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What is the Pioneers?

The Pioneers is two things. 1) A production company that produces original documentaries and advertisements. 2) The personal blog of Michael Livingston (the filmmaker behind the pioneers). Not only can you see cool new material that we produce here, but you can also find out whats awesome in music, films, design, and much more.  

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Original: Native Sons Ads

I've been working with a local company named Native Sons for a while now on a series of advertisements. We ended up producing two uniquely different ads. The first ad is a documentary styled ad which features Steve Taylor, the business owner, as he shows what Native Sons' offers. 

The second ad was created to showcase the beach lifestlye and how that effects Native Sons' style. The ad features several young adults around the area enjoying life in the area (riding bikes, going to the beach, surfing, skating, etc...). 

There was also a fair amount of footage left over from the shoots so I turned that into internet ad, which you can also see here. Enjoy


Original: Welcome to Planet Earth

Welcome to Planet Earth is the story of the extremely unique Jody Pendarvis and his 30 foot UFO he built in his front yard in the small town of Bowman, SC. After a sighting of alien life forms, Jody built the giant UFO as a place to welcome aliens when they return. All though visitors are welcomed to check out this unique and slightly odd landmark, Jody hopes that he will one day see the return of his friends from the sky. This is his story.


Original: UFO Trailer

Do you believe in aliens? Jody Pendarvis does, enough so to build a 30 foot UFO in his front yard. This man from the extremely small town of Bowman, SC has a crazy story to tell and you're not gonna want to miss it. On June 6th Apple's iCould wont be the only thing up in space, until then enjoy the trailer...