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Carers New Zealand

Established in the early 1990s by family carers, Carers NZ is now a national registered charity which provides information, advice, learning and support for families with health and disability needs.

It is the Secretariat for the NZ Carers Alliance, and acts as the legal umbrella for a number of special interest groups including:

The Complex Carers Group: a national support network for those supporting a child or young person with high and complex needs.

An emerging coalition of regional carer support networks, uniting the voices of independent groups and those hosted by disease and condition specific organisations.

Young Carers New Zealand: a national information and support network for children and young people in caring roles.

The NZ Lesbian & Gay Carer Support Network: information, advocacy, and advice for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender carers and those they support.  A new information section for these carers will be available at our site by mid 2010!

Coordinator for the Work Life Care! partnership with Business NZ and the NZ Council of Trade Unions:  Carers NZ works in partnership to assist working carers and their employers.  There will be new announcements about this initiative in 2010!

Carers NZ also works closely with emerging national support networks for Maori whanau carers, Pacifika carers, and new settlers.

It participates in many government reference and working groups, and actively lobbies agencies, to ensure that the voice of family carers is heard in policy decision-making in health, education, social services, housing, transport, labour, and other important areas.

Carers NZ has longstanding partnerships with other national carer organisations in Australia, Canada, Europe, Ireland, the United States, and the United Kingdom.  Together we are building recognition for family carers among countries, and supporting new carer organisations as these emerge around the world.

A primary role of Carers NZ is to ensure political and policy awareness about carers, their role and their needs within New Zealand, and internationally.

Charities Commission Registration Number: CC41050

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