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Find support here, and in your area!

Our Caring Community section offers links to many organisations that offer local support to carers and their families.

Explore the Support Near You database to find your local carer support networks, whanau accommodation if you have to stay away from home while someone is in hospital, and community transport and shuttle services for getting to and from medical appointments.

We are also on the hunt for affordable, accessible retreats for carers and those they support.  Do a search for these in the region of our map that you would like to visit.  We're adding to this feature of Support Near You regularly, as we find new retreats.  If you know of an inexpensive, lovely place others might enjoy, do tell us about it ..., or (0800) 777 797.

Later we hope to make live a new directory of respite options around the country.  Putting this together isn't as easy as you might think.  There are many ways carers can take a break, from free befriending services offered by church and community organisations to formal care at a facility, or having someone come to your home to provide relief care while you're out.  It's quite a jigsaw, but we're tackling it piece by piece.

Publicly funded help so you can have breaks is available through a Needs Assessment; if you are a carer, it's important for you to know about this service.  Visit our Help and advice section to learn more about Needs Assessment.

We hope you enjoy the other features of our Caring Community section, especially the carer stories, and the mini movies made by carers.  You may also like to learn about the NZ Carers Alliance, recent research, or if you are caring for an older person, there are lots of articles of special interest to you in this section.


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