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Featured Video - Zacuto EVF: Custom Scaling Options

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FilmFellas Cast 7

Steve's Pick

“La Tangente” by Vincent Vesco

Written by Shirley Baugher

La Tangente
(making contact at a single point along a line—touching, but not intersecting; a sudden digression or change of course)

"Very well done, Vince. The cinematography, editing, screen direction, directing, music—everything is excellent. I especially liked the story, which had a nice character arch. Again, well done. Thank you" ~Steve

On the Road

Films about road trips are fascinating to filmmakers and filmgoers alike. Some have even become classics. The most memorable is probably Easy Rider—a 1969 road movie written by Peter Fonda, Terry Southern, and Dennis Hopper.  It tells the story of two bikers (Fonda and Hopper) who travel through the American south and southwest looking for freedom. The film helped spark the New Hollywood phase of filmmaking in the late sixties and was added to the Library of Congress National Registry in 1998.

Watch and Learn More on “La Tangente” by Vincent Vesco

What's New

Zacuto EVF Saves the Day

One of our main goals here at Zacuto is to make shooting a better experience for our clients.  We’ve been working in the business for a long time and we understand that filmmaking is an extremely complicated process that involves many people.  Anytime we hear about Zacuto gear aiding you in getting the shots you want, saving you time or simply just making your shoot easier we consider that a great success on our end.  Our good friend, Rodney Charters ASC, CSC, (DP for Fox’s 24 and cast member of Zacuto original series, Filmfellas) was recently on a shoot with a Zacuto EVF.  As the day was coming to an end, the crew scrambled to get the shots they needed.  In typical Zacuto fashion, the EVF stepped up to the challenge and got the job done.  Rodney’s Gaffer, David St. Onge, was kind enough to share the story with us.     

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Featured Columnist

The Swiss Army Knife Filmmaker ~Robin Schmidt

Convergence is apparently a big buzzword right now. Photography magazines are awash with article’s advice for photographers on how to bring video into their skill set. I don’t see many filmmakers going the other way which just tells you how valued the humble still is these days. Convergence is nothing new. Ever since Apple introduced computers with firewire ports and we could edit DV at home on free software, the convergence machine has been gathering speed. I’ve always shot, directed and edited my own work and I can now boast six or seven skill sets upon which I can lean on for a living, either individually or in combination. I just love learning new things and lately I’ve started building 3D animation and VFX into my arsenal just because I really enjoy it. They call people like us ‘Preditors’ in the UK. That’s no accident. We’re taking jobs away from the specialists and I make no apology for that. Currently I earn a living producing, directing, editing, shooting, creating motion graphics, creating visual effects, writing and providing voiceovers.

Read the Swiss Army Knife Filmmaker by Featured Columnist, Robin Schmidt

In the News

Filmfellas Cast Members to Host Event Cinema Workshop at Zacuto Headquarters

Mark your calendars for October 3rd and 4th because former Filmfellas cast members Kevin Shahinian, Joe Simon and Patrick Moreau will be hosting an exclusive, 2-day, hands-on filmmaking intensive workshop at Zacuto in Chicago, IL.  Attendees of the Event Cinema Workshop should be prepared to learn all about the intricacies of DSLR cinema production and experience a series of real-world shooting conditions with three of the best DSLR filmmakers in the industry.

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New In Rentals

David Johns is a DP from Toronto, Canada.  If you ask David about his resume, you’ll find that he’s shot just about anything you could think of.  From commercials to documentaries to television work, David has shot it all.  David picked up a Canon 5D Mark II as soon as he could get his hands on one and is actually considered by some producers to be a quiet pioneer of getting the 5D into Broadcast and commercial work in Toronto.  At first, in classic DIY fashion, David began constructing rigs for his 5D out of flash brackets or whatever else he could find.   A little further down the road, David picked up a Zacuto Target Shooter.  Anytime he needed to add an accessory or point of contact, David would purchase whatever Zacuto parts he required and attach them to his Target Shooter rig.  Eventually, David Johns camera rig evolved from a simple Target Shooter to the impressive contraptions you see below.

View David Johns Custom Zacuto Rig