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Our aim is to make our website accessible to all users. If you find any errors or have suggestions about how to improve our site please send an e-mail to

How to find information on this site

Our site is divided into sections.  The main sections are listed in the main navigation bar at the top of every page.  Clicking on one of these main links will take you to the top page of the section you want to visit.

Text sizing

If you're finding it hard to see the text at our site, go to the top of any page and click on the T options to change the size of the text.

Word or PDF documents?

Where possible we are making articles available as text.  In some cases, research papers are only available in a PDF format.  This is also the case for articles published in early issues of our Family Care and Older Family Care publications.  We apologise if you are unable to access PDF documents.  If there is something you would really like, and can't read or listen to PDF documents, please email or phone us at (0800) 777 797.  We'll see what we can do to get the information to you in another way!