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68. Behind the Glass Part 3: Depth of Field
13 days ago
57. DSLR Accessories
8 months ago
56. DSLR Lenses
8 months ago
Check out the Vimeo Video School Series here-​videoschool/​lesson/​112/​behind-the-glass-depth-of-field

Part 1: An Introduction to Lenses​27582408
Part 2: Focal Length -​27556331

Music by digi g'alessio used under Creative Commons:​digigalessio/​morning-jam-with-darth-vader
  • Shawn Caple plus 8 days ago
    Very simply laid out! You should do a "test film" in the style of "pop up video" so people can see what is being used where.
  • Adam Szulc 8 days ago
    you should do a standalone video of the astronaut and the barbarian, love it :)
  • Evan Burns plus 8 days ago
    This was fun to watch. I know some cinematographers stick with a particular f-stop for the majority of their shots. Is this because of continuity or is it just personal preference?
  • MrPlatinumInferno 8 days ago
    Lens Lesson Complete. I like the part of part three where you guys ran out of information to talk about haha Great tutorial videos.
  • Vince Villasenor 8 days ago
    I agree, this was fun to watch and at the same time gave you the information that you needed to know. Excellent job guys!
  • Joao Sa Pinho 6 days ago
    Great tutorial, love it !
  • PC Pereira 4 days ago
    Gostei muito, parabéns!
  • Janice Glesser 4 days ago
    This was one of the clearest demonstration of lenses I have seen. Well done guys. I learned a lot and had fun watching it too. Thanks!
  • Hoop-CA, USA 4 days ago
    See? Learning CAN be fun-Thank you!
  • Tim Francis 4 days ago
    Cool, funny. It would be nice if you do another explaining the crops sensor compared to full sensor with the lenses. Should be funny, I mean informative :)
  • RushMediaStudio plus 3 days ago
    Ijust cant believe Im watching vincent doing Funny stuff!!! awesome!!! dude, this is the way to explain something heavy !
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