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Office for the Community and Voluntary Sector.


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Welcome to the Office for the Community and Voluntary Sector (OCVS) website. We guide and promote government agencies' engagement with community, voluntary and tangata whenua organisations to help create strong and respectful community-government relationships. We also build knowledge about the community and voluntary sector and how it contributes to New Zealand society.


Key areas of our current work include:

» Kia Tutahi Standing Together Steering Group - Update on the Community Government Relationship
This Steering Group began work in April 2010 and provided its report and recommendations to the Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector in April 2011. The Steering Group recommends that the proposed Community Government Relationship Agreement be re-framed as a Relationship Accord to better reflect the aspirational nature of the document. This proposal follows consultation feedback on the difficulties of holding parties accountable to a high level agreement.  Read the message from the Co-Chairs.

» Government commitment to building strong community relationships
A future report to Cabinet will identify progress on a range of actions to strengthen government engagement with citizens and communities.  The actions were identified in response to the Good Intentions report by ANGOA and the From Talk to Action report from the Building Better Government Engagement project.
Work to improve community involvement in policy and service development processes includes ongoing seminars and developing A Guide to Effective Engagement.

» Improving government funding practice
A Code of Funding Practice has been developed to improve government’s funding and accountability arrangements with community and voluntary organisations.

» The Generosity Hub - encouraging all forms of giving
With Philanthropy NZ and Volunteering NZ, the OCVS is supporting work to inspire individuals and businesses to give time, money or in-kind donations.
This includes ongoing research on how New Zealanders give and promoting payroll giving.

» Guidance for public servants on working with community sector organisations and engaging with communities.

» Find a list of community groups in New Zealand

» Guidance to assist community groups and help communities successfully emerge from the economic downturn: