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Intercultural Advisory Service

Specialist advice and service to improve the benefits of diversity in the workplace

The Office of Ethnic Affairs has a dedicated team of intercultural advisors based in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch with a mission to achieve:

'Better government, community and business outcomes through intercultural understanding and action.'

New Zealand is ethnically diverse and this diversity will increase in the future. In 2006, the sector was estimated to be 12 per cent of New Zealand’s total population. By 2021, it is projected that the ethnic sector will comprise 18 per cent of the total resident population. It is increasingly apparent that improved intercultural competence and skills are needed to navigate and manage such diverse relations and opportunities.

To help advance these skills, particularly in the business sector, the Office of Ethnic Affairs has specialist advice and resources available to develop and enhance leadership skills and intercultural competence with the aim of promoting ethnic diversity in the workplace.

The work of this team contributes considerably to the following key government strategies and projects:


Resources being developed include:

Consultation and advice is provided where:

Who to contact for more information

To contact a member of this team, please choose from the local office locations:

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