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Media Release Archive
The following media releases have been made by the Ministry, or Ministers responsible for Civil Defence and Emergency Management.

February 2011
Media Release 2 - Red Cross Person Enquiry Line (doc 180k)
Media Release 1 - Christchurch earthquake (doc 184k)

January 2011
Queensland response team returns January 20 (doc)
NZ Response Team update January 13 (doc)
NZ Response Team update January 12 (doc)
NZ Response Team update January 11 (doc)

December 2010
24-7 media contacts
Holiday advice
Civil defence memorandum includes 24/7 contact with U.S.A

October 2010
Exercise Tangaroa to test national civil defence response (doc 200kB)
Eruption television drama (doc 200kB)

September 2010
Alternate communications for the National Crisis Management Centre (doc 200kB)
Media Release 12 - Canterbury continuing to restore services (doc 205k) (summary at 1420hrs, 11/09/10)
Media Release 11 - Canterbury services recovering after earthquake (summary at 1250hrs, 10/09/10)
Media Release 10 - Shifting from response to recovery (summary at 1345hrs, 09/09/10)
Media release 9 - Discredited earthquake safety advice circulated (doc 185k) (09/09/10)
Media release 8 - No major damage from today's big shock (doc 188k) (includes summary at 1230hrs, 08/09/10)

Canterbury Earthquake - Media release 7 (doc 182k) Check your neighbours – look out for each other (8/9/10)
Canterbury Earthquake - Media release 6 (doc 184k) Update on school closures (8/9/10)
Canterbury Earthquake - Media release 5 (doc 178k) NZ Red Cross Canterbury Earthquake Appeal (7/9/10)
Canterbury Earthquake - Media release 4 (doc 173k)
Canterbury Earthquake - Media release 3 (doc 143k)
Canterbury Earthquake - Media release 2 (doc 180k)
Canterbury Earthquake - Media release 1 (doc 147k)

June 2010
Chile coverage in Impact magazine (doc)

May 2010
New radio commercials promote civil defence 'sting' (doc)

March 2010
Media invitation to EMIS presentation (doc)
Statistics New Zealand preparedness survey results (doc)

February 2010
Chile tsunami - Do not call 111 for information (doc)
Cancellation of National Tsunami Advisory 18 (doc)
Chile tsunami National advisory 17 (doc)
Chile tsunami National warning 16 (doc)
Chile tsunami National warning 15 (doc)
Chile tsunami National warning 14 (doc)
Chile tsunami National warning 13 (doc)
Chile tsunami National warning 12 (doc)
Chile tsunami National warning 11 (doc)
Chile tsunami National warning 10 (doc)
Chile tsunami National warning 9 (doc)
Chile tsunami National warning 8 (doc)
Chile tsunami National warning 7 (doc)
Chile tsunami National warning 6 (doc)
Chile tsunami National warning 5 (doc)
Chile tsunami National warning 4 (doc)
Chile tsunami National warning 2 (doc)
Chile tsunami National warning 1 (doc)
Chile tsunami National advisory 1(doc)
Tsunami revised plan and roadshow (doc)
Follow emergency website updates on Twitter (doc)

December 2009
Media Advisory: RSS capability on MCDEM website (doc)
Media Advisory: MCDEM 24/7 coverage information (doc)

October 2009
Vanuatu earthquake 8 October no tsunami threat (doc)
Cancellation of Potential Tsunami Threat to NZ No 7 1630
Potential Tsunami Threat to Nz No 6 1545
Potential Tsunami Threat to NZ No 5 1430
Potential Tsunami Threat to NZ Media release No 4 1346
Potential Tsunami Threat to NZ 1305
Potential Tsunami Threat to NZ 1225

September 2009
Samoa tsunami release 7 (doc)
Samoa tsunami release 6 (doc)
Samoa tsunami release 5 (doc)
Samoa tsunami release 4 (doc)
Samoa tsunami release 3 (doc)
Samoa tsunami release 2 (doc)
Samoa tsunami release 1, Sept 30 (doc)

August 2009
Traffic light system for disaster-damaged buildings announced by Minister (doc 30kB)
Minister launches revised civil defence school programme (doc 100kB)
$140 million of science funding announced (Minster's press release doc 50kB)
Abbotsford landslide anniversary (doc 1.5MB)

July 2009
Get Ready Get Thru survey results: how prepared are we? (doc 200kB)
Registration of interest requested for new emergency management information system (doc 200kB)
Cancellation of potential tsunami threat from Southland earthquake (doc 30kB)
Potential tsunami from Southland earthquake (doc 30kB)

June 2009
Media briefing: National Warning System (PDF 2MB)

May 2009
Closer links between NZ and Australian national emergency management agencies (doc 200kB)
China earthquake anniversary (doc 200kB)

April 2009
Italian earthquake a reminder of the need to be prepared (doc 250kB)

March 2009
Tsunami Advisory cancelled for Tonga earthquake (doc 30kB)
Tsunami Advisory: possible tsunami threat from Tonga earthquake (doc 30kB)

February 2009
No tsunami threat from Kermadec Islands earthquake (doc 30kB)

January 2009
Building Safety Evaluation (doc 200kB)
Number of CD events in 2008 (doc 200kB)
No tsunami threat from Loyalty Islands earthquake (doc 30kB)
No tsunami threat from Kuril Islands earthquake (doc 30kB)
No tsunami threat from second Indonesian earthquake (doc 30kB)
No tsunami threat from Indonesian earthquake (doc 30kB)

Media releases 2000-20008