6 months ago
13. 2. Lens assembly
6 months ago
12. 1. Introduction
6 months ago
10. Parkour T2i slow motion
10 months ago
7. T2i sample footage
1 year ago
5. The Commercial
1 year ago
4. Sherlock Jr Jr
1 year ago
3. You're Breaking Up
1 year ago
1. Que Sera
1 year ago
Part 7 of a short series of training videos covering the basics of DSLR videography.

Although centred around the Canon T2i, most of these tutorials cover basic priniciples that apply to DSLR videography in general.

These lessons were made for students in the DAC program at the University of Waterloo.

Produced July 2010



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  • This comment has been deleted.

  • --jL 6 months ago
  • Beekeeper plus 6 months ago
    Not everybody can explain clearer when it comes to aperture, yours is pretty sweet.
  • Scar 5 months ago
    I agree!
  • Joshua R Arnold 6 months ago
    Thanks for posting these up man! A lot of people learn as they go, but it really helps to have someone explain it verbally and visually.
  • Mark Corliss plus 6 months ago
    I thought this was SUPER CLEAR. The motion graphics really paid off big time.
  • Fernando Goya 6 months ago
    Man this really helpful!!!

    But could you just help me to understand one thing?

    If a small aperture like f/1.4 LOT o light come to throught the lens. And with something like f/22, less light throught the lens. This I understand. But the thing that I can't understand is: Why with f/1.4 we have the shallow deppth of field? In my head, if lot of light pass throught the lens, more thing I probably can see. But is the oposite.

    Sorry my bad english and I holp you can help me to understand this...
  • Paul Doffman 5 months ago
    how does a cropped sensor size effect this? So if i have my aperture set to f / 2.0 on a 25mm 2.0 cropped sensor such as my gh1 would that have the same affect as a f 2.0 on a 50mm lens with a full size sensor?

    Great video thanks
  • Watts 5 months ago
    I think F2 on same milimeters should be same on FullFrame than on crop. But the best thing to do is to find a camera for testing somewhere and do images with crop and fullframe on same settings.^^
  • --jL 4 months ago
    I would guess that no, it would not be the same in terms of irish opening... even though you're angle of view would match. If you're shooting with a 25mm lens on a camera with a crop factor of 2 then you're angle of view will appear like that of a 50mm on a full frame sensor. But the iris opening would nonetheless be 25 / 2 = 12.5mm on the camera with the 25mm lens and 50 / 2 = 25mm on the full frame camera with the 50mm lens at those aperture settings.

    I agree with Watts though - best thing to do is test it and see!
  • Watts 5 months ago
    Love it! i first didn't know what would divided by f-stop be, but now i get it! thanks!
  • Sandrou Vega 4 months ago
    so good! never knew the reason why a smaller f-stop has a larger opening compared to a bigger f stop until i saw your vid. good job!
  • never been better explained... excellent!
  • chancesarefilms plus 3 months ago
    this helped me so much this past weekend..finally, someone explains it to me.
  • extremeclimax 2 months ago
    wow. your videos really help me a lot!thx!:D
  • Ammad Khan 2 months ago
    You have explained the concept of aperture in a way that I can easily understand. Thank you so much! :)
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