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Help for carers and employers

The Work Life Care! initiative was established by Carers NZ in 2007 to provide information, advice and support to family carers and their employers.

According to Census 2006, more than 80% of New Zealand's 420,000+ carers are of workforce age (15 to 65).

Juggling work and care can be difficult for those in caring situations, and create tensions with employers and colleagues.

With partners such as Business NZ and the NZ Council of Trade Unions, Carers NZ has developed information resources suggesting ways to minimise work stresses for carers and employers.

Other organisations will be joining our coalition, including some of the country's major employers who recognise that up to one in five of their workforce have caring roles, and want to support them.

Together we will offer free information which can be downloaded here at the Work Life Care! section of our website. You can also read about work and care in every issue of Family Care magazine. Please contact us to request a free individual subscription, or to discuss arranging for bulk copies of the magazine for your workplace. Phone Sara at (0800) 777 797 or email her at