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Family Care NZ ... Just for you!

Subscribe to Family Care NZ!

Published quarterly, Family Care is available from non profits, doctors' surgeries, hospital waiting rooms, and many other places ... or you can have it delivered to your home by phoning (0800) 777 797, emailing or signing up online.

Until now, with support from our major sponsors, we have been able to keep the magazine free for readers, but due to rising costs, we need your help. 

We are now asking new subscribers if they can assist by paying a $20 annual subscription to support the magazine, your $20 covers four issues of Family Care.

We are also asking existing readers who can afford to do so to contribute a $20 annual subscription, to help cover the cost of printing and posting your magazine.

Subscriptions can be paid by credit card, or cheque (please make cheques payable to Family Care).

We understand that many readers cannot afford to pay a subscription - please don't worry if this is the case, as we are raising funds to keep your magazine free.

Please phone Sara Rogers on 0800 777 797 or email for further information.

Organisations can order bulk copies to distribute to families in their networks (please assist with a post and courier koha of $2 a copy). 

We thank our cornerstone partners for making Family Care possible:  ACC, Bupa Care Services, and Careerforce.

Latest Issue!

The Winter issue of Family Care is available now.  Featuring the cover theme Winter Cool!, this issue includes information and advice from a Dad about helping kids deal with grief, caring Pacific style, the We Care! campaign, My200 - our new time out planning tool, Caring Moments photographic exhibition, and more!  And of course there are our regular sections including Employment for Caring, Bowel + Bladder, Support at Home, Care to Cook, and I Am Here!

You can view the entire magazine online at 

Individualised Funding

It's not for everyone, but Individualised Funding for younger disabled people appeals to those who want to organise and manage their own support services.

Caring Moments

When New Zealand photographer Terry Winn contacted Carers NZ to learn about family carers, an enduring partnership was born.

Have walking frame, will travel!

When planning her latest excursion to the Greek village of Leonidion, Diana Noonan asked her Mum to share the journey.

Family caring, Pacific style!

Pacific caring, a snapshot of the life of Alfred Manaseli Hartnell.

Grief + Kids

Ian Wilson shares his ideas on how to help children cope with illness and life-threatening disabilities.

Reading Pleasure

If you find it hard to get to the library, maybe the library can come to you!

Journaling for health

Whether it's to record your life, vent feelings, or learn about yourself, keeping a diary is a healthy hobby!

Nathan Houdini Hartley

Nathan's 'Elopement Syndrome' gave his parents grey hair... and inspired their business to keep other escape artists sate!

Live with Hope

Chronic fatigue, like so many illnesses, affects the whole family. 

Kiwi Pioneer

J B Munro's childhood experiences led to a lifetime of advocacy work for disabled New Zealanders and their families.  Now 73, does he think things have improved?

The Joy of Pets

Pets are wonderful.  They give companionship, entertainment, unconditional love, and loyalty to their owners.

Saying goodbye to Leona

Leona loved pink, rock music, beads and sequinned caps ... bleached blonde hair, and her youthful Christian church.

Parky's Mum

From his autobiography, Parky

Your level

Sit on a comfortable seat and glide rather than walk up and down stairs!




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