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Latest: Due to the increase in GST, taking effect from 1 October 2010, Gambling Commission fees will increase as follows:

Current fee (12.5% GST incl)
New fee (15% GST incl)
$340,000.00$347,555.55Application for casino operator’s licence
$23,000.00$23,511.11Application for temporary authority to operate casino
$23,000.00$23,511.11Application to approve a casino venue agreement
$1,000.00$1,022.22Application by casino licence holder to have Gambling Commission specify, vary or revoke condition(s) of a casino licence
$250.00$255.55Appeals against a decision of the Secretary of the Department of Internal Affairs
$450.00$460.00First day hearing
$450.00$460.00Half day and part day hearing
$1,000.00$1,022.22Application to vary casino venue agreement

05/05/10 Appeals by The Southern Trust and The Trusts Charitable Foundation: Summary and Decisions (4.5mb)

26/11/09 2009 Report on the Proposed Problem Gambling Levy

03/04/07 Appeal by the Lion Foundation: Summary and Decision (860k)

18/10/06 Decision on an application by the Secretary for Internal Affairs to suspend a casino licence (1mb)
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Media Releases

7/1/2004 New Lotteries, Gambling Commission appointments
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