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69. Behind the Glass Part 1: An Intro to Lenses
13 days ago
57. DSLR Accessories
8 months ago
56. DSLR Lenses
8 months ago
Check out the Vimeo Video School Series here-​videoschool/​lesson/​114/​behind-the-glass-an-introduction-to-lenses

Part 2: Focal Length -​27556331
Part 3: Depth of Field -​27556482

Music by digi g'alessio used under Creative Commons:​digigalessio/​morning-jam-with-darth-vader


  • Cedric Profijt 9 days ago
    Haha awesome!
  • Peter Bjorvand 9 days ago
    Hi...very informative video...I have a few questions though I've just bought a Panasonic GH2(my first SLR) and looking into getting a olympus pen-e pl2 so I'm wondering whats the best set of lenses to get for this market...I have a old canon 50mm f/1.8, a carl zeiss 50mm planar t* f/1.7, and a olympus zukio 35-70 f/3.6-4.5 macro...the reason i have all those lenses is because(TOP SECRET) I got them very cheap...less than $ my question is...what second-hand lenses do you prefer??...oh yeah a friend is giving me a helio 44 2/58...
  • Daniel Hayek staff 9 days ago
    Hey Peter, here's a great resource to check out-​forum:cameras_and_editing
  • Article19 plus 9 days ago
    looking a little red in the face dudes! :o1
  • Matthew Lawless plus 9 days ago
    haha this is classic!!
  • Gerardo Romero 9 days ago
    Great video!
    I imagine you shot this video on a full-sensor camera, like a 5dmII. You could have explained a little more on the size of the sensor and its effect, since most beginners are going to get lower end camera (cropped sensor), and that changes the zoom factor by like 1.6.
    Besides that, very good vid, and thank you for making it!
  • Daniel Hayek staff 8 days ago
    Yeah sensor cropping is something we'll go into at another time but it's an important consideration. I wasn't on this shoot but I'm pretty sure a 5D was used.
  • Vincent Laforet pro 8 days ago
    One thing at a time... if you throw sensor size and crop factor in there... you'd loose a LOT of people. This was meant to be a fun little INTRO video ;)
  • Sebastian TR plus 8 days ago
    Great vid! although yeah - maybe just a quick reference that glass FOV changes based on camera might be good. (subtitle?)

    There should definitely be some sort of Camera fight between Viking and Spaceman imo.
  • Krystian Gwizdak 8 days ago
    First and most important - it's barbarian, not viking! Vikings never worn horned helmets!
    Second, I was about to ask some question about crop factor and so on, but ok, let's just wait for some more lessons :)
  • Awesome.
  • Pasch 9 days ago
    Could you tell us how far the camera and subject was in yards, feet, inches, centimeters, millimeters or something? looks like roughly 10 benches and chairs? Haha, NICE FUN VIDEO!
  • Daniel Hayek staff 8 days ago
    Roughly 25 ft. The important thing is that all the lenses were used at the same distance.
  • DeShon Dixon 8 days ago
    This just proved white people can be funny
  • Vincent Laforet pro 8 days ago
  • Serge Bol 8 days ago
    The transition music is WAAYYYY too loud. What's up with that?
  • Vincent Laforet pro 8 days ago
    Tu devien vieux mon cher Gainsbourg!
  • Andrea Allen staff 8 days ago
    Don't worry your pretty little ears, Serge, we fixed it. ;)
  • Serge Bol 8 days ago
    Thanks Andrea. I love you
  • Steve McFarland 8 days ago
    This is super-charming, you guys. Those are some sexy motion graphics with the focal length demo, you two are hilarious, and I love the new look for staff videos! Q: Vincent's thoughts on lenses are based on using them with a full-frame camera, right?
  • Vincent Laforet pro 8 days ago
  • DMetzler 8 days ago
    very nice!!
  • Marz Akio Miller plus 8 days ago
    Behind The Lols: And Introduction to Strolololing Down the Streets OF ART.
  • Brayden Kluss 8 days ago
    Lots of very good content guys! But please, the levels are terrible, the music is way too loud compared to your voices...
  • Andrea Allen staff 8 days ago
  • Hassan Saddiq 8 days ago
    This is a very helpful video, and blake is such a silly goose lol. I especially liked the last shot showing all the focal lengths and the area of the screen they covered

    I have a question. I own the t2i, 18-55 kit lens, and the 55-250 (came with the camera). Does that mean that I never have to buy another lens since I already have all the focal range I could possibly use? why would people spend thousands on tons of other lenses if they can get all the focal ranges they need with the two kit lenses that come with the T2i?

    Thanks in advance!
  • Efrain Perez 8 days ago
    well the are more reason to seek out for lenses than just the focal lenght:

    1 aperture, the lowest the value the most light it lets into the sensor and the narrower the depht of field it produces.

    2 better optics, kit lenses are low quality, they produce more chromatic aberrations and other known issues.

    3 specialized lenses like tilt-shifts, fisheyes, lensbaby composers, plastic camera lenses, pinhole lenses are just plain fun to play with
  • Blake Whitman staff 8 days ago
    We cover more in the following lessons :)
  • Hassan Saddiq 8 days ago

    Thanks for the reply, good info that makes sense!
  • mikeneil 8 days ago
    as a lens newbie, I really enjoyed this video. Thanks for making it.
  • Blake Whitman staff 8 days ago
    awesome, glad you enjoyed it!
  • Leftaro Zebrak 8 days ago
    Good video. Just don't try so haaard to be funny. Let's just be informative okay?

    PD: the music within the transitions was a little loud.
  • Vincent Laforet pro 8 days ago
  • Leftaro Zebrak 8 days ago
    Well, I guess you prefer the usual non constructive, empty - headed comment:

    OMG guys, you're soooooo funny!! Can't wait to se the your next amazing, incredible, awesome, fantastic video, yayyy!!! the animations are great, I've never seen anything like them before. I learned so much and laughed so haaaaard ayyayayayayayjajajajajaajjahahahahaha
  • Andrea Allen staff 8 days ago
    Hey Leftaro,
    Thanks for the constructive criticism. We'll keep it in mind on future shoots. In the meantime, let's keep things civil.
  • Alec Moore 6 days ago
    Completely agree with Leftaro, keep to the info and leave the bad forced jokes out of the cut ;-)
  • Richard Briggs 8 days ago
    Hi, echo all above comments. But I would say the humour doesn't work for me. The guy on the left comes across as genuinely irritated by the guy on the right. I'm sure this is not the case but that's how it appears. Also, although referred to in comments above, at the risk of confusing beginners, aperture is SO key for big lenses. It seems to me to be the biggest factor differentiating cheap from expensive. It's almost impossible to use my cheap Vivitar 400mm F5.6 telephoto here in the UK unless it's brilliantly sunny, mid summer (i.e. rarely). It's a health warning for beginners.
  • paul luzano 8 days ago
    Laforet and Whitman VS Allen and Bloom!
  • Andrea Allen staff 8 days ago
    Phil and I could take 'em. ;)
  • Blake Whitman staff 8 days ago
    Yeah right!
  • paul luzano 7 days ago
    Fight fight fight fight
  • Mohammad Dezfuli plus 8 days ago
    Bad audio
  • Andrea Allen staff 8 days ago
  • pango 8 days ago
    «zooming» means CENTER cropping, «zooming with your feet» sounds very wrong to me, much worse when pronounced by a well known photographer.
  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Dom Oliver 8 days ago
    However it was still very useful and mildly amusing
  • Andrea Allen staff 8 days ago
    Whoa whoa whoa. No need to hate on Bill like that!
    This series was really different because it focused (hah) specifically on lenses.
    It's hard to compare with what Phil and I did because we covered a lot of stuff, but very, very briefly. :)
  • Dom Oliver 8 days ago
    Yes I know, I'm sorry, I only watched the first episode and I made a quick judgement, I'm sure they go into a lot more detail in their other episodes which I will watch intently. For a beginner like myself I value all the "Video School" lessons for they are unique and unmatched to any other resource. I know that I (definitely) or nearly anyone else could produce a video as good as this, please forgive me for my unheeded criticisms.
  • Andrea Allen staff 7 days ago
    Nothing to forgive! I'm glad you watched and left your thoughts. Also, it's totally cool to say me and Phil are better... cuz we are. haha :D
  • Douglas MacKrell plus 8 days ago
    This is amazing, thank you so much!
  • Rob Leslie 8 days ago
    Would like to hear how you feel about the new Canon 100mm Macro Lens. I got to shoot with it last Saturday and just loved the little guy.
  • Vincent Laforet pro 7 days ago
    fantastic lens. And the stabilization is does is unique - unlike any other canon lens...
  • Kedon Charles 7 days ago
    thanks guys ! :D
  • Blake Whitman staff 7 days ago
    you are most welcome!
  • Alistair Loveless plus 7 days ago
    I just like all the banter.

    Vimeo... Please please please, never change. Always stay true to your vision.
    Thank you.
  • Blake Whitman staff 6 days ago
    Thanks, that's the plan.
  • Nice Video, useful sum up !
    A "Crop Factor" video should be following this one, because most newbies start with T2i or 7D and not 24*36 (5D)
    Or other people (like me) even use GH2 with x2 Crop Factor.
    Thanks anyways for bringing simple videos we can forward to noobs.
  • 6 days ago
    Great! I really needed that. I've got two cameras that I've had for a while and its finally time for me to dive into the world of photography and video.

  • FishBlink Joe plus 6 days ago
    Hilariously informative! Vimeo are simply fantastico! Blake, you are a funny man. Andrea, you're like a random elf on christmas eve. Vincent, you surprised me as the Viking, I had no idea...
  • Trevor Britton 6 days ago
    The links to the other parts do not work in the iPhone app, and searching for them in the app only returns this video.
  • media73_TV plus 6 days ago
    Q: Why/When would you use say a 50mm prime over 50mm on a zoom lens? just for low fstop?

    And why use a 70mm prime if you can move closer with a 50?
  • media73_TV plus 6 days ago
    I would love to see a film about WHEN to use different lenses and WHY. I have three lenses but only se the 24-105 cant see why i owuld need other lenses apart from low fstops/
  • Jacob Snyder plus 6 days ago
    So when will there be a "Beyond The Still" part II? Don't you guys miss all of the Vimean bitching??? ;)

    But for real, another contest would be super fun!
  • Blake Whitman staff 5 days ago
    Trying to cook up something!
  • Kyle Doyle plus 5 days ago
    From this point forward, whenever I see Vincent doing a tutorial or interview, or really anything, I will picture him in a viking costume. I would say he is now officially type-cast.
  • Blake Whitman staff 5 days ago
  • Justin Schultz 5 days ago
    Entertaining and informative. looking forward to the rest of the series. But somebody should check those lavs next time. Can't hear sh*t.
  • Tiago Schmidt 4 days ago
    sorry guys, but that's not funny.
    Andrea Allen is waaaaay funnier!
    use her instead, we love her
    (that doesnt mean we don't love you, it's just not the same kind of loove!)
  • Tim Francis 4 days ago
    very fu8nny!
  • HappyCatFilms plus 3 days ago
    Blake, stop being an idiot. Vincent looked embarrassed for you. Don't go for slapstick; go for quality. Maybe replace Blake with Andrea. At least she seemed sincere in her interest to learn.
  • Joe Panther plus 2 days ago
    Who needs film school when we have vimeo? haha
  • a radical way to say that however nicely things look, sound is the trickier part of filmmaking...
  • Nice Piece and kinda funny there Vincent.
  • mkluis plus 19 hours ago
    Very informative, however I would have delved into the ND filters a bit more. Really important if you want to film outside on a bright day and do not want to increase your shutter speed. Plus you could have touched on how circular ND filters fuck up on a wide angle lens. Good vid though.
  • Colosus 12 hours ago
    Just want to say a big thank you for these vids! I've found the information and entertainment aspects well balanced and it's made my day. Please keep them up and enjoy doing them :)
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